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Pattern and Book Errata

The date given after the pattern is the date of discovery of the gremlin.
The edit date of your pattern can be found at the end of the address on the penultimate line of the pattern.
Any patterns dated later than this should be correct!

Book Errata:

Cool Socks Warm Feet, Second Edition Errata:

p.63 The last line of the right-hand column mysteriously vanished, please add "sary, provided the knit fabric is" in this position.

p.96 First line of left column "third round if desired. Continue to make decreas-" is duplicated from p.95.

Pattern Errata

Ashanti Wall-Hanging and Cushion Cover (#739), Dated 7/11
We apologize for unpleasant looking text on pp. 9 - 14.
Unfortunately if we fix the text, the charts become wrecked.
There is one known chart error on Chart 19 in the upper right corner: a column of white stitches is shown as dark. The mistake is fairly glaring but unfixable by us. Sorry!

Fiesta Stocking (#394), earlier than Nov 2011
Round 13 on p.5 should read:
Rnd 13: With Col M only, k3, (k2t, s1, ssk, k1) x 6, k2, marker, knit to end of round.

Kasbah Vest (#542), April 2011
Page 6/10 - PDF version, p.4 paper version
Row 17 should read:
Row 17: W, knit to one stitch before next Corner stitch, k2t, knit to Corner stitch, ssk, knit to end.

Mille Feuille Shawl and Wrap (#490), May 2010
Back Insert - Short-Row Method ( Edited numbers shown in bold)
The stitch counts given after each row are the stitches left available for the insert and do not include the wrapped stitches.
Row 1 (RS): In Colour A, k 47, s2tkw-k1-psso, k 46, SWR, turn. (94 sts)
Make sure that the decrease lines up with all the previous ones.
Row 2 (WS): K 92 (2 sts before the end of the insert section), SWR, turn. (92 sts)
Row 3: K 44, s2tkw-k1-psso, k43, SWR, turn. (88 sts)
Row 4: K 86, SWR, turn. (86 sts)
Continue in this manner, working 2 sts fewer at the end of each row and wrapping the neighbouring stitch, end and making the central decrease every RS row, until 8 sts remain.
Row 31 (RS): Slip all the stitches from the insert currently on the right-hand needle onto the left-hand needle. (67 sts)

Swirling Sun Hat (#113), 06/05
Re-title the chart key, p.1: Change "RS Rows (Even)" to read "ODD rows", and change WS Rows (Odd) to read "EVEN rows"

Faroese Flower Shawl (#443), October 2010
Ambiguity in Row 123: I have re-defined RSI as below and adjusted the stitch numbers where in bold.
RSI: Right-slanting increase, knit into the stitch below the next stitch on the LHN, then knit the next stitch as usual.
Row 123*:
A, [O, k3, Y, k3, k2t, O, k4, RSI, k4, (O, ssk) x 2, k3, (Y, k3) x 2, (k2t, O) x 2, k3, RSI, k3, (O, ssk) x 2, k3, (Y, k3) x 2, k2t, O) x 2, k3, RSI, k3, (O, ssk) x 2, k3, (Y, k3) x 2, (k2t, O) x 2, k3, RSI, k3, (O, ssk) x 2, k3, (Y, k3) x 2, (k2t, O) x 2, k4, RSI, k4, O, ssk, k3, Y, k3, O], k15, O, ssk, k3, k2t, O, k9, rpt [ ], B.

Faroese Flower Shawl (#443), 04/05
Faroese Flower Shawl Row 105, Chart 2. The 16th st from the right side indicates you should SSK.
Remove (white-out) this symbol from the chart and treat the stitch as a knit.

Faroese Flower Shawl (#443), 06/02
Row 31 A, [O, k1, (X, k1) x 10, O], k1, Q2, k4, O, k3t [Note #5], O, k7, rpt [ ], B.
Row 33 A, [O, k3, (Y, k3) x 10, O], k3, Q, k6, k2t, O, k8, rpt [ ], B.

Row 103 Central Panel (written directions) should read: "Knit 5, O*, k11, O, k3t, O, k3, Q, k3,",
an O was missing on one side of the k3t.

