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(220) Fiesta Mittens Kit

  • Description:

    A sophisticated mitten to delight your digits! The mitten is knit in Lucy's "Flying Swallows" stitch pattern, originally developed for the Fiesta Feet. This pattern is easy to knit and makes an elegant fabric.

    This kit is available in Small/Medium (50g Main/50g Handpaints) and Large (100g Main/50g Handpaints) sizes.

    Featuring our beautiful Celestial Merino yarns, choose from:
    Fiesta Forest: Olive and Fiesta Colourways
    Liquid Honey: Olive and Honeypot Colourways
    Fiesta Bright: Natural and Fiesta Colourways

    Please note that, due to the variations in our specialty batch-dyed Handpainted yarns, we can not guarantee an exact colour match to the ones shown in the sample photographed here.

  • Designer: Lucy Neatby
  • Skill Level: Intermediate
  • Techniques Used: Two colours per round knitting, grafting

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  • Size:
    Small/Medium $32.00
    Large $45.75
        Fiesta Bright
         Fiesta Forest
        Liquid Honey