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Dear Knitters,

what a fun week I had at River City Yarns! a knitted chair: now that's my kind of seat! July Adventures
The show has been on the road again: I have just returned from Alberta and the Northwest Territories!
I spent six days in Edmonton as the guest teacher for the marvellous River City Yarns, and then, from July 10-19, headed north to the midnight sun with my and Judy Fawcett's intrepid Adventure Knitting 2019 group.
Did someone say 'Look out behind you?' At the Explorer Hotel in Yellowknife In keeping with our taste for the far flung, this year we went to extremes: all the way to the Northwest Territories of Canada!
Although this wasn't my first time in the NWT, this trip was a special one, taking me further north than I'd ever been before.

We started off in Edmonton, and stayed for two nights. While there, we were led on an extensive city tour, I introduced the group to the owners of River City Yarns and we went on a tour of the stunning Aga Khan Garden.
Socks in the Yellowknife Legislature! This was followed by four nights in Yellowknife, a city of personal significance to me - it being the place where, 20 years ago, my hair first turned pink!
Here we were treated to a guided city tour including a visit to the Legislature, attended the Folk on the Rocks music festival and a floating dinner theatre by Voyageur Canoe, and visited with local artisans.

making bannock Fishing trip - not my catch. Northern pike - soon swimming happily away. Finally, we traveled 100 kms due east of Yellowknife by float plane - to the spectacular Blatchford Lake Lodge. We stayed at this incredible isolated wilderness resort for three more nights! We were kept busy here, as well, with activities including a hand salve making workshop, baking bannock on an open fire, swimming, hot-tubbing, fishing, kayaking and hiking. We caught sight of some of the northern wildlife: a lynx and a wolf across the water, fish, ducks and other birds.
Knitting North of 60 I can't say enough about this fantastic lodge: not a car or road to be seen or heard. No man made objects, no vapour trails, no cell towers, no noise (apart from birds). In short, it was heavenly.
spectacular sunsets! As with previous Adventure Knitting tours, I taught the students throughout and our incredible tour guide was the lovely Judy Fawcett. I designed a sock project specific to this adventure using some of the beautiful River City Yarns products!
Judy and I are already in discussions regarding the next trip: for details of our 2021 Adventure Knitting trip, you can reach her at

Pyramid DK Blanket Pyramid DK Blanket A New Pattern!
Since the excitement of Tancook Hooking Day, my life has been non-stop busy.

My Pyramid Blanket is off the needles and has been blocked. This fun doubleknit project was inspired by the lovely sets of gradient dyed Casbah yarns created by Handmaiden in Halifax. The workshop-in-a-pattern is available online and, for a limited time, we are offering a 29 skein yarn pack in the same luxurious Handmaiden Casbah 5 ply gradient sets that I used to knit the original. If you are interested, act soon! We will be taking orders until the end of this month. Send us an email to pre-order yours now!

the awesome Knit Stars staff! drone success!

Visitors to Big Tancook Island
My Tancook Island friends and I enjoyed our whirlwind visit from the Knit Stars team, who travelled all the way from Oklahoma to Big Tancook Island! It turned into a bit of a drama, with them parting company from two cases of their filming equipment in Dallas. Upon their arrival in Canada, there was no sign or information on the whereabouts of their valuable gear. They devoted their overnight stay in Montreal to tracking down cameras to rent in Halifax, and obtaining a new drone.
Pluto was in on the action! They eventually arrived on the afternoon ferry undaunted and in good spirits with the rental gear. Their arrival was further warmed with a feed of local lobster - it being the last day of the lobster fishing season.

The forecast was looking a little rocky, so we made the most of the reasonable weather on Saturday to film as much scenic footage as possible. My home was turned into a film studio set-up, and I got down to work presenting my lessons on two-colour double knitting. The filming continued into Sunday as the rain lashed down outside. A good time was had by all, and now I'm look forward to welcoming Knit Stars Club members to my home in November once the program goes live. You won't even have to catch the ferry!

Never a Dull Moment...
After they left the island, I turned my attention to month-end accounting work only to find that PayPal had shut our account and was holding last month's funds hostage. I had been responding to their requests for further business information over the preceding two weeks but, apparently, this was not good enough. We've been a customer of theirs for 14 years and, suddenly, our business was dead in the water: no one could purchase on-line, either from our website or Ravelry. I couldn't pay my bills. It took me a further two weeks of huge frustration to eventually resolve the situation. (For the full traumatic story see my blog).
The little two-week gap in my schedule that I'd planned was completely blown.

