Buy my Fiesta Bags pattern and help the Red Cross!

Dear Knitters,

multi-size options Fiesta Bag Fundraising Success!
Wow! What a fabulous response we've gotten during out first three days of our special fundraiser!
On Sunday, I released my Fiesta Bags pattern. Despite it not being completely ready (I still needed to add Hillary's photos and fix some of the formatting), I decided that, for the month of May, I would donate the proceeds of the pattern sales as a fundraiser for the many families affected by the wildfires in and around Fort McMurray.
I announced my plan in my Newsletter, on Facebook and Twitter and the emails started coming!! To date, we have sold more than 150 of the $7 Fiesta Bags patterns, with the full sale price(excluding any tax) of the proceeds (over $1050CAD) going to the Canadian Red Cross.
Please feel free to donate any personal amount to the Red Cross. Every dollar helps!
Our European customers can not order directly from our website (VAT compliance). If you would like to purchase the Fiesta Bag and help with the fundraising efforts, simply make your donation directly to the Red Cross. Create your Notebook at and let us know, we'll be happy to add the Fiesta Bags pattern as a thank you!

I can not tell you how thrilled and grateful to all of you helping with this effort I am. Knitters really do know how to come together and make wonderful things happen. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Fiesta Bags Pattern Update:
Hillary graciously sped up the photo editing process and sent me some wonderful pictures. The formatting is almost done and the pattern is now about 98% complete! Your purchased pattern will be updated with every new version of the .pdf we add to the website.

Next Steps in Socks Next Steps in Socks Next Steps in Socks
On another exciting note, my new Craftsy class, Next Steps in Socks, went live on Monday and the winner of our Give Away was announced. How wonderful that one of our LucyNeatby regulars was chosen at random! Charlene is a committed and talented knitter who always has several projects on the go. I'm looking forward to seeing the creations she is inspired to make after watching the class. Congratulations, Charlene!!
We have added the 50% off link for the new class to the Newsbox. Here it is for you, as well.

Essential Support Crew, Tancook Island Sunny Tancook Island
And now I'm off to enjoy the sunshine and continue planning with my KnitCamp support crew on Big Tancook Island. They are already organizing homes, outings, food and fun for our wonderful Knitting On the Wild Side Camp in September. The knitters, Doogie and I can't wait!

Happy Fiesta Stitches!


Fiesta Bag Fiesta Bag
You'll find 
many uses for your Fiesta Bag!

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