An array of colourful dk blankets adorn the front porch of my Tancook home, knit by my good friend Arden and me.

Dear Knitters,

An End to A Beautiful Summer

A view worth getting up for! Sunrise at Little Caffle, Big Tancook Island, looking towards Ironbound. Greetings from a hot, dry Nova Scotia. It's been an amazing summer, and I've been home to enjoy every moment. The only drawback to the heatwave was having to cancel our backcountry camping trip, as all of the tinder-dry woods in mainland Nova Scotia had been closed to any activity. The rivers are mostly gravel beds. On the up-side, I have swum in the sea on the Atlantic coast - possibly for the first time ever. I'm hoping the drought will break well before my knitting camp on Tancook Island, leaving us with more beautiful weather in time for our special week!

I've been spending time on Big Tancook Island, fooling around with both paints and fabric. Hillary and I are also working on the last-minute details of my forthcoming Knitting On the Wild Side sock camp. The adventure begins on September 10th!
As soon as Knitting on the Wild Side Camp is over, I'll begin my winter teaching travels. These are going to be taking me west a lot! To see if I'll be teaching and knitting near you, please see my Workshops Page. Spaces are limited!

My exterior paintwork-in-progress I was inspired to decorate my otherwise unassuming vehicle! My island projects this summer have not been overly ambitious. I found myself inspired by local artist Shelagh Duffett, and have been playing with acrylic paints, both on the back door and around the exterior basement walls. These had been newly repointed and painted in a delicious shade of purple and were crying out for some flowers that the deer would not consume. This is a highly enjoyable, multi-year work in progress.

Back to the Canals
what a view! As promised, I have a few more anecdotes from this year's canal trip: we'll pick up from the Peak Forest Canal:

Having survived the rigours of transiting Manchester, we were ready once again for more bucolic scenery. The Peak Forest canal is a little offshoot, built to access the limestone quarries of the Peak district. This involved quite a number of locks to lift the boat from almost sea level to the dizzying heights 520' higher. It is distinctly odd to be cruising on a boat and looking down at rolling hills and farmland!

we made it through a rainy adventure! Not the best timing for a downpour Locks are very entertaining, mostly in dry and sunny weather. Having just picked up groceries and essential liquid supplies in Romiley, we had the choice of either mooring up for the night or embarking on a group of 16 locks known as the Marple Flight. As the showers had apparently passed over, we decided to push on up. We completed the first lock and were committed to the remainder... when the rains began in earnest. By the fourth lock, the downpour was torrential. Owing to the great weight of water pressing on the paddles, these locks were very hard work, requiring my entire bodyweight to turn the windlass. This kept me quite warm despite the deluge. All but the first lock were set against us (they were full of water, and each had to be drained down before we could enter), and there were no boats coming down. This made for somewhat slow going. However, as we were in England, by the time we reached the last couple of locks, the sparkling sun was out and the ground was steaming. Soon we were into the beautiful village of Marple. Here I resolved to purchase a longer windlass for more leverage!

Boating in better weather We decided to take a little side trip to Bugsworth Basin. This series of canals and docks was the old-time equivalent of today's major marine container terminals. The canal ends in a series of fingerlike basins built to accommodate many narrowboats being loaded with limestone at a time.
As we chugged gently into the basin, we found ourselves spoilt for choice as to which arm to take and gently nudged into some bushes in our moment of deliberation.
As we reversed out of the foliage, I remembered, to my horror, that this had been 'wash day' and the front doors of the boat had been festooned with our 'smalls'. Oops!! No longer!! As we pulled away, the shrubs were newly decorated with my underwear. Not merely littering, but making a statement? After a little fancy manoeuvering and some truly deft boathook work, we were underway, with no evidence of the 'undies" shown.

Colourful inspiration It seems like an age since we were on the canals and I can hardly wait to get back. I've begun my search for a boat that we can rent for a long trip next autumn. Life-changing events will hopefully be happening then and I'm planning to take a chunk of time off once my US visa expires. I hope to seize this unscheduled time to take a long trip. As they say, life is short; do it now (or at least soon).

Cybercrone Chronicles
Do take a look at our popular new blog series penned by Corrie about the formation and history of Tradewinds. It's amazing to realize the technical evolution that has taken place over the last 20 + years! Her series will be taking us all the way to the present-day and Corrie's current passion for looking after your internet security. This is an area of study which has grown out of her time at Dalhousie University and building our website. She wishes to share her expertise with all of us.

But now I must dash, the island is calling -- it feels like a long time since I was there last!

Wishing you all Happy Stitches!


Mardi Gras DK Blanket

Mardi Gras DK Blanket by Lucy Neatby

The Mardi Gras DK Blanket pattern and 13-part Video Tutorial are now available!
This spectacularly beautiful double-layer blanket will hold your interest. The linear nature of the motifs makes the pattern easy to follow.
Any portion of this motif may be used on projects of all sizes, from coaster to blanket. Small ones are great fun, but a blanket is lovely to knit on; a dependable companion to work on whenever you need it. An heirloom size project will become a family treasure.

All previous Club members will find their completed pattern and tutorials under the "Patterns" and "Tutorials" tabs in their Notebook on our website.

Mardi Gras Pattern Price: $9.00
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Craftsy's BIG September Sale

The 2nd biggest Craftsy sale of the year is upon us!
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September Specials

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Our Lucky Dip pattern collections are still Available

Lucky Dip Pattern Collection

Back in the days of paper-only patterns, we were fortunate to sell wonderful designs by Ilga Leja and Catherine Vardy in addition to Lucy patterns. Our new website, the transition to digital photos, and various other technicalities now prevent us from marketing these patterns.
We still have a few of these wonderful, but now-neglected, patterns available (including some of my own old style patterns). Rather than putting them into a landfill, we would like to offer a collection of them to you! For $10 Cdn (plus shipping and applicable taxes), you will receive a surprise package of 10 diverse patterns. When you order two packages, we'll be sure not to send any duplicates.
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