7133-Blossom DK Blanket

Dear Knitters,

My summer isn't complete without a camping trip to Keji! Summer Highlights
What a fun (albeit short) summer we had! September in Nova Scotia was lovely as always: I felt lucky to spend the whole month in my home province this year. John and I even managed to squeeze in some end-of-season camping!
I'm horrified to find that I was still mentioning snow in my last newsletter and yet here I am, once again contemplating winter tires.

Exploring the Waterways The scenery was fabulous! Our Family Holiday Away...
The highlight of our summer was the family trip we took to the UK, once again hitting up the Canal System. I am seriously hooked on Narrowboating.
Some of my favourite parts of our trip included meeting up with friends that we hadn't seen in decades and the revolving series of relatives who joined us for short stretches along the way. The scenery was stunning and contrast between the urban areas and the countryside just added to the experience.

UK Heatwave I was well-prepared for any inclement weather! My sister had warned me of the cold UK weather shortly before leaving, so I raided my ski gear for long-johns, mittens and a DK hat. As Murphy's Law would have it, within days of getting on the boat, the UK experienced its hottest day in 160 years! Although it was forecast to last two weeks, we only suffered for 3 days. Later, I did have the opportunity to wear everything I had brought. I even discovered an as-yet undiscovered attribute to double knitting: it takes a lot longer for rain to soak through the layers and, being wool, it stays warm!

View from the bridge! Our first polar bear sighting! ...And A Work Holiday
My Adventure Knitting trip this year took us to Manitoba . We had to schedule this trip for August rather than our customary September, as things start getting rather chilly up there by then. The city of Winnipeg is just about in the middle of Canada (did you know that Winnie the Pooh was named for Winnipeg?)
After exploring the city, we headed up to Churchill on the shores of Hudson Bay. Here we hoped both to see and knit some Beluga whales. We were not disappointed. In fact there were so many Belugas that you could frequently see them from the shore!
We knew we were a little early for any polar bear sightings but, again, we were lucky. We saw our first one between the airport and our lunch stop. She was in the rocks on the beach enjoying a decomposing whale.

I had such fun creating the Blossom pattern! The Blossom Blanket Pattern and Tutorial are both available now! My newest Pattern and Tutorial: The Blossom Blanket
I am, at long last, delighted to announce that the Blossom DK Blanket pattern is complete. Now that I am satisfied with the number of accompanying videos, the Club has been closed, and the Pattern and Tutorial are both available. As I was placing the photos into the pattern, I realized how many Blossoms, both large and small, I have knit! From coasters to chair pads to gorgeous blankets, this pattern has proven so versatile!

Fearlessly Knitting Fearless Knitting for All!
My latest Craftsy class, Fearless Knitting - Empowering techniques for Every Knitter, was launched over the summer and I am delighted with it. The "Beginner" label is misleading: this class has something to offer ALL knitters! I think it is the most important class that I have filmed. Armed with what is covered, you will find yourself knitting anything your heart desires with confidence and daring (and not just a sock!).
In demonstrating some of the techniques, I utilized an idea gleaned from Carol Milne, a glass artist I met at Madrona Fiber Arts Retreat. Her pieces are made using a sprue wax which she then makes into a mould for her extraordinary knitted glass art. What inspiration! I used specially ordered bendable wax rods on very large needles to show the spiral nature of stitches as we form them. The wax had the advantage of being able to hold the spiral when the needle was removed, thus demonstrating a stage we don't see when knitting with yarn. Manually turning each of the spirals so that it would lie flat highlighted to me the number of different ways we inadvertently add or subtract twist into our yarn. There is always something new to think about!
Click on this link for a 50% discount on the class. Remember, too, that you can purchase any Craftsy class for a friend as well as for yourself!

Violet the Whale was a delight to quilt! My Recent Quilting Experiment
Whilst on the subject of learning, I took the opportunity to take a workshop with quilt maker and artist Susan Carlson in Maine. It was a delightful experience; friends, fabric and great food. I met Susan first when we both teaching at the Mackinac Island Grand Hotel Needlework event in 2014 and was very taken with her collage style approach to quilting. My first experimental quilt was a fish and, at camp, I decided to stick with undersea life. Violet the sperm whale came into being!

Autumn Workshops My Fall Teaching Tour
My autumn travel is about to kick into high gear again. I'm visiting some of my favourite yarn shops on this trip: The Knitting Garden in Coral Gables, FL, Crafty Hands in Bowling Green, KY, and Cornwall Yarn Shop in Cornwall, NY. It feels a bit like a farewell tour as my US paperwork expires in two years.

Wishing you wonderful fall knitting,

Happy Stitches,


Product News


Blossom DK Blanket(#7133) by Lucy Neatby

The Blossom motif may be used on projects of all sizes, from coaster to blanket. Small ones are great fun, but a blanket is lovely to knit on — a dependable companion whenever you need it. An heirloom size project that will become a family treasure.

My Blossom Blanket was knit using our Kauni Effektgarn 100% fingering-weight wool.

Yarn: Variable: my blanket was knit using Kauni Effektgarn and several of my chair pads were knit using Freia Yarns
Size: Variable: from Coaster to Blanket
Skill Level: Advanced
Techniques: centre-out double-knitting, double-knitting in the round, quilting stitches in dk
Price: $9.00


Blossom DK Blanket Tutorial by Lucy Neatby

All the techniques used in making the Blossom Blanket are carefully demonstrated in these fourteen videos.

  1. Swatch
  2. Alternative Cast-On for Middle-Out DK
  3. Circular Tubular Cast-On
  4. Round 2: Increasing and Resequencing
  5. Round 3 and Onwards
  6. Alternative Rotation Purling
  7. Reading the Charts and Tables
  8. Threading Into Reverse Stocking Stitch
  9. I-Cord Ties
  10. Fixing Common Errors
  11. Moving Wrongly Positioned K1-O-K1 Increases
  12. Fixing A Missing Double Increase on One Side
  13. Shaping the Petals
  14. Alternative Uses for DPNs

Price: $9.99

DVD of the Month: October

Sock Techniques 1

Socks 1 DVD and Download Special

In August, we introduced a new monthly promotion on our "Learn with Lucy" DVDs. So far, we have featured Knitting Essentials 1 and Knitting Essentials 2.
This month, Lucy's Sock Techniques 1 DVD is on sale for the reduced price of $19.99 and includes the Video Download version free in your Notebook! Happy Stitches!

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