I am about to reveal my newest Craftsy class!

Dear Knitters,

Happy Holidays! Happy Holidays!
December has snuck upon us quite suddenly and some of you are already celebrating the season with gusto!
We've created a seasonal mini-Online Sale featuring our special Bundles which will last until December 24th.

I'm anxious to announce my new Craftsy KnitAlong! A Craftsy Announcement for the New Year!
I had a thoroughly exciting time filming in the Craftsy studios this past October and am finally ALMOST ready to reveal the contents of the resulting class.
I am hosting a new free knitalong presented by Craftsy.com!
The seven classes I will be teaching cover the various techniques used to knit the three projects I designed specifically for the KnitAlong. It will run for several months, and the patterns and lessons will be released over the course of the club.
The people at Craftsy have generously offered one free kit to a lucky recipient which includes the same beautiful yarn I used to knit the 3 projects! Simply click on this Giveaway Link and you will automatically be entered to win when you login or register at Craftsy.com. The prize draw will be on December 23, 2015 and the lucky winner should have his/her yarn in time for the class launch on January 1, 2016.
More details of the Club will be revealed through the month of December.

This irresistible yarn was just begging to be knit! Mardi Gras: I love the name for this festive colourful project! Mardi Gras!
As I prepare for another Nova Scotian winter, armed with my caulking gun (must reduce the drafts in my cottage), I've embarked on an exciting new DK blanket project! This is the perfect time to start a DK blanket, the ideal project to keep you warm as you knit. We have three centre-out DK blanket patterns available: the Sunburst, Zinnia and Blossom all have options for place mats and chair pads if you don't wish to go the whole way.
Update: The new blanket has been named Mardi Gras, and a Pattern-In-Progress Club will be opening for the pattern soon!

Renovations are underway Island News
I have been remiss in keeping you up to date on Island news of late. Everything on Tancook takes planning and time.
A year or more ago, I commissioned my wonderfully creative neighbour Paul to carve a large whale, to be to hung on my shed to coordinate with my whale weathervane. A single plank of wood was specially milled for the job and Paul made Violet (the Larger) whilst at his winter home in Massachusetts. The plan was to bring the 11'6" Leviathan to Canada underneath his car on a trailer when he returned to the island for the summer. However, the plans of Tancook mice, men and whales are all subject to the whims of the ferry service. Our regular ferry was off for refit and the relief ferry was unable to transport vehicles. Paul and his wife decided not to bring the car up for the summer. Violet was stranded south of the border.
A friendly new housemate! Eventually, a plan was hatched to transport her by truck later in the summer. This was achieved by means of lowering the back of cab window and cunningly suspending the whale above the driver's head(I wish I'd seen this)! Violet (the Larger) finally made it home!
In the meantime, however, I'd decided to have some serious work done on the shed. Until that work is completed and she can grace the front wall, Violet needed a place to stay... which would explain why I currently have an 11'6" sperm whale ornamenting my staircase. I hope you like her as much as I do!

scenes from Tancook scenes from Tancook The Island school is facing an uncertain future and we are still actively seeking children for Grades Primary to 5. I'm hoping some of my readers may know any young families who would like to move to this wonderful haven. Hillary shared a beautiful album of the island not so long ago, please do have a look!

Antarctica anyone?
Penguins! You have probably deduced by now how much I love ships... double knitting... beautiful yarn... adventures with entertaining and like-minded companions? How much better can things get than when all four of these are rolled into the form of one Antarctic Cruise?
Although I have been around the world by sea several times I've never ventured far down the coast of South America. January 2017 will see me heading off to Buenos Aires to join the MS Zaandam for a 3 week cruise around Cape Horn! The ports of call are place names that give me goosebumps for their past clipper ship associations.
Add to this the fact that I have been asked to teach in-depth introductory level double knitting classes (and some more advanced classes that I rarely have the opportunity to offer). What double knitting needs to take root and possibly possess you, is time. Time to think and practice, and here we have it, complete with breathtaking scenery and impressive knitting prizes from Malabrigo Yarns, Holland America and Craft Cruises. This is the ideal trip for me!
For more information and to book your cabin please contact Craft Cruises.

