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The Brand New Knitter

Running Time: 3 hours 13 minutes (There's a lot to show!)


The Basic Manoeuvres!
Getting started (a.k.a casting-on)
The slip knot
Casting on: Knitted method (Right hand)
Casting on: Knitted method (Left hand)
Casting on: Long-Tail (Right hand)
Casting on: Long-Tail (Left hand)
The knit stitch (Right hand)
The knit stitch (Left hand)
A knit row
The purl stitch (Right hand)
The purl stitch (Left hand)
A purl row
Binding off (a.k.a. casting off)
The last stitch

Working To and Fro
Garter stitch
Public and private sides
Caution! Beginning a row of Garter stitch
Structure of Garter stitch diagram
Stocking stitch, public and private sides
Working Stocking stitch
Stocking stitch curls?
Reverse stocking stitch

The Equipment
Other paraphernalia
Hands: Right and Left
Knits - Right, Left and holding the yarn
Purls - Right, Left and holding the yarn
Holding the needles
Holding the yarn

Mixing Knits and Purls
Purls and knits in the same row and mysterious extra stitches
Ribs, working as set and repeats
Work as set
Binding off in pattern

The Mechanics
What does a stitch look like?
What does a row looks like?
The Happy Stitch
Stitch size
Stitch width and height ratios
How a stitch is made
Yarn rotation around the needle
Stitch mount
How a knit affects the stitch below
How a purl affects the stitch below
The alternative purl rotation
Making happy stitches
The miserable edge stitches

More Manoevres
Slipping stitches knitwise (kw) and purlwise (pw)
Slipping stitches as a group
Slipping edge stitches
The yarn-over (O, Yo or yfd)
The make one increase (M1)
Other increases
Decreases - Right slanting (K2tog)
Decreases - Left slanting (Ssk)
Basic cables
Pinhole bind-off

Joining Yarns and Pieces
Joins at the edge
The Weaver's Knot
Splicing and spit-splicing
A mid-row join
An invisible join
Darning in tails
Mattress-stitch join

A Funny Thing Happened . . . and some fixes
Dropped stitches and a crochet hook rescue
Rescuing lots of dropped stitches
Ripping back stitches stitch by stitch
Ripping back rows
The not-quite knit stitch
Beginning of row confusions
Mid-row confusion and which way should I be going?
My knitting is getting wider!
Quick fix for an extra stitch
Quick fix for a dropped stitch
Sharing out extra yarn
Split stitches
Twisted stitches
My knitting is getting narrower!
You can do anything!

Knitter's Terminology
Stocking stitch
Selvage stitches
Reverse stocking stitch
Garter stitch
Work as set
Binding/ casting off in pattern
Live stitches
Pick up and knit or knit-up stitches
Through back loop
Slip with yarn in front
With yarn in back

Guides and Markers
Running yarn
Life lines

Reading a Knitting Pattern
Yarn, needles and gauge
Reading a gauge swatch
Gauge swatch tips
How to read a pattern and sizes x (y, z)
Stitch dictionaries and reading multiples
Be brave (and where to get help)

Reading Your Knitting
Identifying a row
How many rows have I done?
Does the cast-on row count?
Identifying decreases and increases

Rescue Skills
Ripping back stitch by stitch
Ripping back row by row
Rebuilding a dropped stitch

Working in the round

Casting on and joining on a circular needle
Starting the second round
Purling in the round on a circular needle
Stocking stitch
Garter stitch
Reverse stocking stitch
Sets of double-pointed needles and Garter stitch
Switching from a circular to dpns
Decreases in the round on dpns

Beginner Projects

Things to keep in mind
The gauge swatch
The all-important check
The IQ Hat and the three inch test
Facecloth recipe
Scrunchie Hat or Headband
A Ribbed Scarf (with optional cables)