Faroese Flower Shawl (#443), 20/11/08
A minor error in the PDF and early new format (Spikey Pink Hair logo) version
On page 10/14 - short rows 5 and 13:
Short Row 5 is missing an asterisk/flower after the Slip 1 that begins the row.
Then, Short Row 13 ends and there should be a matching asterisk/flower after "Repeat from" INSERT asterisk/flower " (Short Row 5)..."

Fiesta Vest, p.3.
All patterns dated before 03/03 should read...
Rnd 6 Leaving Col V attached to work but working with Main only.
K4, marker, k2, *( k1, k2t, s1, ssk ) rpt from * 17 ( 19, 21, 23 )
times more, k3. Marker. Knit across Back. Marker. K2 *( k1, k2t, s1, ssk )
rpt from * 17 ( 19, 21, 23 ) times more, k3, marker, k4.

Fiesta Feet, p.5., Dated 06/02
Rnd 9: With Col M only, k 13 ( 13, 15, 15, 17, 17, 19 ), k2t,
k 0 (0, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0 ), * k2t (this brings the first st of the Col V group out
to the right, on top of a Col M st),
s1 (allowing the extra O to unwrap, forming an elongated slipped st.) ,
ssk (brings the last Col V st out to the left on top of a Col M st) , k1,
rpt from * 5 ( 5, 5, 6, 7, 7, 8 ) times more, k2t, s1, ssk, k 0 ( 0, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0 ),
ssk, knit to end of round.

The following was missing from the last line " k 0 ( 0, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0 ),"

Fiesta Mittens, p.1., Dated 08/02
Gauge 25 sts x 32 rows = 3" sq.
Gauge is measured over 3", not 4".

Harlequin Socks, p.5., Dated 11/02
Needle #2 - SMALL and MEDIUM only:
F Rnd 12 K4 (2), (k2t, k1-O-k1, ssk, k3) x 2 (3),
k2t, k1-O-k1, ssk, k4 (2).
Needle #2 - LARGE only: Note special directions for F Rnd 10 involving Needles #1 and 3 also.
F Rnd 12 LSI, (ssk, k3, k2t, k1-O-k1) x 4, ssk, k3, k2t, RSI.

Toe Shaping
Rnd 10 K4 (2, 1), s2t kw-k1-psso, (k1, O, k3, O, k1, s2t kw-k1-psso)

rpt until 4 (2, 1) sts remain on Ndl #2, end k4 (2, 1), begin Ndl #3, K4 (2, 1), ssk,
knit to last 6 (4, 3) sts on Ndl #4, end k2t, k4 (2, 1).

Harlequin Socks, 10/07
Page 5: Large Foot Waffle Pattern...Needle #2 Round #6 should be:
K1,K2t,(K1-O-K1,ssk,K3, K2t) x 4,end K1-O-K1,ssk,K1.

Rainbow Sheep Sweater, 3/6/03
Row 143 - Cast off in colours as set. Should be Row 153.

Doubly Delicious Scarves, 03/2006
Chart D should show a 20 row repeat with 3 plain rows between motifs.

Origami Bag (first editions only), 09/06
page 2: Cast On For Side of Bag
Bag depth = Stitches cast on / stitches per inch/2

Almost Saintly Socks (#381), 01/09/09
P.3 ADD after Round 3 (lower left column)
Repeat Leg Rounds 1 - 3, 8 (9,10) times in total.
End last repeat on completion of a Round 2.
"Leave the end of round marker in this position."
P.5 ADD to Resuming Holey Pattern
In Main knit across the 39 (43, 47) heel stitches, continue to knit to the "marked" end of round.
Knit 40 (46, 46), PM 1, reestablish hole pattern from Foot Round 1.

Almost Saintly Socks (#381), 04/09/09
P.6 Toe Decrease Rounds 1 and 2, should read [Ssk, k27 (29, 33), k2t, k1 (1, 1)] x 2.
Rather than the last stitch of the repeat reading k1 (0, 1). The revised directions are in full below.
The Toe
Change to Contrast yarn.
Decrease Rnd 1: [Ssk, k27 (30, 33), k2t, k1] x 2 60 (64, 72) sts.
Rounds 2 and 4: Purl.
Round 3: Knit
Decrease Rnd 2: [Ssk, k 25 (28, 31), k2t, k1] x 2 56 (60, 68) sts.

Camelot Socks (#328), 12/10/12
p.4 Needle #3 should read the same as Needle #1.
Total 26 (28, 28, 30, 30, 32, 32) sts.