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Customer comments on "Cool Knitters Finish in Style!"

Oh my goodness, it is stunning. Please pass my congratulations on to the whole team. Can't wait to dive in this weekend!

Wow - thanks! I totally got my money's worth, and more.

What fun! I ordered the combination of book and pdf of the 'new' Finishing Techniques. The pdf came in and I'm thrilled! It can be ported on my Nook during road trips, or, I can pick pages and print them from my computer. Who knew? What a wonderful way to offer your new book. Yes, I still want the hard copy; I love books. However, to be able to keep weight and space down, while travelling, is perfect. Thank you, so much, for the extra effort and format.
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"Cool Socks Warm Feet": customer comments

Cool Socks, Warm Feet - I love this book! Thank you for sharing your excellent techniques! I'm probably "late for the party" and you've had lots of kudos on the book, but I had to write. I'm not a sock knitter .... normally I don't find anything particularly extraordinary about knitting socks.... but..... I'm hooked! It's gotten so bad that in addition to knitting 4 pairs in a very short period of time, I've been making the "mini's" just so I can try your techniques and see the results quickly. Not only have you made a convert of a "non-sock knitter", I may even start wearing them! :o) BTW - I also knitted your "falling leaves scarf "and found the pattern to be clear, precise and fun to knit.
Sue J.

I have purchased your gem of a book, Cool Socks, Warm Feet and I am currently working on Timberline Toes. The Garter Stitch Short Row Heel is absolutely incredible. I hope to master it soon. Could there be a more perfect heel out there in knitting land?

I've only had Lucy's sock videos and her book CSWF so far, but WOW! Yes, the modified bind-off, the provisional cast-on, the tubular stuff, garter stitch short row heels and toes, the sock-toe chimney for grafting! But I think what I came away with most was her sense of Know Thy Knitting and Yarn. Taking the time to deeply comprehend your methods and materials pays huge dividends in a knitted life. From her, the most important thing I've learned is to have no fear.
Ro (USA)

I am totally enjoying Cool Socks, Warm Feet: Here I have found a book that I can trust, from the start of the pattern to the end. In the beginning, surrendering to instruction about something you don't know, is quite an art. I recently taught myself to knit socks from at least four different patterns, hopping from one to another whenever I did not understand things anymore, but with your Simply Splendid socks I could stick to ONE pattern the whole way through for the first time! I am wearing two different pairs of socks on my feet these days - one pair made from scratch on a summer holiday (when I just had to knit, after seeing another lady at the campsite knit socks) and one pair made from your book: I feel happy that I can demonstrate my quick progress to myself (and others..). Your way seems to be - for me - "don't mind your mistakes, learn from them".
Thank you! Emmy (Holland)
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Learn with Lucy DVDs: customer comments
I am writing to say how much I am enjoying the DVDs which are arriving regularly, as ordered. I am learning many better knitting techniques and in fact I re-knit the bind off for a pocket edge this week and what a difference the modified conventional method made to both the appearance and the elasticity! And that is just one example. Certainly demonstrates that old dogs etc....
I am not by nature someone who "gushes" but I am very grateful for your effort and commitment to improve the finished knitted product and that you are willing to share your knowledge. My stitches are "happy". Thank you Lucy.

Claudia G. (Ontario, Ca)

I have watched the Brand New Knitter 3 times in its entirety this week. I do think this DVD is a "must have" for anybody who teaches people to knit, whether beginners or not. It lets them know the essential points to cover, and how to deal with them. As I continued to watch your excellent dvd, I realized two things. First, it's also an excellent refresher -- I picked up several tips. Always good to see how others do things. Secondly -- what a great cure for a hangover! Your pleasant voice is so soothing. Rather like golf or snooker on the tube when one is stretched out on the couch feeling near death!

S.S., knitting teacher

I am a dvd subscriber and have just received Knitting Gems 4. Thank you for the DVD's, which are just wonderful! I have been knitting for more than fifty years, but there are still so many great new-to-me techniques that I can learn from you. These are simply the best knitting dvd's I have come across - they are so clear, comprehensive and easy to follow. Congratulations on producing such a great resource.

Karen W.

I want to thank you for producing your in-depth video on intarsia. It is excellent. I began teaching myself to knit in 2006 and am completely addicted to knitting, with intarsia being my favorite. Thanks again!

Suzanne W.

Lucy Neatby is a knitting physicist. She's looked deep into the heart of knitting, right down to the way a stitch is formed, and she's come up with something better. A whole bunch of somethings, actually!
All we have to do to take advantage of what she's learned is to pop in one of her DVDs, sit back, and follow along. Lucy knows how to make buttonholes behave better. She'll show you the simple way to make I-cord grow beyond its normal boundaries and still look seamless. She shows, more clearly than you've ever seen before, a variety of short row techniques and tells you why each one does what it does! And her applied edgings? They will change the way you knit cardigans from this day forth...for the better. I'll never dread knitting another button band!
Lucy's techniques are magical in their simplicity. They don't make knitting harder; they make it easier and make the finished product look better, all at the same time. Her Learn with Lucy DVDs should be in every knitter's library.

