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The Blossom Blanket Tutorial

  • Description: The Blossom Blanket pattern and its accompanying Tutorial are half-price this week only,
    Happy DK Stitches!

    All the techniques used in making the Blossom Blanket are carefully demonstrated in these fourteen videos.

    1. Swatch
    2. Alternative Cast-On for Middle-Out DK
    3. Circular Tubular Cast-On
    4. Round 2 Increasing and Resequencing
    5. Round 3 Onwards
    6. Alternative Rotation Purling
    7. Reading the Charts and Tables
    8. Threading Into Reverse Stocking Stitch
    9. I-Cord Ties
    10. Fixing Common Errors
    11. Moving Wrongly Positioned K1-O-K1 Increases
    12. Fixing A Missing Double Increase on One Side
    13. Shaping the Petals
    14. Alternative Uses for DPNs
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