Join us as we go Knitting On the Wild Side for a third time in September!

Dear Knitters,

packing the essentials Lately, I have been dividing my time amongst three "homes". I regularly inhabit two of these and have most everything I need when there. The third has been my home on an on-call basis and when I suddenly relocate there for an extended period, I take my "must-have" toys to keep me happy. I have been observed driving my Mini down the shore road loaded with an Ott floor lamp, snow shoes, cross-country skis, winter coats and boots, books, sewing machine, fabric, knitting needles, more yarn than one would imagine necessary for an entire year, computers and work gear (no room for a passenger). Yeah, I travel heavy!

Mardi Gras Travel Knitting
Through it all, my Mardi Gras blanket has been my constant companion. It is wonderful to have a project of this size: I always have something delightful to knit on. I would liken the effect it has on me to the comfortable feeling you have when you are locked in an absorbing book--there is always another chapter awaiting. Sadly, when finishing a large project like this one, there is a similar feeling of emptiness and abandonment as when coming to the end of a really good book: once the last stitch is bound off, I feel a sudden and unsettling vacuum!

Mardi Gras The Mardi Gras pattern is quite logical, and there are not too many rounds where you have to remain glued to the pattern: in between the exciting bits, a zen-like state is possible.
For any of you harbouring thoughts of joining the light-and-dark side (of double-layer knitting, of course), the Mardi Gras Pattern-In-Progress Club is still open. Join us as our blankets grow! Once the pattern is complete, Club Members will be rewarded with the Mardi Gras tutorial videos as well as the final pattern--all for the price of the pattern alone!
I am currently knitting Rnd 213 and contemplating the border; my hope is to finish this blanket with a flourish!

Travel Quilting...
Traveling as a quilter is somewhat more difficult. If not committed to a project, what fabric to bring? A dilemma with horns! The last time, I decided to grab a couple of cardboard boxes containing scraps (and heaven-knows-what-else) which became my sandbox(es). I believe that having too many options makes starting something far more difficult: You are "spoilt for choice"(same applies to yarn). It is much easier to come up with a design when the supply of ingredients is limited to a humane number!

Knitting On the Wild Side I started digging in the boxes, and imagine the treasures I found! Not just scraps, but memories of past projects and many already-pieced offcuts. My brief experiments with foundation paper piecing from Carol Doak's excellent Paper Pieced Stars Craftsy class resurfaced as disconnected and unfinished squares. These squares, along with the addition of some other fabrics found lurking in the box, are now assembled as a future cushion front.
Knitting On the Wild Side Knitting On the Wild Side I also rediscovered a dramatic, but orphaned, Dresden plate (19" in diameter). It was while working on this project that I clued in to the obvious: one requires an awful lot of 10 degree wedges to create a circle--36 in fact!
Even if they are individually small, when the wedges are added together, the end product is of a substantial size. This orphan has now metamorphosed into almost an entire cushion cover, having been appliquéd onto a background fabric. I was even left with some room for a bit of creative corner free-motion stitching, what fun!
My discovery of the month: There is a great deal of satisfaction in salvaging work already done but stalled! I still have oceans of scraps that will stimulate my creativity another day.

Knitting On the Wild Side Tancook September 2016
My Knitting on the Wild Side camp is very nearly full, but we do have one or two more spaces open: if you have ever wished to be cast-away to cast-on in peace, this is just about as close to paradise as you can get. Please do not wait until my "next camp"; life is short, and "next" cannot necessarily be counted on.
This year's focus will be on a topic which is both simple and complex: socks. I will be teaching a multi-level class, with the only prerequisite being that you have knit at least one sock before camp (it is assumed that you already know how to laugh ;).

I trust this will find you eagerly anticipating improved weather and the promise of spring in the northern hemisphere. For our "Australian Cousins", I wish a lovely winter season of hunkering down with a good knit or two.

Wishing you all good health, Happy Stitches and the weather of your choosing!


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