Amy R Singer, of "Big Girl Knits"

..... I watched Lucy's DVD Knitting Gems 2. I was interested in understanding double knitting. I misread the back of the DVD cover thinking that it was on the DVD. Here's the THANK YOU, THANK YOU THANK YOU part: I now understand the alternate purl and how to adjust. It's my Eastern knitting style! This seemingly simple method inspired me to go back to my Eastern style and work through patterns. I will need to finish the two existing projects or just rip them out and start again. I have the Intarsia 1 and 2 DVDs which I purchased after I started my sweater. They helped me understand the need to organize my yarn along with many other helpful pointers. After knotting up the yarns to massive proportions and thinking there has to be a better way, your DVD laid it out for me.
Lucy, your beautifully instructed DVDs, your instruction style, and greatest of all, your understanding of the knitted stitch and its mechanics made such a difference to me. You have deconstructed the maze of information I have been spent years sifting through. One might say, "Why didn't she just buy the DVDs sooner"? I guess I had realize through trial and error how much I didn't know, before I could appreciate your DVDs.


I give my TWO BIG THUMBS UP for Lucy Neatby's Sock Techniques dvds. This was my first exposure to her, beyond her CSWF book which I had just ordered but haven't had time to study in depth. After watching the first one, the only reason I haven't already ordered the sock dvds, even though I'm still finishing watching the last one, is I want to rent the rest, then put them into a priority buying order. I have this bad (good) feeling there won't be too many I don't want to have. That's not at all usual, but then I haven't run across an instructor for anything, much less knitting, who is as good as she is.

Ro (USA)

Just wanted to tell you how great your DVDs are. I am a fairly new knitter (about 1 1/2 years) I took lessons at a local knit shop but since I take care of my 89 year old mother I had to stop; it was too hard for me to get out. I work about 50 hours a week and have to stay home on the weekends (I have help during the week with my mom). Anyway, your DVDs help me acquire new skills. I have 10 DVD titles now and they are all great.

Francine M.

I just wanted to let you know that the provisional crochet cast-on segment of your Sock Techniques 2 DVD was a lifesaver. I was very frustrated with the cast-on method where you crochet a chain and then cast on using the bumps of the crochet chain as it was very slow and tedious. It was even more frustrating when I ended up ripping my work out and knew I would have to repeat this cast on process yet again. It was so much faster using your technique and I will definitely be using your technique every time I do a provisional cast on in the future.
I am getting your Knitting Essentials 1 and 2 this year because your DVDs are great!


I'm in the process of working my way through your DVDs, and am finding them a treasure! While I'm an experienced knitter and have done intarsia, entrelac, cables, etc., your tips are terrific, and your demos are the same.
Thanks very much for your efforts to demystify knitting standards and advanced techniques. I'll be recommending the DVDs far and wide.

Susan P., California

I just purchased your DVDs "Knitting Essentials I and II." Although I have been knitting for 50 years, I knew from your Sock Techniques DVDs that you have much to share. I was correct. After only 5 minutes into "Knitting Essentials I," I found the answer to one of my most frustrating problems: the left-slanting decrease. No matter what I did, the decrease stitch continued to hitch too far to the left, out of alignment. By simply inserting the left hand needle into the two slipped stitches from the front, as you demonstrated, my stitches now lie in a beautifully angled line with no hitches. I can't thank you enough. I will be spending more hours immersed in the world of "Knitting Essentials."

Ann C.

I'd kept running across this "magic buttonhole" and so finally I thought ok time to google this Neatby chick, see who she is. So glad I did! Then I got my Ravelry invite, and learned more, and that settled it. Only last week I finished watching her two sock technique dvds. Wow. It's like someone listened to what my dream knitting teacher would be like, even down to a nice brit accent! A fun and bone-dry wit, beyond excellent teaching ability, and full of juicy techniques and inspirational work. Yet without being "fluffy" if you know what I mean. Just gives you just what you need to know about something, simply, clearly, and without informational clutter.


I love your work. The quality of your videos and your ability to demonstrate techniques is outstanding!

Susan R.

I have just purchased Intarsia Untangled (1 and 2) and am midway through the first. I wish I had known about them while struggling through the several grandson sweaters I already knit. The boys are now addicted to the "sweaters with pictures" and your videos will greatly uncomplicate my life and make the sweaters actually hold up to the wear and tear of 3 and 5 year olds. I'm always afraid the "picture" is just going to fall out of the sweater and the backs are so full of threads going every which way that I'm sure the boys get all tangled in them while pulling the the sweaters on and off.
I love the videos and can't wait to wring all the information out of these two so I can purchase another one. Thank you for taking the arcane out of intarsia.

Andrea W.

After 15 years of trying written instructions, and forgetting to ask anyone who might know when I'm actually in their presence, I watched the Knitting Gems 3 last night, the cable, lace, and miscellaneous, and within the first 1/2 hour I finally, finally learned how to Navajo ply. Yippee! Never thought that would be in there! Oh, and the cable repair/ripping out parts had my eyes bugging out. I told my husband his choice of presents was brilliant. He agreed

J.H. in Nova Scotia

I'm a strong visual learner, in spite of loving books about knitting, spinning and all things fiber. I tend to collect books on patterns and history of the crafts, but when it come to techniques, nothing beats in person instruction, unless of course, it's a well produced DVD from a great instructor. Lucy Neatby and her DVDs are just what the fiber doctor ordered.
These DVDs feature crisp clear filming, excellent spoken instruction and a handy breakdown of the skills into indices. Sometimes I just pop the DVDs into the player while I'm doing simple stocking stitch or socks so that I can multi-task and feel the fiber love. I could listen to Lucy talk all the livelong day.

