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"Cool Socks Warm Feet": customer comments

Cool Socks, Warm Feet - I love this book! Thank you for sharing your excellent techniques! I'm probably "late for the party" and you've had lots of kudos on the book, but I had to write. I'm not a sock knitter .... normally I don't find anything particularly extraordinary about knitting socks.... but..... I'm hooked! It's gotten so bad that in addition to knitting 4 pairs in a very short period of time, I've been making the "mini's" just so I can try your techniques and see the results quickly. Not only have you made a convert of a "non-sock knitter", I may even start wearing them! :o) BTW - I also knitted your "falling leaves scarf "and found the pattern to be clear, precise and fun to knit.
Sue J.

I have purchased your gem of a book, Cool Socks, Warm Feet and I am currently working on Timberline Toes. The Garter Stitch Short Row Heel is absolutely incredible. I hope to master it soon. Could there be a more perfect heel out there in knitting land?

I've only had Lucy's sock videos and her book CSWF so far, but WOW! Yes, the modified bind-off, the provisional cast-on, the tubular stuff, garter stitch short row heels and toes, the sock-toe chimney for grafting! But I think what I came away with most was her sense of Know Thy Knitting and Yarn. Taking the time to deeply comprehend your methods and materials pays huge dividends in a knitted life. From her, the most important thing I've learned is to have no fear.
Ro (USA)

I am totally enjoying Cool Socks, Warm Feet: Here I have found a book that I can trust, from the start of the pattern to the end. In the beginning, surrendering to instruction about something you don't know, is quite an art. I recently taught myself to knit socks from at least four different patterns, hopping from one to another whenever I did not understand things anymore, but with your Simply Splendid socks I could stick to ONE pattern the whole way through for the first time! I am wearing two different pairs of socks on my feet these days - one pair made from scratch on a summer holiday (when I just had to knit, after seeing another lady at the campsite knit socks) and one pair made from your book: I feel happy that I can demonstrate my quick progress to myself (and others..). Your way seems to be - for me - "don't mind your mistakes, learn from them".
Thank you! Emmy (Holland)