Winter Explorations in Quebec

Dear Knitters,

An Impromptu Holiday
I wrote the first draft of this Newsletter whilst on yet another ferry, one on which I had not previously sailed!

I had been dashing around since September, hardly managing more than a day or two at home with my DH, and we were hoping to take a few days away from work together. The original plan was for a last minute ski trip to New Hampshire, but we were advised by friends that the snow was fading fast. The forecast for New England confirmed this. We reluctantly scrapped that idea.

A similar view in September 2013 John then decided to check on last minute flights to Bermuda (his favourite island), but found there to be none affordable. Another idea scrapped.
Time was running out. I threw the idea of going to the Îles-de-la-Madeleine into the mix. After our fascinating Adventure Knitting trip to the Îles-de-la-Madeleine in 2013, I had been wanting to return to these islands and explore them further. However, they seemed so far away and expensive to reach.
Our Adventure Knitting trip had begun in Montreal, followed by a 2.5 day cruise on the ferry C.T.M.A. Vacancier before reaching the islands. A long journey for a few days' break with my husband!

View from the deck of the CTMA Souris Fortunately, there is another, less costly way to get to the islands from the Maritimes: a ferry with a 5-hour crossing which leaves from Prince Edward Island. In fact, from Halifax, it is only a 4.5 hour drive to the ferry followed by an afternoon on the C.T.M.A. Souris.
We needed to find a cottage to rent. At first, the plan still felt a bit far fetched.
Essentially, the island is closed until mid-May. All of the houses we found on-line were not yet open for the season. At the eleventh hour, our diligent searching paid off: we managed to reach a lovely home owner who had a cottage ready and available at 24hrs notice! We were delighted. We packed our things and were off!

Walking on the beach We had a wonderful time.
The islands, had they a hill of any size, would have been perfect for skiing with their big drifts of snow, the still-frozen lagoons and the ice yacht fleet still on the beach! We were lucky with the weather: not extremely windy (breezy is a given), no rain beyond showers and no solid precipitation. As a lucky bonus, the local bakery was open, offering delicious treats. We toured widely and walked on the beaches. We watched the enormous fishing fleet begin to emerge from its winter hibernation, getting ready to launch their boats and soaking their lobster traps. I carried my trusty bag of Malabrigo yarn with me -- I thought I was over my slipper phase, but it appears not to be the case.

Serendipity Double Knit Slippers
Serendipity DK Slippers Just prior to our departure, and with the invaluable aid of a speedy test knitting friend, I decided to release the pattern for my new Serendipity DK Slippers . This is a pre-launch, as the pattern is still awaiting the 'official' pictures to be taken by Hillary on Big Tancook Island, so we are offering a limited time price discount! The virtual pattern will be updated as soon at the final version is available.
As I was knitting the slippers, I found myself debating how to market the pattern. The slippers are cute, but they are double-knit. The pattern includes decreases, optional short-rows, colour patterning, a heel turn and knitting up two layers of stitches. I don't want to lure anyone into something that they cannot manage.
I asked myself: should I sell this as a $7 pattern, with an accompanying $10 set of tutorial videos? This is an option that we have used with a number of my patterns over the last couple of years. But will the folks who would benefit most from the extra support of the videos actually buy them?
Serendipity DK Slippers Alternately, I could add the 10 video links to the pattern regardless and price it higher. My hope was that this "everything-included" version would provide my knitters with all of the tools, thereby preventing them from becoming frustrated utilizing so many dk techniques while working on one project.
After some deliberation, I decided to go with Plan B and am now selling the Serendipity DK Slippers pattern as an all-in-one workshop item. Suffice it to say that the pre-release of the pattern has been met with great enthusiasm! It was made available a week ago and I am already receiving lots of positive feedback about my decision.

Knitting Travels in 2017
Workshops in 2017 With only two more American visits, I am quickly nearing the end of my US teaching travels. I will be in Minnesota (Minnesota Knitters Guild) later this month. With a couple of Canadian visits thrown into the mix--Ontario (Little Red Mitten) and Saskatchewan (Saskatchewan Stitches Conference), my last American date before my final US visa expires is at the Houston Fiber Fest. My final scheduled workshop event for 2017 is the semi-annual Adventure Knitting Camp, expertly organized, as always, by my good friend, Judy Fawcett. Adventure Knitting will be held from September 24th to the 29th in Nelson, British Columbia. This is a breathtakingly beautiful area in the interior of a magnificent province.
Please check my Workshops Page to see when I'll be knitting near you!

Happy Stitches to you all!


Serendipity DK Slippers

Serendipity DK Slippers by Lucy Neatby

The Serendipity DK Slipper pattern contains 5 sizes, from toddler to large adult. Each size is charted individually, and I have included a set of blank charts for design-your-own options. 10 video links cover the following topics:
  • Bi-coloured cast on
  • Alternative-rotation purl and how to work into the resulting stitches flat and round
  • Short rows in DK
  • Setting up the heel flap
  • Paired decreases for regularly mounted stitches
  • Paired decreases for unconventionally mounted stitches
  • Knitting up stitches along the heel flap
  • Full decrease Row 1
  • Joining into the round
  • DK Toe finishing techniques
The pattern runs to 18 pages so, when printing the pattern, choose only the charts you need in order to save ink and paper!

Recommended Yarn: I used Malabrigo Worsted, but any feltable worsted-weight yarn will do
Size: 5 sizes, from Toddler to Large Adult
Skill Level: Advanced
Price: $12.00
Special PreRelease Price: $9.00

April Specials

Whirlygig Bag Remember to check the homepage at for our weekly half-priced pattern. This week, we are featuring the Whirlygig Bag pattern!
A multi-size, any-yarn-will-do geometric delight, this bag consists of swirling squares all knitted together with the integral strap. This may be worked in a modular fashion, as negative/positive, or with two matching large square sides.
The strap has an option for decorative openings for a lovely visual treat. The icing on the cake: no assembly required.

Our Lucky Dip pattern collections are still Available

Lucky Dip Pattern Collection

Back in the days of paper-only patterns, we were fortunate to sell wonderful designs by Ilga Leja and Catherine Vardy in addition to Lucy patterns. Our new website, the transition to digital photos, and various other technicalities now prevent us from marketing these patterns.
We still have a few of these wonderful, but now-neglected, patterns available (including some of my own old style patterns). Rather than putting them into a landfill, we would like to offer a collection of them to you! For $10 Cdn (plus shipping and applicable taxes), you will receive a surprise package of 10 diverse patterns. When you order two packages, we'll be sure not to send any duplicates.
The range of designs is very wide! There are mittens (fulled and otherwise), tams, booties, shawls, scarves, socks, hats and sweaters--to name but a few. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.
You'll find this special pattern collection in the Clearance section of my website.

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