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Dearest Knitting Friends,

Wrapping up a beloved business is certainly an odd experience! Thank you for the many kind letters of support expressing your understanding of my decision to close down Tradewinds.

DVDs for sale! We have been busily slimming down our inventory of physical goods. Stephanie has been shipping out the last of our sale yarns, as well as my clearance $5 DVD discs and $10 books. As we run out of titles, we are reducing the price of those particular Video Downloads to $5.00.

Just to complicate things a little further, we will be taking a self-imposed shipping hiatus from November 27th - December 10th, in order to allow this house to be used as a self-isolation location for my daughter, who is coming home for the month of December. I'm going to be leaving a car at the airport and the house full of groceries!
John and I will be spending those two weeks on the Island, and Stephanie will be working from home.
We will still be accepting orders during this time, but will be unable to ship any items until December 11.

Bobbles! To keep myself sane during a very chaotic month, I have been working away on my new Around the World DK Blanket. It's coming to a crescendo, and the round I have just completed features 272 bobbles: nothing exceeds like excess!
For 8 evenings, I stuck with my plan to complete 34 bobbles a night, followed by darning in a few more yarn tails. What a relief!

Annekatrin and I A New Development
We have some exciting news for you: there will be a new home for Lucy Neatby patterns and virtual DVDs with my friend and colleague Annekatrin at Little Barnstudio.ca!
I'd like to introduce her to you.
I first met Annekatrin at a workshop I was giving in Olds, Alberta in 2008. She has since become a regular attendee at my Knitting on the Wild Side camps on Big Tancook Island and, last year, kindly stepped into the role of bookkeeping consultant, in order to help me keep the financials on the straight and narrow. We've been working very well together.

Knitting on the Wild Side, 2019 Annekatrin recently opened her own online business selling her hand-dyed yarns and buttons at Little Barnstudio.ca and it has begun to emerge that she would be happy to migrate many aspects of LucyNeatby.com to her stable. I feel very comfortable with this idea.

We are now working on licensing my products to be sold under her management, and to once again be able offer you a cloud option (where any pattern updates will automatically continue). I plan to continue to operate in conjunction with her, whilst she handles all of the painful side of running a business! I will also contribute occasional new patterns and add to her newsletters. I seriously don't want to lose touch with you!

In the interests of your data privacy, we cannot simply transfer customer information and files.
If you would like to have your past purchases migrated to her site, and/or would like to sign up for her new newsletter, please read on.

To subscribe to Annekatrin's Newsletter:
Go to Little Barnstudio.ca and put your email address into the subscription form that will show up when you are on the first page. You will receive an email to confirm your subscription and a second, welcome email.

For future Transfer of Products:
Please sign up for a customer account at Little Barnstudio.ca and send Annekatrin an email with an attached screen shot(s) of your files from your Lucy Neatby Notebook (using the same email address you used to sign up so you can be found when the files are added to your account).

Please be patient, this is a wickedly complex work in progress and will take some time.

knitting on Tancook Once again, I am so grateful for your support over the years. Your friendship means the world to me. Keep those stitches smiling.


My November KnitAlong

these hats are so much fun to knit!
The kids had a great time modeling my Storm Mountain DK hats. My exclusive Storm Mountain Hat kit which includes the digital pattern, 3 skeins of our gorgeous BFL Lil' Sport yarns AND the Storm Mountain Hat Tutorial is still available and you can still join our Storm Mountain Hat Knit Along in my Neatby Knitters group on Ravelry. We've been knitting these hats together since November 1st!
Thanks to Hillary for another batch of wonderful photos.

Sales at LucyNeatby.com

DVDs How about giving your knitting friends a class with me in their own homes?
ALL of our DVDs are on super-clearance! For $5CAD plus shipping (and tax, where applicable), you can own most of the "Learn With Lucy" instructional DVDs. Visit the DVDs page to order yours now!

These in-depth and wide-ranging titles will have you knitting like a pro in no time!!

My free YouTube Channel

check my YouTube channel for new additions! Subscribe to my YouTube channel to see the over 100 free video tutorials I've added over the past few years!
This month, I've added several new videos to the collection: check out Grafting Made Easy, Part 5a, Part 5b and Part 5c as well as Part 6, which features perfectly grafting textured stitches and ribbing !

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