Canadians on the water

Dear Knitters,

tough decisions Countdown to Adventure!
I felt as if I were preparing to be featured in Desert Island Discs (a fascinating, classic BBC radio program which has been running since 1942), as I chose a few favourite CDs, a couple of sustaining books, enough yarn - and other treats - to last me for three and a half months away.
Not that the UK is without wonderful things - but there is comfort in the familiar when all else is strange. Besides, the very act of choosing is rather fun.

flowers on the deck The last few weeks at home were a pleasant tide of preparation, helped along by a newly liberated-from-the-grind (a.k.a. retired!) husband. So far, retired life has been excellent: he cooks and is available to go sailing (I even feel less guilty about my island time).
How odd to be dressed for summer, yet busily preparing for mid-winter! I found it difficult to gird my loins to dispose of my fully blooming outdoor plant pots, but they really would be iced in and looking very sorry upon our return in December. On the eve of our departure, I insidiously snuck up on a post-rainstorm bedraggled basket of petunias, and composted them before they could make me feel guilty. Phew.
The snow tires are even on my car. What a weird feeling.

our first days on the water Messing About With Boats
We met up with our new home and the owner, Steve, just north of Oxford on Friday, and aim to be in Ellesmere Port by September 20th. There I will leave the boat for ten days and make my way to Heathrow to fly to British Columbia for the Adventure Knitting camp.
Our anticipated canal route will take us south for a quick loop through Oxford - cannot resist seeing the dreaming spires from the water. From there, we will get down to business and head north. We are thinking of heading for the Shropshire Union and Chester. Since this journey is estimated to be about 181 miles - 190 locks in 14 days - we should have some leeway to deviate!
For all those who wish to join me on my narrowboat adventure on the cut (the canal), you can find an excellent detailed map here.
This is another great site if you would like to plan your own fantasy trip!

Website, What Website?
About two weeks before my departure, was plunged into major web-site hell. Our previous web-hosts accidentally corrupted our database and then broke our website codebase, all during the migration steps to move us to a new machine. "Live Chat" was not responded to for days, with NO tech support forthcoming for two weeks after they had been notified of the problems.
In order to keep the business running and, as we had grown increasingly dissatisfied with this company, we had to make some quick decisions. In brief, we have now moved the website to a new hosting provider! Thank goodness we had backups of everything (take a bow, Corrie). So far, the new host has been responsive and very helpful. (They also cost four times as much, but this may be money very well spent, indeed, after the various messes the previous host subjected us to during the past two years.) What a relief! We have a VPS (virtual private server), giving us a lot more control, so things are looking good.

As a result of database corruption, we restored the website with the last known fully trusted backup of the site (July 17), but this has meant that we lost any records entered after that day.
If you registered for an account between July 17 and August 19th, and do not now appear to have one or, if any virtual products you purchased after July 17 have vanished from your Notebook, please register for an account anew to replace the lost one. For all our customers (new and old) we have been dealing with the missing products by adding them to your Notebook manually.
We apologize for the inconvenience all this has caused our members and visitors! Since the current site is still new, there may yet be some hiccups due to the rebuild, so please email us if you encounter any problem.

Chain Gang DK Hat New Products
I have completed several patterns recently, including the Selkirk Mittens (pattern available to you on October 1st) and the newly pre-released Chain-gang DK Hat. I am just awaiting a few more pictures (from Hillary) showing off a variety of these fun, warm hats. Happily, our Nova Scotia summer was far too hot to subject any of our wonderful models to wearing these just yet.
Selkirk Mittens--coming soon! Both of these patterns will include a full set of video links for the slightly specialized - or possibly puzzling - bits. Currently, I am leaning towards including all the video links with patterns as standard procedure (with a slight increase in the basic pattern price), rather than making the videos a separate product as an add-on Tutorial. It has been my experience that knitters were buying a pattern (which is fully explained), but then still writing me with questions about techniques, even when the video tutorial was available as an add-on product.
The advantage of the Pattern Plus Tutorial Workshop format is that you can access the videos on-line any time you wish, without having to hunt down the links. Your feedback on this subject is welcome!

