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(1124) Storm Mountain Hat Kit featuring BFL Lil Sport yarns!

  • Description:

    This warm double-layer hat has built-in insulating air spaces between the layers. This kit includes three skeins of our BFL Lil Sport yarns : the inner yarn is the only one that touches the head and occasionally appears on the public side of the hat. The exterior colours only ever appear on the outside of the hat. The air spaces are creating by working more rounds on the exterior fabric than on the interior layer.
    Choose a plain top or try the alternate I like to call the Space Cadet option!

    The kit includes the digital pattern, three skeins of BFL Lil Sport yarns of your choice and the accompanying eight part Tutorial is included at no extra cost.

    Let us know which three colours you'd like and we'll build your kit for you!

  • Designer: Lucy Neatby
  • Size: Baby to Adult
  • Skill Level: intermediate
  • Techniques Used: Double-layer knitting, DK decreases
  • Recommended Yarn: BFL Lil Sport
  • Price: $ 47.00
    • All sales on this website are now permanently disabled, as Lucy is no longer operating a retail business.