Just Another Spring Day in Nova Scotia

Dear Knitters,

I've never considered snow shoes as anything more than recreational but this year, I've needed them to get up my 'drive' up to the cottage. It's also interesting to notice how 
short the trees become when you are walking four feet off the ground. Is it Really Spring?
I was just re-reading the last Spun Yarn and it made me chuckle: to think I had imagined that we were in the deep of the winter! Looking back, the 6 inches of solid ice that had been covering everything in February now look like a walk in the park.
If you haven't been following the weather news in Atlantic Canada, it has been incredible. No one can remember a winter like this in 40 years. We have been pounded mercilessly by snowstorm after blizzard after snowstorm. The sheer volume of snow is unbelievable. The entire city of Halifax has been at a weather-related standstill too many times to count this winter. And spring? As of Easter Sunday, it hadn't quite sprung (despite the lovely goldfinches at my feeder). We were even treated to another 10 centimetres on April 7!

Hillary and her kids helped me haul my gear home via Toboggan Finally able to access the water pump controls! I've been over to my Tancook Island home as frequently as possible, squeezed between ski trips, family and work commitments and, of course, the ongoing weather challenges.
The snow is so deep on the island that I had to negotiate the access using a toboggan on one of my more recent trips! After having shovelled out the main door so I could get into the house, I set to work filling saucepans with snow, melting it on the stove, then heating it to boiling. I used a combination of the boiled snow, chipping and a blow torch to melt the 6 inches of solid ice gripping the basement doors. Eventually, I was able to open the doors wide enough to squeeze through to reach the water pump controls, thus allowing me to stay for a few days!

Judy and I planning our next Adventure Knitting trip Back On the Road
I have been taking a welcome break from intensive travel for last few months, but from here on, it's going to be all go until December. If you take a look at my Workshops page, you'll see that Knitting Events will be taking me from Ohio to British Columbia, and from Winnipeg and Churchill, Manitoba (this year's Adventure Knitting trip) to Arkansas and Florida, with workshops in Indiana, Kentucky and Idaho, as well. John and I have also planned a personal trip to the UK to continue our perambulations around the canal system squeezed somewhere in the middle of all that.

the Andean Vest Pattern News!
We have a couple of exciting new offerings for you.
At very long last, my Andean Vest Recipe first released in paper format in 2000, has been converted to a digital format and is now available! My thanks to Sally Holt of Knit Companion for sponsoring this endeavour. The Knit Companion app handles large charts with consummate ease (even in a high wind).

Poseidon loves his new Blanket! Cat Snack DK Blanket We'd been trying out names for the brand new blanket pattern designed by my daughter Holly. She knit the original Cat Snack Blanket for her cat Poseidon and, as you can see, he loves it! He enjoys it so much I doubt that we will ever get great pictures. After all, you can hardly take a blanket away from a cat.

Minnow Mat Minnow Skeleton This is such a great design that I decided to write it up for her and add a little test swatch I call the Minnow Mat. It's an excellent introduction to non-negative/positive DK.
After much debate, we've decided to name the pattern the Fish Bone DK Blankets, a name which suits well!

Here's hoping that Spring is doing what it should, wherever you may be.
Wishing you many Warm and Happy Stitches,


Product News

Andean Vest Recipe

Andean Vest Recipe by Lucy Neatby

In search of variety, challenge and inspiration in your knitting? This one's for you!
This vest was inspired by South American ch'ullus, whose gauge and ingenuity of design leave me breathless with admiration
This is more of an instruction packet than a pattern. It contains large charts, detail photos of the original, along with the measurement information in order to construct your own vest from first principles.

Skill Level: Advanced
Techniques: This recipe contains a variety of techniques for the expert knitter
Price: $12.00
Fishbone DK Blanket

Fishbone DK Blankets by Holly and Lucy Neatby

The Cat Snack Blanket was designed by my daughter, Holly, for her beloved feline companion, Poseidon, who has developed a taste for snoozing on knitting. This is mostly a positive/negative design, with a small area within the fish that creates dissimilar sides.
I've included a practice piece with the pattern: The Minnow Mat features all of the techniques and fun on a smaller scale.
Together, they are known as the Fishbone Blankets!

Skill Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Techniques: Double Knitting, dissimilar sides in DK
Price: $9.00

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Domino Baby Bonnet Have you noticed our new sales at LucyNeatby.com? Every week, we are featuring one of my downloadable products for seven days! So far, we've had the Storm Mountain Hat, the Paradoxical Mittens and the Mermaid Socks patterns in the featured spot. Check the Newsbox every week to see what's on offer!

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