Taproot Videos A New Venture
The fall sees the start of my DVDs and short-term streamable materials becoming available through Taproot Video. This instructor-driven cooperative based in Washington features material and classes from many top-notch instructors in niche areas of creativity. Larger companies are driven by numbers, so these specialist crafts very often do not make the cut. Some of the fascinating subjects covered currently include: Bow Loom, Tablet and Backstrap weaving, Viking Knitting, Temari Balls, Cotton Spinning, with more on the way! Take a peek: help support the independents and give something new a try!

my new office In some way, I am almost sorry that we have begun our long-awaited extended Narrowboating Adventure: it has been such fun savouring the anticipation of this trip and, now that we are finally on the canal, time will fly! I hope to stay in touch with you all through Social Media, but will only have limited internet access. Meanwhile, Stephanie will be here to take care of you, and Pluto and his servant will be in residence!

Wishing you Happy Stitches,


Chain-Gang DK Hat

Chain Gang DK Hat by Lucy Neatby

Keep the ears of the ones you love warm with another unique dk hat design!
The Chain Gang Hat is a Top-Down DK Creation which is adaptable to various yarn choices and can be knit to fit many head sizes, from newborn to adult!
This workshop-in-a-pattern features a full written pattern with photos, charts, diagrams and 6 video links!

As an exclusive for our Spun Yarn subscribers, I have here the video links included with the Chain-Gang Hat pattern:

Recommended Yarn:variable: from fingering to aran-weight!
Size:multi-size, from Baby to Adult
Skill Level:Advanced
Price: $9.00
Special Pre-Release Price$7.50

Craftsy Discount Links

Craftsy Specials We have created a fresh batch of 50% off Craftsy Discount Links for our knitting friends!
Fearless Knitting - Empowering Techniques for Every Knitter - has just topped the 10,000 student mark - I'm thrilled by the feedback on this class and many Australian Cousin knitters have messaged to wish me G'day!
Foundations of Double Knitting has also come close to reaching the 10,000 mark, it is wonderful to know that so many knitters are giving this a try.
My First Socks is actually my most popular class, with over 15,000 students and counting. I've been getting lots of great feedback for this course, as well, and love knowing that more and more knitters are taking the circular plunge and learning how to create their own handmade socks (my favourite to wear, as well!)
Lagging somewhat behind the others is my Next Steps in Socks class, not sure why! Perhaps the many that have completed My First Socks, are feeling so well schooled that they need no further encouragement, but there is lots of cool stuff in this one too.
These links are valid until December 2, 2017

September Sales

Venus Rising Cardigan Baby Venus Cardigan Remember to check the homepage at for our weekly half-priced pattern.
As we have missed a few specials due to our website issues, we are featuring two patterns this week:
With the first signs of colder weather, now is the perfect time to try your hand at knitting the Venus Rising and Baby Venus Cardigans!
Featuring the Navajo triple-ply technique, these two cardigans are knit sideways from one cuff to the other: when you get to the upper part of the first sleeve, the stitches for the body are added most ingeniously. No seams to sew.
If you want to learn some new techniques, you are in for a treat!

Check our Bundles page and find both patterns PLUS my Knitting Venus 1 and Knitting Venus 2 Video Downloads as a Spun Yarn Half-Price Special!
These discounts are in place until September 11, 2017.

Our Lucky Dip pattern collections are still Available

Lucky Dip Pattern Collection

Back in the days of paper-only patterns, we were fortunate to sell wonderful designs by Ilga Leja and Catherine Vardy in addition to Lucy patterns. Our new website, the transition to digital photos, and various other technicalities now prevent us from marketing these patterns.
We still have a few of these wonderful, but now-neglected, patterns available (including some of my own old style patterns). Rather than putting them into a landfill, we would like to offer a collection of them to you! For $10 Cdn (plus shipping and applicable taxes), you will receive a surprise package of 10 diverse patterns.
The range of designs is very wide! There are mittens (fulled and otherwise), tams, booties, shawls, scarves, socks, hats and sweaters--to name but a few. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.
You'll find this special pattern collection, and many more sale items, in the Clearance section of my website.

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