Autumn in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Dear Knitters,

100 Spun Yarns!

It's hard to believe that I'm writing my hundredth Newsletter, this is quite a milestone!
I'm almost tempted to gather the previous issues together for a spot of nostalgic reading. I wonder what happened to the first six editions? Ah, yes, those were actually emails sent out to a handful of early knitting friends -- back when email was an up-and-coming way to communicate, well before my interactive website. We soon moved to an online format and, other than those very first newsletters, the remainder are accessible to you via the Spun Yarn Archive at my website.
To honour the occasion of my one hundredth Newsletter, we have planned a spectacular one-week-only sale on ALL of my digital products!

knitters ready for camp! boarding the ferry A Knitworthy September!
My two Knitting on the Wild Side Camps, held from September 15-21 and September 22-29, have come to an end; only some lingering paperwork remains. The new and rekindled friendships made during this special time are sure to last us many years.

we had such beautiful weather! Once again, we were blessed with Nova Scotia's glorious golden September weather, with only one or two rainy afternoons through the entire two weeks.

the best dinner hosts are from Big Tancook Island As in previous years, campers stayed in local houses around the island and the group gathered nightly for suppers hosted by a different local family, making for a wide variety of settings and good times.
knitting at the Community Centre Classes were held at the Community Centre every morning, a wonderful space for teaching.

lobster lunch! The morning sessions were followed by delicious lunches prepared onsite by the regular KnitCamp lunch crew. As is our tradition, we even staged a full-on 'feed' of local lobster!
We left our afternoons relatively unscheduled with time for knitting, visits from local craftspeople, wool dyeing experiemnts and tours around Big Tancook Island.

Linnea knit this gorgeous Aqueduct Hat using camp yarn gorgeous BFL yarn for camp! This year's camp knitting focus was on hats!

The camp kit was a 'select your own' made up with gorgeous Blue Faced Leicester yarn wound into 20g balls with 27 colours to choose from. The colours proved quite inspirational, and the knitters were delighted to choose their own palette. I loved seeing the lovely creations on the needles.
leftovers The variety of colours remaining after the selections were finished was a bit less inspiring...

Hosting two back to back camps was a very interesting experience: although the preparation and set-up were identical for each, they developed in very different ways.

Nancy's lovely Storm Mountain Hat The classes were distinct, with each taking on its own individual direction. Beginning with the same theme, samples and handouts, the first week's group was more absorbed by perfect grafts (see my free YouTube channel for a demonstration in two parts ), while the second enthusiastically grappled with circular tubular cast-ons and top down hats (demonstrated in three parts here).
I enjoy teaching in this free-form way, where the class can morph into a new shape based on the questions and interests, and with class size of 12, everyone can do their own thing!

Tancookies! camp buddies! I had such fun with my phenomenal campers who, without exception, embraced the spirit of this very special island and its community.
We all had a wonderful time. New friendships were forged, old ones rekindled and, of course, much knitting was done! I couldn't run this sort of dream camp without the enthusiastic help and commitment of the community on Big Tancook Island, to whom I am so grateful. I'm already setting my sights on the next camps, and my Tancook friends and hosts are all looking forward to another week or two of fun!

Now I am hoping to settle down to some serious pattern writing, and, hopefully, a new double-knit blanket will be on the needles before the snow flies.

autumn in Dartmouth, NS Onward into Autumn
And now the equinoctial gales have made their appearance in Nova Scotia. The nights are longer and cooler, just perfect for knitting once again. It has been a busy fall since my return from the English canals - which now seem like a distant, glowing memory.

Queen Bee I keep having lovely flashbacks to last fall whenever I see canal photos posted on Facebook or Instagram. Now that John and I have travelled along a significant portion of the canal network, I recognize many of the locations the pictures show, and long to return.
Canals are multi-faceted, like bicycle rides: they are different in either direction, according to the time of day, the season, or the weather at any particular moment -- even your state of mind will influence your experience! A single route might sound limiting, but as you look more deeply and you develop a familiarity, and eagerly anticipate bits you may have overlooked or wish to discover anew, you realize all of the details and changes you might have not noticed otherwise.
It's rather akin to exploring Tancook Island: although the island measures a mere 3 by 5 kilometres, there is always something interesting, new and as-yet-undiscovered. It makes one think: do we merely skim through too many of life's experiences? Even knitters need to move more slowly through life sometimes.

Wishing you Happy Stitches,


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