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Finesse Your Knitting 2
Running Time: 2 hours 17 minutes

Ship-shape shoulders
Shoulder short rows by Japanese and wrapped methods
Grafting over a bound-off edge (shoulders)
Three-needle bind-off for garter stitch
Short rows within intarsia
Three-needle bind off in intarsia
Afterthought shoulder shaping

Fitted sleeve heads
Phony Knitting
Setting in a fitted sleeve head
Crossing the shoulder line
Other uses of phoney knitting

Double layer stocking-stitch bands
Why use double bands?
Knit-up ratios (Diagram)
Equalizing the numbers (Diagram)
Knit-up ratios for garter stitch edges
Sampling the bands
Knitting-up the bands
Equalizing the two sides
What's special about the corner stitches? (Diagram)
Looking at the corner stitches
Working a right-side row and RSI (Right front)
The second right-side row (Right front)
The third right-side row (Right front)
Turning rows (Right front)
Reversing the shapings and k2t (Right front)
Matching the second side
Buttonhole placement
Bind-off details
Finishing the band - catch stitching
Finishing the band - grafting
Working a right-side row and LSI (Left front)
Reversing the shapings and ssk (Left front)
Closing the lower band edges

Neck bands and arm bands
Neckband knit-up
Remedy for a missing stitch
Neckband with fully fashioned shapings
Armband modifications