Michael W.

I have purchased just about every video instructional tool that is out there, and yours are by far the best: best photography, best organization and presentation of material, etc.

Sigrid O.

... One of my friends had brought one of Lucy's videos for us to watch and I LOVED it so I'm going to put them on my Christmas list for this year! What a wonderful resource they will be - I've knitted on and off since I was a teen but only seriously the last 5 years and I sometimes have senior moments when I can't remember how to do something. It will be great to be able to pop in a DVD and find the technique instead of trying to figure out the schematics in one of my books! Lucy does a fab job and I love her accent!

Nancy S.

Your dvds are marvellous! My daughter A. has just taken a 'short course'. [fingerless gloves knit with 'short rows']. She used your provisional cast on, short rows, three needle cast off.
Between three knitters, two daughters and myself, they are so useful, so, thank you , again.


I bought Essentials 1 and 2 from Knitter's Bookshelf and have learned a lot already. Sewing pieces together will now be MUCH less intimidating. I'm really looking forward to the DVDs I bought from you! What a great way to learn these techniques. The only better way would be to have Lucy sit beside me, but, on second thought, that would make me too nervous, so this is truly the best!


I love the DVD's you produce and carry them with me everywhere I travel on my Ipod. It make review so easy. I split the tracks and have them referenced for quick access. That way, I always have the help I need without having to carry boxes of DVD's on my travels. The Ipod is compact and fits into my purse. I use it during downtime at court (I am an attorney), in trains, on planes, etc.
I love the DVD's and have every one you have ever produced.


I just bought 8 DVD's. Lucy's DVD's are the best teacher around. If I need help on a project or can't remember a technique I just look it up in the list of contents, go to the DVD and watch the lessons and then work along with her. Lucy has wonderful hands too watch. They move slowly and I can follow them easily. The camera work is excellent. Very clear and well lit. I can see every fiber clearly in the wool. It's as if my head was sitting on her shoulder and she was showing me herself. She also explains many situations in detail, with the result that I feel like I can do any project now that I have the best teacher.

David S., Killingworth Ct.

Have recently viewed the Intarsia dvd's and they are fabulous beyond words. Excellent, clear outstanding production.

Margaret E., Vermont

My mother taught me to knit when I was around 9, and I'm now retired, so its been a few years. I bought the "Finesse" DVD mainly because well, I needed more finesse, and became so entranced with your common sense that I am working my way (backwards, I admit) through the series. More than once have I said "Damn, there's where I got it wrong!" With your advice I worked up the nerve to rip out a section of a piece rather than, tediously, entire rows - and it worked!
Elizabeth Zimmerman may have taught us we could fly, but you have taught us how to do it.

Barbara B.

I just wanted to let you know how much I love your Intarsia DVD's. I spoke with you a few weeks ago while ordering the first one. I told you that I love to knit but absolutely hate doing intarsia. I said I would write back and let you know how I liked the DVD and if it helped. Well...I loved it so much that I purchased the second DVD online and I watch them over and over. I teach knitting at a local yarn shop and I have taught every class but Intarsia (because of my dislike of it...ha). But now, I feel confident that I can add Intarsia to my list of classes.

Beverly B., Grove City, PA

I recently purchased 10 dvds and wanted to write and tell you how great they are. The Intarsia Untangled was fabulous. As a weaver I immediately translated it as tapestry weaving. I can't wait to see them all. (They are really the best I've seen.)

Pat R., Siler City, NC

Lucy, I bought your 2 new intarsia DVD's and they helped so wouldn't believe how much I've wasted on books.

Cynthia C.

I have just finished viewing (and re-viewing) Intarsia Untangled 1 and 2, and I have to tell you how wonderful they are. At the risk of making myself sound like someone who needs to get a life, I will tell you that Disc 2 even made me cry, I was so happy. What on earth, you ask. Well my inability to really get a hold of intarsia was all that was standing between me and the Master Knitter designation from the TKGA. I had passed Levels I and II and then got back my submission for Level III. Everything was acceptible except my intarsia swatch. It just wasn't good enough, and it contained all the skill I could possibly acquire from reading everything- and I mean everything- that was out there. Even the few people I know who could do decent intarsia, couldn't understand why I was having trouble, much less help me improve. That's why I was so delighted all the way through both discs. So clear and kind and very richly thorough. And that's why I cried with relief and gratitude when you talked about the problematic "little pointy bits." Someone finally got it!
Anyway, my new work is much much better and I am pretty sure it will pass.

Jean C.

I find your DVD's so useful that I'm loading them into my new iPod Touch with the big screen so I can watch them at any time and anywhere I want!

