Pluto enjoys the lazy days of summer

Dear Knitters,

mapping our route I'm looking forward to my mini-sabbatical of knitting, narrowboating and adventure! Countdown to Adventure!
Time is ticking by with astonishing rapidity. Far from being a quiet summer here, we still have much to complete before we leave Canada at the end of August.
On September 1st we will meet our little narrowboat home, Queen Bee, just north of Oxford in the U.K.! She will be John's and my primary residence for several months, as we explore even more of the British waterways!
The first part of our trip is planned to take us south through Oxford (I can't miss this opportunity to see this beautiful city from the water), a little loop on the Thames and then back up the way we came, probably via Birmingham towards Liverpool.

Judy and I have planned an exciting adventure! Here I will temporarily leave the boat in order to head back to British Columbia for Adventure Knitting in Nelson. I will return to the Queen Bee ten days later to resume the journey, now on our way to buy a pork pie in Skipton (our stated aim).

planning ahead Not touching this again until we're on the boat! Planning Ahead
Going boating on the canals for several months requires proper knitting to accompany it. I'm working on the preliminary charts for my next dk blanket project (my intended canal knitting) and have just ordered the remaining yarn from Knitcircus Yarns in Minnesota. They have some delightfully vibrant gradient yarns. I will have to print some additional paper charts to take with me as the narrowboat does not boast a printer. Or a high-speed Internet connection.

In addition to the blanket, I've started to build a slim pile of additional projects to take along (space being at a premium on a boat only 6'10" exterior width). I have some stitching with wonderful flosses (acquired years ago in Minneapolis), a drop spindle and some beautiful fibre (bought in Nampa Idaho, whist visiting Puffy Mondaes). Textile tourism!

enjoying the view, Halifax Harbour Seaweed arrives on Big Tancook Island New Additions to the Family
There has been considerable maritime excitement around here with the addition of two new-to-us sailing boats to the family. It's hard to believe that it had been 39 years since I had regular access to a boat to sail, so I'm making the most of this. The smaller of the two, a Wayfarer dinghy we've named Seaweed, has now been successfully transported to Tancook and has already completed her first circumnavigation of the island.

Pluto knows the best place to dry off! first photos of the Selkirk Mitens Work In Progress
Lately I have been working on perfecting September's Adventure Knitting project, the felted Selkirk Mittens, but my unhampered knitting/stitching/filming time has been very limited by the presence of Pluto the cat, here on an extended visit. He is gorgeous, handsome and most affectionate but, unfortunately, appears to possess a built-in yarn detector directly wired to the hunter-killer instinct. Quilt batting drives him over the edge: he leaps on it like a kid onto cotton candy. Not a shoe-lace is safe. My main concern is not to let him consume any of these, lest his little gut suffer irreparable damage!
The Selkirk Mittens are a fun and quick knit, and are worked in stages. Under normal circumstances, one or two evenings would see a mitten knit, another to embroider, then felting and adding the cuff. This cozy and pretty pattern should be available to all in the late fall.

looking forward to exploring the canals Looking Forward
As I embark on this new voyage, I feel as Christopher Columbus surely would have: about to sail off the edge of the known world!

Wishing you Happy Stitches,


Serendipity DK Slippers

Serendipity DK Slippers by Lucy Neatby

The Serendipity DK Slippers are a big hit with double knitters!

A multi-size, double thickness, felted slipper. The interconnected two-layer fabric is made with a basic two colour, negative/positive technique. The slipper is begun with flat, double-layer knitting and finished while doubleknitting in the round.
This product is a pattern workshop, and includes detailed instructions for these lovely slippers as well as free access to the ten supporting videos you might need to make them. You will find that making these slippers is a double-knitting course in itself!

Recommended Yarn:any feltable worsted weight yarn: I chose Malabrigo Merino Worsted for my slippers
Size:multi-size, from Baby to Adult
Skill Level:Advanced
Price: $12.00

August Sales

Fiesta Vest Remember to check the homepage at for our weekly half-priced pattern. This week, we are featuring the Fiesta Vest!
This butter-soft vest features the Flying Swallows Stitch, which will show off all of the wonderful colours in a hand-painted yarn. The vest is worked in the round with steeks for front and armholes. Unconventional techniques offer a sophisticated finish for the expert knitter.
This pattern also includes the full directions for the Magic Buttonhole: a straightforward sewn buttonhole for a double layer Stocking stitch band, which is neat, perfect on both sides and resembles the work of a bespoke tailor.

The Fiesta Vest pattern is half-price ($6.00 CAD) until August 9!

Our Lucky Dip pattern collections are still Available

Lucky Dip Pattern Collection

Back in the days of paper-only patterns, we were fortunate to sell wonderful designs by Ilga Leja and Catherine Vardy in addition to Lucy patterns. Our new website, the transition to digital photos, and various other technicalities now prevent us from marketing these patterns.
We still have a few of these wonderful, but now-neglected, patterns available (including some of my own old style patterns). Rather than putting them into a landfill, we would like to offer a collection of them to you! For $10 Cdn (plus shipping and applicable taxes), you will receive a surprise package of 10 diverse patterns. When you order two packages, we'll be sure not to send any duplicates.
The range of designs is very wide! There are mittens (fulled and otherwise), tams, booties, shawls, scarves, socks, hats and sweaters--to name but a few. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.
You'll find this special pattern collection, and many more sale items, in the Clearance section of my website.

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