Community Care Bundle: IQ Hat Community Care Bundle: Simply Splendid Socks Who are You Knitting For?
We've created a new Bundle featuring some of my favourite quick-to-knit patterns! Crafters are known for their generous spirits and so many enjoy knitting for special causes or people in need. From prayer shawls to chemo caps to blankets and toys for babies, knitters always find a way to show their compassion.
Needs are great this year, and many groups have formed to create warm clothing for refugees who are making their way to us during this cold season. With my knitting friends in mind, I've created the Community Care Bundle. For $1.00 (to cover Paypal and processing fees), you will receive my Simply Splendid Socks, IQ Hat and Promenade Scarf pdf patterns.
Our only request is that you share a photo of your finished project in our Neatby Knitters Group on Ravelry. Let's see how many socks, scarves and hats our wonderful group of knitters can make!

Horned Viking Hat (with Braids) Horned Viking Hat (with Braids) New at LucyNeatby.com
We have a fun new pattern for you, from a marvelously creative friend, Julia Watt. She has devoted herself to designing (engineering might be a better description) a Viking helm. Yes, this is one of those beloved historical horned helmets. The hat itself is lovely (even sans-horns) and achievable with basic knitting skills. But for the more adventurous, Julia has spent much time designing several different horn styles(including spiralling rams' horns!).
Which style will you choose? I would very much like to knit this pattern myself, to enjoy all of its nuances!
For help starting this hat, you can take a look at my newest free YouTube video: Easy Middle-Out Cast-On for 4 - 8 Stitches.

Wishing you most enjoyable cool-weather knitting,

Happy Stitches,


Product News

Community Care Bundle

Community Care Bundle by Lucy Neatby

We've created this special Bundle for those knitters with some extra yarn in their stash and a need to "give back"! These three straightforward patterns are infinitely suitable. Whether you're considering a homeless shelter, a care facility or a family in need, donating one or more projects made from these patterns will be perfect! Our only request from you is a photo of your finished project on our Ravelry Neatby Knitters Group. Let's see how many socks, scarves and hats we can make!

Price: $1.00
Horned Viking Helm

Horned Viking Helm (with Braids) by Julia Watt

This fun new pattern was designed by a marvelously creative friend, Julia Watt. The Viking Hat itself is lovely (even sans-horns or braids) and achievable with basic knitting skills. Several options for horn styles(including spiralling rams' horns) are included.

Yarn: Worsted weight yarn:to show the pattern to best advantage use a smooth, tightly spun yarn with good stitch definition
Size:Small, Medium, Large
Skill Level: Intermediate
Price: $9.00

DVD of the Month: December

Knitting Gems 1

Knitting Gems 1 DVD and Download Special

In August, we introduced a new monthly promotion on our "Learn with Lucy" DVDs. So far, we have featured Knitting Essentials 1 and Knitting Essentials 2.
This month, Lucy's Knitting Gems 1 DVD is on sale for the reduced price of $19.99 and includes the Video Download version free in your Notebook! Happy Stitches!

December Sale at LucyNeatby.com!

Holiday Sale This year's Holiday Sale will run until December 24th! We have reopened our special Holiday Bundles, which are only available during this sale. They include:
Knitting Essentials Holiday Bundle: The Brand New Knitter, Knitting Essentials 1 and 2 Video Downloads PLUS a bonus pdf pattern
Socks Holiday Bundle: Sock Techniques 1 and 2 Video Downloads PLUS a bonus pdf pattern
Gems 1 and 2 Holiday Bundle: Knitting Gems 1 and 2 Video Downloads PLUS a bonus pdf pattern
Gems 3 and 4 Holiday Bundle: Knitting Gems 3 and 4 Video Downloads PLUS a bonus pdf pattern
Double Knitting Delight Holiday Bundle: Double Knitting Delight Video Download plus TWO bonus dk pdf patterns
Intarsia Holiday Bundle: Intarsia Untangled 1 and 2 Video Downloads PLUS a bonus pdf pattern
Finesse Holiday Bundle: Finesse Your Knitting 1 and 2 Video Downloads Plus a bonus pdf pattern
eBooks Holiday Bundle: Cool Socks Warm Feet, Cool Knitters Finish in Style and A little Book of BIG Holes for Hand-Knitters (all in eBook format)

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