on our way to Big Tancook soaking it in Onwards and Upwards
Happily, the next exciting event lifted my spirits right back up! A phenomenal gang of seven knitting buddies from Tennessee had planned a self-guided knitting trip to Nova Scotia. I shared information about the many great knitting stores and destinations around the province, and they also requested a workshop with me on Big Tancook Island. The idea of a Tancook mini camp was born!
We had a wonderful time knitting, crafting and exploring the island together. The locals and I were all in awe of their group organization and attention to detail - right down to customized magnetic decals for their rental car. Seven knitters and all their luggage touring Canada's East Coast in one mini-van. Truly impressive!

the newest rug I spent one more weekend on Big Tancook and was able to join in the Canada Day celebrations which I had hitherto always missed. While there, I finished hooking my latest rug. It hasn't a name yet - Smelling the Roses? I'm open to suggestions.
We have begun selling hand drawn linen rug canvas patterns on our website - you can find them under Other Patterns: take a look!

Happy Summer Stitches everyone!,


New Patterns

Pyramid DK Blanket

Pyramid DK Blanket by Lucy Neatby

This beautiful, warm double-layer blanket was inspired by the lovely sets of gradient dyed Casbah yarns created by Handmaiden in Halifax. A surfeit of reading Elizabeth Peter's Amelia Peabody series resulted in the Egyptian symbology throughout!
This workshop-in-a-pattern features a full written pattern with photos, Stitch-Maps charts, diagrams and fourteen video links. You'll love creating an heirloom with this gorgeous and engaging dk design!
For a limited time only, we are offering Yarn Packs featuring the same gorgeous Casbah Yarns used for my blanket. These are available to pre-order for $417.00 CAD -- approximately $325.00 USD until July 31, 2019. Send us an email to pre-order yours!

Fourteen video links are included in this workshop-in-a-pattern.

  • Link 1 - Simulated In-the-Round Swatching
  • Link 2 - Easy Middle-Out Cast-On
  • Link 3 - Circular Tubular Cast-On
  • Link 4 - Round One
  • Link 5 - Round Two Increases and Re-sequencing
  • Link 6 - Reading Increases and Placing Markers
  • Link 7 - Bind-Off Round Tips
  • Link 8 - Garter Bumps and Reverse Stocking Stitch
  • Link 9 - Fixing Common DK Errors
  • Link 10- Fixing Multi-Row Mistakes, Part One
  • Link 11- Fixing Multi-Row Mistakes, Part Two
  • Link 12- Moving Wrongly Positioned K-0-K Increases
  • Link 13- Alternative Double Increase Options
  • Link 14- Alternative Rotation Purling

Recommended Yarn: HandMaiden Casbah 5ply Gradients
Size: 49"
Skill Level: Advanced
Price: $12.00CAD

Snaking Cables Sweater

Snaking Cables Sweater by Julia Watt

Here is another ingenious pattern designed by our creative friend Julia Watt!

This seam-free, top-down sweater features an intricate, all-over cable pattern with integrated bust and hip darts to flatter the fuller figure. The cables emerge at the neckline, then gradually develop into elegant braids winding around a lattice framework. At the bottom edge, a snakehead motif crowns each braid, adding a touch of fun to the design (an alternative, snake-free version of pattern is also provided).

This is a very complex cable pattern and should only be attempted by experienced knitters who are very comfortable with cable patterns and working from charts. I do provide detailed instructions for all the cable crossings and other knitting techniques used in this pattern, but this is not a pattern for anyone who is new to cable knitting.

Recommended Yarn: Fingering Weight, "worsted spun"
Size: 1X to 3X
Skill Level: Advanced
Price: $12.00CAD

Summer Sales

Fiesta Bags Fiesta Bags Check the newsbox for our weekly half-price pattern!

We are featuring the Fiesta Bags pattern this week.

Have yourself a party while you make your own fun Fiesta Bag! Knit in Lucy's Flying Swallows stitch pattern, this project is easy to knit and makes for an elegant fabric. Personalize the bag with your own colour combinations. Available in multiple sizes, adjustable by both yarn weight and stitch numbers.

The Fiesta Bags pattern is half-price ($3.75CAD) at and Ravelry until July 26. Check back weekly for our half-price patterns!

Knitting Essentials 1&2
Our 2 for 1 DVD bargains are still available on our clearance page!
For $29CAD plus shipping (and tax, where applicable), you can own any of the featured "Learn With Lucy" instructional DVDs. These in-depth and wide-ranging titles will have you knitting like a pro in no time!!

Celestial Merino - Honeypot
Our stock of Celestial Merino Yarns is almost gone and, sadly, we are unlikely to order more, as the base yarn has been discontinued. Only some colours remain, and we are selling the last of them at a reduced cost. Take a look for a last chance at these beautifully dyed 100% merino yanrs!

Happy Stitches!

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Check out Using Repeat Markers to Set Up a Pattern, and Fusing a Faced Sock Cuff for a peek at some of the techniques I've been recording and sharing!

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