Dale S., Christchurch, New Zealand

Your videos are wonderful Lucy!
Your methods are so creative and innovative. They make me want to only knit challenging projects. (But I do need something for the boring meetings). Do keep the videos coming as we can't get to all the workshops.

Molly D. in Vermont

Thanks for producing such amazing videos! I own all of your DVD collection including the three latest ones. They are all jam-packed with valuable techniques that have made my knitting skills soar! Last night after watching your Finesse 2 DVD, I was able to sew on the sleeve caps with great ease!
Words cannot express how much my knitting skills have improved by watching your DVDs. Finally, I feel confident about my knitting to the extent that I am enjoying every bit of the journey! Prior to purchasing the DVDs, I was frustrated and literally wanted to give up knitting. A knitting friend of mine encouraged me to buy the first DVD "Knitting Essentials 1." After enoying this DVD, I decided to invest in the whole set, including the three latest ones. I really treasure these DVDs. I've learned so much -- from understanding what a contented knit stitch looks like, to inserting short rows on shoulders and setting in sleeve caps with ease. I am ever grateful for her knowledge and production of the DVDs.

Damiane L. in California

I have four of your knitting DVD's and I find myself watching and listening to them over and over. I congratulate you on your wonderful products and I enjoy your ease of communicating on video. You are wonderful to watch and besides being an exquisite knitter, you make, your DVD's make knitting easy. I especially love your bind off techniques!!! I'm in awe of your creative knitting genius.

Kathryn C.

Just thought I would let you know the DVD arrived safe and sound and I am so thrilled with is so nice to see a good quality video!!! I have watched the DVD at least three times from beginning to end, and I am just amazed at the techniques you share!

Joanne in Drumheller, AB

The DVD idea is a much more useful way to instruct new and experienced knitters. It also allows the viewer to absorb some of your philosophy. For example, I was surprised when you were teaching stranding the yarn when knitting Fair Isle patterns. You said that the knitter had to make a decision regarding the maximum number of stitches before catching the unused wool. I decided that three was my maximum but I was surprised that you allowed me to make that decision. That is useful because it reminds knitters like me, not visual and not confident, that the knitter is in charge. The DVD's also pass on other attitudinal approaches: when a stitch slips off you don't comment on it and make it into a big deal or get embarrassed: you just sensibly flip it back on the needle and take that as normal. It is those sorts of things that the DVD does which mere text cannot do. The DVD shows that you are a real person with ordinary fingernails and not just some expert on a pedestal. It shows that you experience yarn in the same way as your viewers; it also shows me that you push the stitches up on the left needle and don't let them stretch out. This I do now. I could not have got that information from a book but I have incorporated it because you do it and I have seen you do it often. It is like watching your mother cook. She too was calm and relaxed and I have found that really helpful in your DVD's. Being alone here with my knitting, it is easy to get tense if things go wrong. When I was learning to knit socks, my husband would quietly depart to his vegetable plots when I arrived at the dreaded ROW 11. In that first pattern on two needles, that was where the gusset started and when I would get upset. But the DVD's let me know that "if you look after your stitches, they will look after you". Also that stitches can be undone and knitted again. You have made mistakes less of a catastrophe and more of a simple "unpick and try again" thing. My fantasy is to sit in a knitting circle with old, experienced Shetland knitters and just knit and be there with them and receive an explanation at the time needed and just continue knitting. Your DVD's convey the impression that the knitter can attain the new skill and that it is just a matter of calmly learning simple steps and then putting those steps together. Thanks for making all this possible. I would never have tackled fair isle knitting without your DVD's. Keep them coming. I love your calm style and your excellent choice of words.

Virginia in Australia

Your DVD #3 was excellent! I like your teaching style. You are clear in your instruction and I got the feeling that you want to make your student successful. Maybe I can knit with confidence after all.

Marie R.

I am a member of the Goddess Knitters from Oregon and we are absolutely crazed with your DVD collection! We are all sure that you are a complete and utter genius.

Debbi S.

You are the best teacher ever. I saw your free videos on You Tube and decided I need your videos for sure.


I recently received your Sock Techniques DVDs and want to thank you for such a wonderful "learning tool." I love sock knitting and have been knitting socks like crazy since I took a class in February of 2007. If the only new piece of knowledge I gained was the smoother and easier bind-off technique, the DVDs would be well worth the price!

Karen W.

At first, I wasn't sure if I should spend the money for the DVDs, as I have been knitting for over 40 years, how much could I really learn from these films?
Well, let me tell you, every penny was well spent. The sock knitting titles inspired me to purchase your book and to try different ways of making socks. Yes, some of the items are repetetive or I already knew how to do them, but I learned many things from each title. These titles will remain in my library for regualr viewing, and for my children and grandchildren. I can't wait for the two new titles. I have done intarsia knitting before, but am anxious to see what neat little tips or tricks you might offer.

I have lots of knitting DVDs: however, yours are just so professional (great quality and easy to follow instructions) and you show your work close-up. These things you would expect in a DVD, however, not many are actually like that. Love your DVDs and

can't wait to see more.

