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Sock Techniques 2
Running Time: 2 hours 55 minutes

NOTE: Page References relate to Lucy's book "Cool Socks Warm Feet"


Bind-Off Methods
Preparation for Sewn Tubular Bind -Off and simulated round knitting (p.121)
Sewing the Tubular Bound-off edge
Looking at the tubular edge
Conversion of 2 x 2 to 1 x 1 rib

Cast-On Methods
Channel Island (p.108)
Channel Island and Long Tail Diagrams
Provisional Crochet Cast-On Removing the Provisional edge (p.110)
Giant stitch demonstration of the tubular edge
The finished Tubular edge
Tubular 1 x 1 rib with waste yarn (p.110)
Tubular 2 x 2 rib with waste yarn (p.110)
Conversion of 1 x 1 to 2 x 2

Cuffs and Edgings for Top-Down Socks
Sideways Garter St explanation (p.51)
Sideways Garter St, preparing the cuff (p.51)
Sideways Garter St, joining the cuff (p.51)

Inserted Heels
Description of Garter Stitch Short-Row and Turkish
Calculating the placement of inserted heels (for Garter Stitch Short-Row or Turkish)
Garter Stitch Short Row Heel
Decrease section (includes weaving in the tail of the heel yarn, garter stitch short rows, use of parking needles) (p.25)
Increase section
The final heel row
Close-up of finished heel
Turkish Heel (aka Peasant or Afterthought Heel)
Setting in the Waste Yarn (p.34)
Picking up stitches and opening the heel gap
Knitting the Turkish Heel

Miscellaneous But Useful
Circular Suture (p.115)
Phoney Duplicate stitch (p.115)
Neatening the Cast-On joggle
Wraps per inch (W.P.I.) (p.10)
Running Yarn Marker (p.113)
Right-slanting increase (raised increase)
Hills and valleys

Toe-Up Toes : Bosnian
Bosnian Toe Square - giant yarn demonstration (p.29)
Creating the toe square (p.29)
Working the foot

Toe-Up Toes : Garter Stitch Short Row
Decrease section (p.44)
Increase section
Setting up into the round

Toe-Up Toes : Stocking Stitch Short Row
Decrease section (p.65)
Smoothing rows
Increase section

Turning and Facing Rounds
Planning your Facing (p.33)
Picot Turning round (p.34)
Fusing the facing to the sock
Rib with double turning round

Garment Gallery
A brief look at a selection of garments incorporating many of the techniques covered

The Small Print
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Filming considerations
Copyright issues
About Lucy
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