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(314) Fiesta Feet Kit

  • Description:

    Party socks for happy feet. A wildly cheerful design using a variety of stitch patterns to extract the maximum effect from a hand- painted or space-dyed yarn.

    Featuring 100g of Main Colour and 50 g Contrast Colour in Celestial Merino yarns, choose from:

    Fiesta Bright: Natural and Fiesta Colourways sold out
    Fiesta Forest: Olive and Fiesta Colourways sold out
    Liquid Honey: Olive and Honeypot Colourways

    Please note that, due to the variations in our specialty batch-dyed Handpainted yarns, we can not guarantee an exact colour match to the ones shown in the sample photographed here.

  • Designer: Lucy Neatby
  • Skill Level: Intermediate
  • Techniques Used: Cabling, slip sts, textured patts, two-colors-per-round knitting, sideways sock-top, bobbles
  • Price: $ 45.75

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  • Color:
        Liquid Honey