Michelle in Ottawa, Canada

I just had to write to you to say thank you. I'm a "baby knitter". I'd tried teaching myself from a book - big disaster! I managed to figure out the knit stitch, but couldn't get the purl. Anyway, after giving up, I decided I needed more help than a book could give. The first VCR tape I found (at the library) helped me master the basic movements, and I "got" the purl stitch. But, I needed more. That's when I found your DVD. Meanwhile, I was diligently practicing garter stitch, stocking stitch, ribbing and alternating the purl and knit stitches. Your DVD really helped me in understanding decreasing and increasing and how to place the needles correctly. But, it wasn't until I saw the "contented stitch" chapter that the light went on. I was committing all the "baby knitter" sins (big time!!!). However, I had NO IDEA whatsoever that I was doing them. I was so puzzled and upset that the end stitches were so loose and out of shape and nothing I did seemed to help. Not until I saw your solutions and put them into practice was I able to tighten up those pesky end stitches (within an hour of practicing, I saw a difference of night and day - the ends are nice and snug and so even and "content"). Now, I'm practicing with a purpose. I'm keeping the stitches on the end of the needle and working on consistency and paying close attention so as not to stretch the yard between stitches. Actually, I'm copying your movements as best I can. I know that eventually it will become second nature and I won't have to worry about it quite so much (then, I'll be content).

So, I wanted to say thank you so very much. No book on earth could have shown me what I was doing wrong and give me the solution to fix it so that now I can develop the correct motion and habits to go from the baby knitting stage to the next one (beginner, I presume!). When I see your gorgeous gallery of garments, it seems I'll never get to the stage where I can make even the most simple ones. But, with your help (and your calm, effective way of explaining things) I think that if I just take it one step at a time and keep up my regime of practice, practice, practice maybe I too can become an accomplished and skilled knitter. I don't need any other DVD's (by other instructors) - I'm sticking with yours; I'll save the last few DVD's for when I'm ready to graduate to the truly fanatical knitter stage. So, thank you, thank you, thank you for taking the time to put these DVD's together for us beginners so we can follow in your footsteps and learn from the very best knitter in the whole wide world!

Marita W.

Just to let you know that I recently purchased the DVD, Double Knitting Delights and am utterly delighted with it. I've never used an instructional DVD before , but was desperate for help with a project that required double knitting. This is perfect! It has answered all my questions and shown clearly and concisely how to execute every step along the way. I am very technologically challenged but I easily found my way around and was able to skip around and repeat instructions endlessly to my heart's content. Now I'm hooked! I will be adding all the rest of the DVD's to my knitting library. Thank you so very much for such a great product and for sharing your wonderful skills, talents, and sheer joy in knitting... And, of course, for solving my double knitting problem.

Joan on Whidbey Island, WA

... I zipped it right into the DVD player and watched at least half of it! I did a mini class/demonstration for the Guild last week on getting beads onto your yarn/thread, and of course found a new way to get beads on the yarn/thread on your DVD, using a wire. Well duh! Makes perfect sense to me! I think the thing that appeals to me about your work is how straightforward it is, there's no bull shit! I really appreciate the practicality of it! Many, many thanks!

Patty in California

Thanks so much for your fantastic DVDs. Very informative and so nice to have resources beyond the "begin to knit" genre. I am wondering if you cover tubular bind-off in rib or double rib in any of your DVDs?
I am having a very hard time wrapping my brain around that. It would be grafting tops to tops in rib, right? Please let me know what would be most helpful.

Shauna M.

Reply: You will find this covered in the Finesse your Knitting DVD.

I just had to tell you that on Sunday I set up my portable DVD player in my sewing area so that when I'm ironing something to wear to work or altering/mending I can watch the DVDs that I have. I know I've already said so, oh my, they are good. Your articulation is sooooooo perfectly clear, your vocabulary so easy to understand.
I am mesmerized by the way your fingers move ever so fluidly as though they are one with the fabric so that there are no jarring movements for the eye to follow. It's like watching a dance. I know you've been told how well done these DVDs are, so I am only repeating what others have said. I am anxious to purchase the others that I don't have. Having just watched the first Sock DVD, I know I will never be daunted by the provisional cast-on ever again. I can't wait to look forward to grafting sock toes. Will that ever happen???
With fondest regards and new knitting hutzpah, I am off to choose beads for the hot chili pepper socks having finished them 5 years after starting them. Who knows, I may even tackle an Intarsia sweater one day...well maybe not that far, but definitely renewed enthusiasm.

Judy in Nova Scotia

I must tell you again how wonderful the DVD's are. I am lucky to have all 10 and use them almost daily! I am a visual learner and really like having a lesson when I need it -even at 3 AM! They are so well produced, the techniques are so easy to view and of course, the content is amazing. Can't wait for more. I own many knitting videos/DVD's from another well known teacher and was always impressed with those until I purchased and viewed yours. They are truly the best that there is.

Deb M.

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your DVD's, I have both essentials, both sock, and the four gem DVDs.
I have knit and unknit a sock at least 8 times; only after watching the segment on alternative knitting and purling have I been able to make my 1x1 ribbing so much better looking. I have gone to great lengths to avoid purling, now I have the confidence (and skill) to work flat stockinette and lace.
The DVD's have helped me improve my knitting and how much I enjoy knitting.

Kim B.

