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Knitting Gems 1
Running Time: 2 hours 3 minutes

Applied Edges
Knitting-up stitches using a dpn
Applying an I-cord edge
Comparison of methods
Going around an exterior bend
Going around an interior bend
Applying a Garter edge (A)
Knitting from right needle to left
Applying a Garter edge (B)

Buttonhole Essentials
Regular v. one-row holes
One-row self-reinforcing
Enlarged eyelet
For a 2 x 2 rib (purl side)
For a 2 x 2 rib (knit side)

I-Cord Basics
Slipping or sliding?
Why is I-cord circular?
Range of sizes (2 - 5 stitch)
Laddering-up larger tubes
I-cord perfect graft

Cords, Braids and Bobbles
Tube stitch
Screw-thread I-cord
Ribbed I-cord
Purl I-cord (with beads)
I-cord edged Garter stitch
Twisted cord
Bi-coloured I-cord
Bi-coloured braid
Balanced bobble: the increase
Working right to left
Bobble: balanced decrease
Purl-faced bobble

Presenting the Picot Family
Picot cast-on
Varying picot lengths
At the beginning of rows
Mid-row (Lambstails)

Twists, Kinks and Bias
Winding a skein
Reconditioning wool: Spritz
Reconditioning wool: Washing
Reconditioning wool: Steam
Knitting kinky!
Releasing twist
Balanced / unbalanced yarns
S and Z twists
Testing for unbalanced yarn
Biasing in a one-ply yarn
Kinky needles
Turbo needles
Felting a bag