The Happy Adventure KNitters of Nelson!

Dear Knitters,

getting settled at the HUme Hotel
Hugs and farewells were the order of the day the morning our Adventure Knitters left the Hume Hotel. Scattering to all corners of North America (apart from me - I was headed back to the Queen Bee, patiently awaiting my return in Ellesmere Port, UK), we had enjoyed a wonderful week of knitting, exploring, adventuring and companionship.

beautiful Nelson, BC Our venue this year was the city of Nelson, British Columbia (population approximately 10,000). The Adventure Knitting trips are planned in collaboration with Judy Fawcett of Lloyds Travel. Judy and I brainstorm for locations that are on the road less travelled, yet accessible and interesting for adventurous crafters. Over the years this bi-annual adventure has taken us to Whitehorse (Yukon Territories), Saltspring Island (British Columbia), Churchill (Manitoba), and les Iles-de-la-Madeleine (Quebec), to name but a few places.
I love our adventure trips and Judy's attention to detail and thorough reconnaissance ensure that nothing that can be organized is left to chance!

Yarn Shopping This year's destination inspired many of our glampers, both repeat offenders and new recruits, to make epic driving expeditions to reach us from near and far. One came with family members in an RV, the others flew to Spokane, Washington. The breathtakingly rugged scenery makes for a varied and spectacular drive from there. Of course, many of the knitters made necessary yarn replenishment calls on the way!
I always admire the determination of our attendees to reach their goal. One was nursing a broken and pinned leg, and her recovery goal was to make it to camp: she did, in style!

dream bike Nelson has a reputation for being a little different and our experience didn't disappoint. If I had to sum the town up in one word, it would be 'happy'. Nelson's inhabitants are an eclectic mix of folks of all ages who march to their own music (in many cases, literally!). Live and let live is the rule. I saw more dreadlocks, abundant beards, tattoos, piercings and smiles here than anywhere else I've been. Check out the book Humans of Nelson if you would like a flavour of this tiny city. (Fun Fact: Nelson was the location for Steve Martin's Roxanne and is home to the inimitable Lana Knits hemp knitting store.)

Our time together lasted one week. We studied and knit, played golf, caught fish, ate many great ethnic meals together and explored the alleys, streets and surroundings of Nelson.

Selkirk Mittens, unfelted cuff Our knitting project and kit for this year was my new Selkirk Mittens (named after the spectacular mountain range in the area) This pattern includes lots of interesting techniques to share with our students. The felted mittens have two cuff options: the unfelted cuff offers good draft exclusion, while the gauntlet cuff is felted alongside the body of the mitt.
For the unfelted cuff option, the mitten is begun at the wrist, with an unusual thumb gusset and a reducing waste yarn opening.
Selkirk Mittens, felted cuff hard at work After the mitten is completed, it can either be felted or embellished before felting. We obtained a couple of washing up bowls for in-class felting. The drying of our new mittens was achieved with the liberal application of the hotel hairdryers. Once the mitten was dry, the cuff could be added with a tubular edge to cover the join and tubular bind-off just for fun!
Several pairs of mitts were completed!

adventuring Our knitting classes ran until lunchtime on most days, with our afternoons focusing on local explorations. The week began with a trip to one of the many hydro-electric generating plants on the Kootenay River. This river has been used for power generation for over 100 years and the river is dammed in at least 5 places for further power generation. The water works hard!

Steamboat Moyie Later in the week, we had a full-day field trip. We drove along the winding roads cut deep into the valleys, often alongside cascading mountain streams between the mountainous peaks to visit the now retired lake steamer Moyie. We also visited the local indie dyer at Riverstone Yarns (much requisite shopping was done) and called in at Sew Much More Yarn store in New Denver - a great boon to any local or passing needle-arts enthusiast.
a new look! We ate wonderful eclectic meals around town, whose restaurants (like the inhabitants) are many, various and charming.
Bespoke hat makers, Lillie and Cohoe, treated us to an enjoyable cheese and wine tasting at their studio. How fascinating to see the development of their designs, racks of pattern pieces and cutting methods. Naturally, we acquired ourselves a whole new look!
We had a significant cohort of NKCs (non-knitting companions) with us and they had their own activity program which included fishing, golfing and hiking.
Needless to say, an excellent time was had by all!

back to the canals Judy and I are busy hatching up plans for 2019; stay in touch via my Spun Yarn Newsletter to hear more!
I've now gotten back to the Queen Bee for the continuation of my and John's narrowboat adventures; I've been updating my blog as often as I can with updates of my journey.

Wishing you Happy Stitches as we head into the colder weather,


Selkirk Felted Mittens

Selkirk Felted Mittens by Lucy Neatby

A speedy and warm mitten incorporating a number of interesting techniques: a 'reducing' waste yarn opening for the thumb, an un-fulled cuff (for maximum draft exclusion) and a tubular bind-off!
If you prefer to felt your mittens all at once (rather than adding the cuff after felting), an option for a felted gauntlet cuff has been included.
These mittens are named for the spectacular Selkirk mountains that surround Nelson, British Columbia, the venue for my 2017 Adventure Knitting camp.
The mittens are customized for right and left hands at the felting stage.
This Workshop-In-A-Pattern includes Video Links, Charts and Written Instructions

Recommended Yarn:Aran weight Blue-Faced Leicester non-Superwash Wool
Size:Adult Small, Medium, Large
Skill Level:Intermediate
Price: $9.00

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Fearless Knitting - Empowering Techniques for Every Knitter
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Foundations of Double Knitting
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My First Socks
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Next Steps in Socks
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Lucky Dip Pattern Collection

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