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Post-tropical Storm Teddy Hurricane Season
Post-tropical Storm Teddy gave our shores a big sloppy kiss last week (rather than a full in-the-mouth smacker), but we were prepared should it cause the kind of mayhem we have witnessed here before.
My biggest question: would Beach Road still exist after a big storm like this? If that road washes out, my little house would find itself at the end of a very long peninsula! We prepared the property and hunkered down.
What relief we felt when the storm tiptoed us by with high winds but little damage. The comment was made that we've had Nor'easters more vicious than Hurricane Teddy!
If not for Covid, the storm would have coincided with the second week of my Knitting on the Wild Side camps, which would have made for quite the experience! Had we been in full swing, we would have prepped all the houses with flushing water and camp stoves, and then all hunkered down together for the excitement. We don't call it "Wild" for nothing.

preparing my next KAL A New Project in the Works
As the hours of daylight gradually diminish, my mind is turning to "What's next?" It was relatively easy to wile away the summer days with a bit of sailing, some work, a bit of gardening and other distractions, but the reality of autumn on its way to winter brings uneasy thoughts about next year and what our winter conditions and the resumption of school will do to the covid situation. Thank heavens we are knitters.

Storm Mountain Hats I've started planning a new Knit-Along! I am turning to an older pattern that I feel like knitting again.
Have you met the doubleknit Storm Mountain Hat? It is a small project that can be made with stash yarns or with our Blue Faced Leicester Lil' Sport yarn.

Space Cadet Topper There are many reasons why I love the Storm Mountain pattern. It can be knit with any yarn weight from fingering to worsted, in sizes from newborn to the largest brain box. The hat features a connected inner and outer layer and can be lined with a head-friendly third yarn: for example, you could knit the hat lining in cotton and add woolly warmth and insulation on the outside -- with none of the outer yarn touching the wearer.
It has minimal patterning and no chart reading. It's all about the stitches used (knits and purls): the lining is in stocking stitch, the outer layer in reverse stocking stitch, with additional rounds to create insulating pockets.
It gives you the freedom to play with stitch mount and examine your preferred technique.
Storm Mountain wip There is also an option for a flatter crown and an interesting "Space Cadet" top-stalk (as in the baby sample and my current wip here).
In terms of colours, the world is your oyster. I'm using two colours of the BFL Lil' Sport yarns to create stripes, and then a third brightly contrasting colour for the lining. It also looks great with a handpaint/variegated yarn for the exterior combined with a brightly contrasting lining colour.

For this Knit-Along, we've created an exclusive Storm Mountain Hat kit which includes the digital pattern, 3 skeins of our gorgeous BFL Lil' Sport yarns AND the Storm Mountain Hat Tutorial! We'll be knitting together in my Neatby Knitters group on Ravelry starting on November 1st!

modular knitting Vogue Knitting Live Upcoming Teaching Gigs
I'll be talking about Modular Knitting at River City Yarns for their Saturday Seminar Series on October 3rd.
You can also catch me at Vogue Knitting Live virtually Live from October 8 - 11. These are online events, of course.
For any local knitters: I will be offering in-person classes at the Chester Art Center, on October 24th and November 7th.

reading set-up On My Bookshelf
I've been reading and listening to far more books than usual this year. I'm keenly devouring several new-to-me authors, with the happy result that I've been lost in Tudor England for a while now. I listened to The Six Wives of Henry VIII by Alison Weir (definitely not a position I'd envy), which turned out to be the perfect background to a series of detective novels set in Tudor times by C.J. Sansom. I accidentally listened to the last one (Tombland) first, on Audible, and then decided to go back to the beginning. They are huge books, with fascinatingly convoluted plots, all written with close attention to historical fact by a serious historian. As flawed as our 21st century is, I'm happy to be here and not there!

I do also enjoy a classic English detective novel: some of my go-to's (mostly on Audible) are those by Joy Ellis and Peter Grainger, and I've recently been alerted to the Simon Serrailler series by Susan Hill. These are particularly engrossing, broader than just the detective side of things. This author doesn't hesitate to do the unexpected. I say no more.

a plethora of patterns! A Plethora of DK Patterns
I have spent an age completing a list of all the double-knitting patterns I have written, with their included techniques/videos and estimated experience levels. Now I don't know what to do with the document... Email me at if you'd like a copy, I think they will help to inspire your double-knitting journey!

Keep those stitches smiling.


New Patterns

Nomad DK Cowl

Nomad DK Cowl Kit and Knit Along by Lucy Neatby

It's not too late to join our Nomad DK Cowl Knit Along! We ar all enjoying ourselves and moving at our own pace.

The Nomad DK Cowl is a gorgeous, draft-excluding double-knit neck and shoulder warmer. It is worked from the decorative upper edge and can be continued until you run out of yarn!
The cowl is sufficiently stretchy to fit most folks, child to adult.
The kit includes the downloadable Nomad Cowl pattern plus 100g each of the 2 complementary Nomad yarns needed to complete your project.

Order yours now, then join our Knit Along on Ravelry!

If your local yarn shop is a Handmaiden /Fleece Artist stockist, you should be able to purchase a kit from them, as well.
Size: one-size
Skill Level: Intermediate to Experienced
Price: $65.00

The Nomad Cowl is available as a stand-alone pattern at and Ravelry now, too!
Size: one-size
Skill Level: Intermediate to Experienced
Price: $9.50

Sales at

Bicycle Socks Remember to check the newsbox for our weekly half-price pattern.

We are featuring Lucy's Bicycle Socks pattern this week.

Socks for the cyclist in your life: these were inspired by a bicycle trip around the Cabot Trail in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Set on a background of bicycle chains are motifs of a cyclist in the mountains with Nova Scotia wildlife - a moose on one foot and an eagle on the other. Stranded knitting for a warm sock.
This pattern features easy to follow written instructions and charts.

The Bicycle Socks pattern is half-price ($3.75) until October 3,
Happy Stitches!

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DVDs How about giving your knitting friends a class with me in their own homes? We are revisiting our popular DVD sale:
ALL of our DVDs are half-price! For $15CAD plus shipping (and tax, where applicable), you can own any of the "Learn With Lucy" instructional DVDs. Visit the DVDs page to order yours now!

Additionally, we are offering even deeper discounts on DVDs: any second DVD you order will cost $10CAD, and any additional DVD will be another $5. This special can be found on our clearance page--please specify your chosen titles and your mailing address when placing your order.
These in-depth and wide-ranging titles will have you knitting like a pro in no time!!

Video Download Specials

Brand New Knitter To encourage the development of a new hobby for those who need distraction, we are continuing with our Brand New Knitter Video Download for $1CAD and, for our seasoned knitting friends, all of the other Learn with Lucy Video Download titles have been marked down to half price ($10CAD each)!
Please do send photos of any new knitting projects you have embarked upon. We've seen some delghtful examples results already.

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This month, I've added several new videos to the collection: check out Grafting Made Easy, Part One, A DK Double Decrease, and Perfect Grafting Made Easy, Part 2!

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