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Frequently Asked Questions

General Website Information: has public and members-only areas. The public areas are open to all. We have a members-only area to allow customers to log in so that we may give them personalised services (e.g. Any pattern or tutorial video bought from this website will automatically be added to a customer's libraries in My Notebook).


When you register as a member, you will be sent a one-shot log-in link that automatically logs you in. You then need to go into My Notebook: click on the notebook picture. Click on Profile and set a password.

My Notebook In My Notebook you will find a list of buttons that are for logged-in member services. The main reason you need to be a logged-in member to use these options is simple: if we cannot tell who you are (we do this from your log-in email), we cannot, for instance, retrieve the patterns that belong to you and make them available to you in My PDFs. We will make sure that your file always contains the most up-to-date version of your patterns. This means you will have access to your collection of digital patterns anywhere, anytime, as long as you have internet access.

Setting a Password when you have forgotten to set one after registration automatic log-in

1. Click on Log In at the top of the home page. This will take you to the User Login page.
2. Click on Email me a link under Forgotten your password?
On the 'Forgotten Password' page, type in your email address (the same one you used to register the first time).
3. Wait a minute; now check your mailbox. There should be a new link message for you.
4. Click on the link we mailed you; it will log you in temporarily, so now you can click on the Notebook picture on the home page). Clicking on the Notebook will take you to the My Notebook page.
5. Now click on the Profile button, which will take you to the page where you type in a password (you need to type it in twice).
6. Use your email and this password to Log In from now on, and all should work.

DVDs as Video Downloads

When you buy a DVD as a video download version, all the video files for that DVD will be put into your Notebook. Access them by clicking on the My DVDs button. Download them in any combination you like.

The files are of two kinds: pink-button Chapter videos and purple-button Topic videos. This organization was necessary because the navigation aids on the actual DVD are not transferable to the video format.
Chapters are files that contain all the unseparated Topics of one chapter.
Topics are the same Chapter file broken down into separate topics (as found on the DVD).

iPad, iPhone, iTouch: Downloading Lucy PDFs and Videos for off-line viewing

Please download the PDFs to the computer you normally sync your iPad (iPhone, iTouch) with. As soon as you sync, they will be available on your iPad (iPhone, iTouch). Although pdf files can generally be downloaded onto the iDevice, and retrieving them from My Notebook to the iDevice works, this promptly breaks Safari: you will be unable to play your Lucy videos until Safari has been closed and restarted. Until we find the cause for this behaviour in Safari, downloads from My PDFs have been disabled for iDevices.

Apple does not permit you to download videos to the iPad, so please download them to the computer you normally sync your iPad (iPhone, iTouch) with. As soon as you sync, they will be available on your iPad (iPhone, iTouch).

Downloading videos to the iPad from non-Apple computers
Since Apple is so restrictive, you will not be able to download the videos from your non-Apple computer directly to your iPad, but there is a work-around that involves using DropBox:
1. Download the video to your computer.
2. Send the video to DropBox from your computer.
3. Using the DropBox app on your iPad, open the file, then hit the 'star' in the upper right hand corner to 'favorite' it. This causes Dropbox on the iPad to store it for offline viewing. (Thanks to Bonnie for this tip!)


1. I have a new email address. How do I switch my registration over?
Email your old and new address to to get your registration changed. You will still be able to use your old password and access your patterns and videos.

2. What do you do with the information I give you when I register? I don't want spam.
There will be no spam from us. Please refer to our Privacy Statement.

3. How do I search for a particular pattern?
Enter a name in the search form (use a full name or part of a name) and press 'Search'.

4. My pdf download didn't arrive! I paid for it, but where did it go?
When you buy a pdf from us, we send you back an email with a link for you to click to download your purchase. If you do not see this message from us, check whether your mailbox is full and check your spam folder. If you used your work email, the message may be blocked. In any case, just email us or phone us and we'll sort it out.

5. I left my computer for some time while I was logged in; when I came back and clicked Checkout I discovered I was no longer logged in!
It is advisable not to leave the computer idle while you are logged in (a security problem). For this reason, most companies that host websites have an automatic log-out after a certain amount of idle time. You will not notice that you have been logged out, as your login name will still be displaying on the web page. Do a page refresh to check if you are still logged in, or, if you have been away from your computer more than ten minutes or so, please do a log-out and a new log-in. That way, when you go to Checkout, you know you will be charged the correct shipping for parcels, and any PDFs you buy will be properly added to your Notebook.

6. I bought and downloaded a PDF pattern from you before I registered as a member. Can I somehow get my pattern into My PDFs in My Notebook?
Yes, we would be glad to put it in for you. Email our webmistress at

7. Why does your website look different on my friend's computer than on mine?
You and your friend are probably not using the same browser to look at the website. For instance, Internet Explorer and Firefox work just differently enough to make a site look different when viewed with the other browser. We reccommend Firefox or Safari; some Internet Explorer versions seem to cause display problems.