I was excited to receive the DVDs on Tuesday and definitely agree wtih all of the rave reviews. Lucy's innovative techniques and clear explanations have inspired me to consider patterns I would otherwise be intimidated by as a beginner.


I haven't had an opportunity to totally explore all that's in the new DVD's. But once again, I watched a very clear demo, had an "aha!" moment, and a perpetual problem solved. I love applied I-cord but have always had messy grafts. No more! My knitting life is forever elevated and I and quit worrying about trying to find the least obtrusive place to begin and end.
It's so that now, before I do anything, I check the DVD index to see if a technique is addressed there. Much better than ALL of my reference books!
Thanks again for the fabulous instruction!

Sandra D.

Thank you for making such an incredible knitting, learning experience available for us knitters who live in the hinterlands, and all of course, who care about improving their craft. The set of DVD's arrived by post just in time to make it into the pack sack as we headed back into the bush.

I spent many hours in deep thought watching the series and have already learned lots from your tips and examples. Once the evening chores are done up and the woodstove is stoked, I am free to knit to my heart's content.

I've been working through the sock patterns in your book and have decided that however practical they may be I just don't care for the look of the Bosnian Square toe, but love the crenellated cuff. Now, the process of socks from the toe up is well understood and at least I did it. The Marietta rib socks are next. Lucy, without the inspiration from your book and DVD's I would have never attempted it. Just working the Simply Splendid Sock pattern on 2.0mm needles in the same sock yarn was a 'wake-up' learning experience. Actually looking at the more dense fabric produced by the finer needles was an epiphany. I have many pairs of this basic sock style knit in comparable yarns on 2.75mm, with which to make wear comparisons. I am able to plainly see which socks I'll be darning. The 'wake-up' part came like a smack with a frozen tree branch when I had to wonder why I was knitting -literally- so thoughtlessly. I've matched yarns to needles in the manufacturers suggested range for years, and just merrily knit along. The Sock Tech. 1 & 2 got that message through and the new series is equally great. When the sock mission is completed I have a sweater to do up which requires steeks and then perhaps I will attempt a lace project about the size of a scarf. Your DVD Knitting Gems 3 has sparked that flame.

Thinking should be a training requirement for knitting. Knitting can be relaxing without being brainless which is obviously apparent to you, but required a neuro-redirect for me. Thank you for using such a gentle smacking process.

Your effort is much appreciated by this blossoming knitter. Thank you.

Becky in Nipigon ON

The DVD's were here within a few days of my order and I thank you for that. I have only opened 2 and watched parts of them. There is SO MUCH on each one, I will have to hope for lots of rainy days. I can only imagine the number of hours you put in getting the DVD's planned and executed, with swatches and all the rest that goes with it. THANK YOU!

Audrey in Wisconsin

I bought your first four dvd's for Christmas (my husband thanks you for the suggestion) and I recently discovered that you had just come out with 6 new ones. I ordered them immediately and for the last week have savored every morsel! Now the problem with your dvd's is that they end and then I'm left without my mentor teaching me more! I love your dvd's!


Thanks for the speedy delivery of the DVDs. I have a goldmine of information with all of these! I ordered them with the thought in mind that knitting teachers need to have as many tricks up their sleeve as possible, both in preparing classes and to present to knitters. (I give credit where it is due, and tell knitters about the DVDs.)

Suzanne A., Canada

I just took your sock techniques dvds along to Sock Camp with me. Much ohhing and Ahhing as I sang your praises. People just love them. You're a genius.

Steph, The Yarn Harlot

Thanks so much for sending the 4 CDs - they definitely do live up to their hype. The overhead shots make all the difference in the world. As a knitting teacher it's the view I'd love to give to all my students; but leave it to you to do a superior job. I'll just have to direct them to your web site.

Susan, The Knitting Nomad

I'm just about done watching each of the DVDs.I have the Double Knitting & Gems 4 to watch still. The rest of the DVDs have been fantastic and I have learned an enormous amount of tips & techniques from them. I particularly appreciate your input about the characteristics of certain techniques. My goal is to be a "thinking knitter", being able to make my own decisions about what techniques I want to use based on the result I want to achieve. Your DVDs are definitely helping me to achieve that goal!

Char from Madison, WI

I had the privilege of taking a one-day class with Lucy several years ago while she was in Edmonton (Stony Plain). Watching the first four DVDs, I knew they barely tapped her knowledge.
Talking with friends, several of whom are very experienced knitters, we've concluded that no matter how long you've been knitting or how skilled you are, everyone can learn from these.

Kim W., Alberta

By the way, I AM ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE WITH YOUR DVD'S. We are absolutely blown away by them and our customers must feel the same way -- we had to reorder at the end of the first week. I must tell you that the quality of the photography, the resolution and the messages are spectacular.
Good job there, Lucy.

Pam, Wooly For Ewe, Plano, TX

I have your first 4 DVDs and they are exceptional - even for long time knitters. I confess that I am an admirer of your work, having been introduced to your designs (lace) a long time ago.
Please feel free to quote. It's my pleasure to help get the word out about well produced, informative work that can be accessed, in my case, on board our sailboat or whilst camping.


