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Dear Knitters,

Greetings from wintry Nova Scotia!

Snow, beautiful snow! The snow has been flying and we are now in deepest knitting season. However, I have a couple of exciting announcements to help turn your mind to the summer (which is bound to arrive eventually).

Keeping the homefires burning I have been away from home this month on family duties: helping with housekeeping, and literally keeping the home-fires burning. Thus the rate of progress on my Mardi Gras blanket (which I had hoped would be one round a day) has slowed considerably, but the pattern itself is coming together nicely.

Mardi Gras Blanket Side A Mardi Gras Blanket Side B Speaking of my newest design, the Pattern-In-Progress Club for the Mardi Gras Blanket is now OPEN!
What is a PIP? Here is a way for you to join me as I design my blanket! You will be sharing in the development of a pattern and knitting along as it evolves over time. The pattern and accompanying Tutorial will have frequent updates. At the end of this adventure, you will have the final version of the complete pattern for the Mardi Gras Blanket in your Notebook, plus a complimentary copy of the Mardi Gras Tutorial videos for the final price of the pattern only! Susan is hosting a Mardi Gras Knit-Along in my DK Club Group on Ravelry while the PIP Club is open, and I would love for you to join! Membership to the DK Technique Club isn't mandatory for those participating in the Knit-Along, but some of the techniques covered in it will certainly come in handy!

my Craftsy Sock Knit-Along is a big hit! my Craftsy Sock Knit-Along is a big hit! My free Craftsy Sock Knit Along is a big hit, with lots of new members and many beautiful socks being made! We have revealed the second sock pattern in the club and would love for you to join the fun! I have had such a great time working with the unique Craftsy platform and am looking forward to sharing more classes with you in the future.

my 2016 Workshops My Upcoming Workshops
I have started to organize my travel schedule for 2016 and have several confirmed workshops lined up for this spring. Please do have a look to see when I'm in your area, I'd love to knit with you there!

Big Tancook 2016 is the year for another edition of my Knitting On the Wild Side Camp! This bi-annual event will be held on Big Tancook Island off the Atlantic coast of Nova Scotia from September 10 - 16. This is a very special and unusual camp, loved by knitters and the local Tancook residents alike. I've chosen this year's topic to be sock knitting. Spaces are limited to a maximum of 12 - 14 attendees and registrations will open on March 29, starting at 1300 hrs Atlantic Daylight Time.

Guppy Quilt Violet the Whale I am thrilled to have augmented our camp schedule with a second, separate camp for quilters: Quilting on the Wild Side. This camp, hosted by the delightful and brilliant quilt artist Susan Carlson, will be held from September 17 - 23, 2016. Susan Carlson's quilting style, by the way, was the inspiration behind my Guppy and Violet the Whale quilts. The brochure for quilt camp will soon be ready, and we will be happy to take your name and send you more information as soon as it is available. For full information on either camp please email us at

the perfect hat! The Happy Hat
You may have read about my last minute Christmas knitting of Julia Watt's Viking Helm. Well, this hat has been a hit. Hopefully, a life saver. Cherrie has been undergoing chemo treatments and needs cozy soft headgear (I lined hers with my Cat's Pajamas yarn), but this hat has been so much more: just the donning of the hat, with its assertive horns and long black braids, makes her happy! I've been out and about with her to appointments, and everyone she meets smiles and makes delightful comments: "There be Vikings!", "Ah, you're the lady with 'the hat'". The hat has changed the way the world interacts with her. However, I will admit to being concerned that she might cause a vehicular accident, as oncoming drivers do have a tendency to stare (before grinning from ear to ear)!

Happy Stitches,


Knitting for A Cause

We have a new Community Care Bundle!

Please don't forget our Community Bundles! We have added a new one. These are collections of three regular small patterns available to you at a nominal price ($1 CAD). They are suitable for knitting for any social outreach program that you may be supporting. I often feel badly that I am unable spare more time for social projects, and this is my way of giving back. All we ask is that you share photos and stories of your donations and projects.

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Knitting Gems 3

This month's DVD+Download Special!
Knitting Gems 3 is our February DVD+Download Special. This month only, buy the DVD for only $19.99 (plus shipping and tax where applicable), and receive the Video Download version free in your Notebook at!
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