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Double-Knitting Delight 1
Running Time: 2 hours 27 minutes

Welcome to Double Knitting
What is Double Knitting?
How we create two layers

Knitting Tubes on Straight Needles With a Single Yarn
Even-number stocking stitch
Identifying the two layers
Diagram of single yarn tubular fabric
Even-number reverse stocking stitch
The slipurl!
Mixing knits and purls
Opening the tube and binding-off
Odd stitch numbers
Fixing snags and dividing the layers
Single layers back to double fabric
Comparison of single and double-knit gauges
What is going on?
Casting on for an open-ended tube

DK Compatible Cast-On Methods
Tubular with two colours
Tubular with one yarn (beginning with a knit)
Tubular with one yarn (beginning with a purl)

DK Compatible Bind-Off Methods
Tubular (beginning with a knit stitch)
Completing an open fabric

Increases in a single yarn tube
Increases in a two yarn fabric
Decreases in a single yarn tube
Decreases in a two yarn fabric

Circles Within Circles
One yarn, connected circles
Two yarns, unconnected circles
Two yarns and stripes
Circular double-knitting diagram

Double Knitting and Ribbing are Cousins!
Ribbing across to seal
Using rib to set up double-knitting

From Single to Double Fabric
Slip raised increase (for Far ahead of Near)
Slip then increase (for Near ahead of Far)
Using two hands to make the SRI
Knit and purl increase

From Double Fabric to Single
Near ahead of Far (ssk)
Reorganizing your stitches
Far ahead of Near (k2tog)

Pockets and Patches
Establishing a straight pocket
Pocket Row 1
Pocket Row 2
Pocket Row 3
Pocket Row 4
Continuing the pocket
Completing the pocket
Diagram of pocket row sequence
Diagram of pocket in the round

Two Yarns, Two Sides, Two Hands!
A different colour on each side - one yarn at a time
Straight or dpns?
Both yarns in the right hand
Connecting the sides
One yarn in each hand and prettying up the edges
Both yarns in the left hand

Edges and Ends
Edge stitch tweaks!
Detail of Doubly Delicious Scarf
Dealing with ends
Fixing errors

Colour Patterning and Quilting
Negative-positive patterning
Diagram of yarn paths
Connecting layers without changing the colour
Structure of the patterned fabric
Quilting - Near ahead of Far
Quilting - Far ahead of Near
Getting stuffed

Samples and Examples
Technicolour Dreamboot
Polo mittens
Mirror Mirror Scarf
Detail of Doubly Delicious Scarf
Blow-your-mind swatches!