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(492) Bubbles Scarf

  • Description:

    A simple, yet visually gorgeous double-layer reversible scarf. A popular and straightforward design, precisely written, to help seduce you into the delights of double-layer knitting.

    Negative/positive patterning with two long colour gradation yarns, the puffy Bubbles are stuffed for extra interest and texture. This pattern involves 'knitter's choice' as to the exact placement and size of Bubbles. A schematic drawing is given to guide you, but the entire scarf is not charted row by row. This is your opportunity to dabble in design and it is far easier to work in this way!

    The pattern features detailed written instructions and charts as well as helpful diagrams.See my instructional DVD, Double Knitting Delight, to help you learn the wonder of double-layered knitting.

    Pictured in Kauni Effektgarn EQ-Spectrum and EN-Queen Anne's Lace.

    A kit is available using Kauni Effektgarn.

  • Designer: Lucy Neatby
  • Size: 6 inches (15 cm) wide, length adjustable
  • Skill Level: Advanced
  • Techniques Used: Two-colour double-knitting, option to use a Tubular Cast-On and Tubular Bind-Off, knit-quilting
  • Recommended Yarn: Kauni Effektgarn
  • Price: $ 7.50