I just wanted to let you know how much I love your DVD's. I have watched all four that I received (Knitting Essentials 1 & 2 and Socks 1 & 2). All are excellent. I appreciate how they are so clear, easy to understand and I appreciate the time you have taken to produce an excellent knitting video. Thank you again.

Kathryn from California

I am so pleased with the quality of the DVD, and please pass along to Lucy and the production team what a wonderful job this gal in Texas thinks they did ! I have quite a collection of instructional DVDs, but nothing compares to Lucy's in production quality, instruction and content. I only wish I had it when I taught myself to knit two years ago.

Lee B. in Texas

I am writing to tell you how much I am enjoying your DVD's. I'm not sure if you would recall, but we spoke on the phone when I ordered them. I mentioned I had Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis, and was unable to attend retreats or seminars. You responded these DVD's would bring you to me.

How do I thank you? I have been an addicted sock knitter for a couple of years now, but there were techniques I had never mastered, like the short-row heel or toe up sock. There were cast ons I wanted to learn. I had a deep desire to learn more about stranded knitting or Fair Isle and exploring the steek - eek!

Your style of teaching is right up my alley. Your approach is brilliant, with the black background and larger needles, and it seems so simple to me now. Even with techniques I already know, you seem to have a new approach or a simpler way to execute them. Your voice is so pleasant, and I love catching glimpses of your beautiful yarn-colored hair.
My love of all things Lucy has been spilling over on my knitting blog, and the comments have been so favorable. Others have expressed their desire to have your DVD's, and it appears the evidence of what I am learning has propelled them to buy. I am thrilled with that thought. Of course it could mean they realize if even a "slow" knitter like me can catch on, they are sure to learn - hee! Perhaps they too have realized what a blessing it is to have you repeat certain sections again, when they didn't get it the first time. Something they wouldn't be able to do in class - at least not too frequently - without making other knitters want to poke them with a sharp double pointed needle!

Lucy, thank you so much for taking the time to teach me, for having the foresight to put your knowledge on DVD so people like me could experience your teaching first-hand. It has been my pleasure to "meet you" and I am devoted fan. (As I mentioned on my blog, I might be a stalker fan if not for this darn wheelchair - heh.) I look forward to more DVD's.

Donna "Bliss" Dickens

The DVDs arrived safely and well. I've had a bit of a look already and am inspired. I want to do more compex colour work and now that I know about steeking, knitting with the left hand (hard! I will practise as you suggest), I feel I can begin to think about more advanced stuff.
Your explanations are very clear indeed.
One of the things about knitting is that it is largely self-taught, so it's great to see really daring new techniques explained so carefully - and in a way which make it seem possible to take them on (even though it might not be easy). I'm highly enthused!

Sheila M., Somerset, UK

I recently purchased all 4 DVD's and have found them to be very helpful and informative for a new knitter.
The sock DVD's are the perfect accompaniment to Cool Socks, Warm Feet, the book I'm following to learn how to knit socks. Learning the techniques is much, much easier when so clearly shown, and thoroughly explained.

Linda H. , Alberta

I got all four DVDs: Which means that now I have absolutely no excuse for not liking to knit socks and never finishing my first pair, because I am convinced that through the magical powers of LucyVision, I will discover something that will make me suddenly want to knit socks for everyone I know.
Looking at the list of what you're putting on the six new ones, I'm in awe, and I can't wait to see them. All of them. I may never let my husband use the television again.
I'm a very happy knitter now, feeling quite spoiled.

Lee Ann, Montreal

I gave your sock book to my mother for Christmas, and she is both impressed and fascinated. Oh, and the sock video I got (#2) is worth your weight in gold :) , unbelievably helpful for one who is a visual learner and needs to actually SEE the action to learn how to do it. By the way, the I-cord-covered wire is an absolute riot, I nearly fell off my chair when I saw it. Marvellous concept.

Cedar H., Nova Scotia

I consider you right there with Elizabeth Zimmerman for intelligent knitting.

Mimi R., California

I would like to compliment you on your instructional DVD's. I think they are just great! I really love to hear the "why" rather than just showing how to do something. You've done an excellent job explaining and demonstrating techniques.

Sincerely, Elaine Boston

I am absolutely in awe over the extraordinary tutelage you so thoroughly deliver on the Sock I and II DVD's. I am ready to place an 'advanced purchase', if you will, for your next 'pair of DVD's'.
God Bless you for going through great lengths to share your knowledge and incredible talent literally with the world. Technology knows no limits.
Thank you so very much.

Kathi F., Short Hills, NJ

I've been purchasing vhs tapes on knitting/crochet for years and Lucy's are SUCH a breath of fresh air - what a huge difference!
I just received the sock dvds (I already have the knitting essentials set) and had to drop a note to say how much I LOVE Lucy's dvds...they are wonderful - all of them! I really hope she continues with more topics of knitting in the future. Her style, the way the video is done - all really a pleasure to watch.

Esther M.

I have just received your wonderful DVD's and have just completed watching them (all four) and I'm very excited with all the great information in them.
I would just like to thank you very much for the time and effort you have put into them. I have been knitting for years and you have taught me so much, I can't wait to get started on my socks and try out your methods.
I have told many of my knitting friends about your DVD and your prompt service. Thank you again.

Marg T., Adelaide, South Australia

I just wanted to report that I've completed my first bind off using your modified method, and I'm absolutely delighted with the results. That alone makes the price of the DVD worth it! And also the fact that I'm no longer a "dedicated tail threader." Thanks for such a wonderful "Learn with Lucy."
I'm finding that I watch little snippets of the DVDs and then digest the info before I go back for more. They're just packed with useful information that give even an experienced knitter "AHA!!" moments. I believe they're one of the best knitting investments I've ever made.

Sandra D.

I received my DVD yesterday and immediately sat down to watch "a little bit". Well, the little bit turned into the "whole bit". Knitting 2 is fantastic! I can't tell you how much I love it. I am so excited. The instruction is clear and concise, we can see exactly what to do, and I learned so much. I can't wait for the weekend to give some of your techniques a try. Thank you so much for doing the videos. I have seen other videos that attempt to teach viewers, but yours wins the contest hands down! I will be calling to order Socks 1. You can bet I will be telling my knitting group about the DVDs too.
Thanks again for doing a wonderful job!

M.R. in Pittsburg PA

I recently purchased both of your knitting technique DVDs and I must say I'm very happy with them. I really like your teaching style and find your soft voice very conducive to learning. Kudos on your skills and the lovely way you speak to your students. :-) I truly am thrilled with your DVD's and I'm watching them much more than one time. :)

Laura, PA

Great! Your Knitting Essentials DVDs are so wonderful, I guess that you have already received lots of praise for them, but they are really amazing. I learned a lot from them, you are such a wonderful teacher and such a clever knitter. I just can't wait to have the Socks Dvds I'm sure that they are the perfect companion for your awesome book.
Here in Spain we don't have much info on knitting, I just wish I could attend one of your workshops I'm sure that they are also wonderful. Do you ever came to Europe to teach? or should I begin to save to travel to Canada.
Thanks a lot for the Dvds and all the detail and care that has gone into them, for the people that live far away from the knitting centers they are a must-have learning aid.

Your Spanish number one fan
M. S. in Madrid, Spain

I just want to tell you that I am thoroughly enjoying the first DVD. Things are very well explained and wonderfully presented. I am one of those people who feel they need to know everything there is to know about a subject they are interested in, and am therefore a knitting book junkie. But even with all of my resources, I am discovering new things and having those "aha" moments where everything comes together. So thank you for coming out with these brilliant DVDs, which I will highly recommend to anyone, no matter what their skill level may be.

Renata Kerr

Good Morning Lucy, Susan, et al: Just to let you know how much I am enjoying the DVD's, and how perfect I think they will be for a small group to watch together. I will make sure to have information how to order your patterns, in hard form, available to these folks too. Personally, I consider myself an advanced knitter, but still it is hard to remember all the "tricks of the trade" one has picked up over the years. I've only had a chance to look at video 1, it's a wonderful refresher. These are perfect for all levels.
Job well done! I look forward to the sock series (and future ones, when they become available). Congratulations!


Lucy, these are brilliant. I've been knitting flat out for thirty-four years, and I learned something during the first four minutes of Knitting Essentials. Chock full of reassuring common sense and intelligent short cuts, A Knitters Companion is what every knitter has always wanted. Lucy Neatby, warm, intelligent and funny, now forced to live in your living room. Go put on a pot of tea. Lucy's coming over and she's bringing her knitting.

Stephanie Pearl-McPhee a.k.a. The Yarn Harlot

I received the DVD's this morning and even made a bit of time to watch the 1st DVD. I really am impressed with her:
* Visual clarity
* Precision in language
* Organization of topics
* Just enough time and analysis spent on a topic to explain the reasons why - while not over explaining and potentially losing the viewer
These will be in my holiday list to have in the shop!

Joe Zachry,
On the Lamb
Staunton, VA
540-886-YARN (9276)

I'm just finishing my second equilateral vest, and am watching and re-watching your dvd's.
Thank you so very much. Such wonderful tips in the dvds. I ran back to my LYS and told them: if you haven't ordered a set for yourself you must immediately!
The crochet cast on was put to immediate use, as was your improved bindoff.
And I am trying to change from last stitch/pull the end through, to just cutting and ending it as you suggest.
After going through the pattern gallery, I am tempted to try some sock patterns. I'm not sure if I can add to my WIP piles just yet though. The weight of them might implode. Thanks again.

Susan D. in Ohio

Well, I just had to email you once again since I received the 2 sock DVD's.
I watched # 1 and then 2, and they are absolutely fantastic! Finally, I actually get to see techniques like the provisional cast on, the after thought heel, and the garter stitch heel and toe. There just isn't any way in the world I could have grasped these techniques without actually "seeing" them demonstrated..all with such a vivid bird's eye view and wonderfully clear camera work! :-)
Lucy, you are to be complimented on your talents and your ability to convey techniques that have eluded many knitters until now. These DVD's are jam packed with loads of information that the sock knitter needs, but most often, doesn't get. I love the way you deliver your instructions to knitters in your soft, encouraging, "you can do it" way!
Congratulations on another triumph and know that it was well worth all the hard work you must have put into this.

Laura L.
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