Winter Sunset, Big Tancook Island

Dear Knitters,

One of many Snowblowing Sessions Take heart, North-Easterners and any others similarly afflicted, we're nearing the end of February. We've made it through many storms and blizzards, and a record amount of snow and ice. Congratulations on surviving thus far! (now let's hope we're almost done...)

Samples set up at Madrona Winter Travels
I've just returned from my first teaching trip of the year to Madrona Fiber Arts in Tacoma, Washington, where the daffodils were beginning to bud. I dare say, this phenomenon will arrive here too... eventually.
Madrona is one of my favourite annual events, and this year I was able to spend some of my non-teaching time with Susan, who travelled down from her new home in British Columbia. It was wonderful to reconnect with her there, and she thoroughly enjoyed her first Madrona experience.

Travel Insurance! I was quite concerned about the possibility of travel delays on this trip and so left Halifax a day early, squeaking out just before a snow storm. Happily, I missed all of the grounded flights.
The journey home, on the other hand, looked like a different matter. Halifax had just been slammed with a blizzard, followed by massive amounts of rain and a flash freeze of unprecedented proportions. The chances of being marooned in Newark airport on the way home looked very high, so I took out a bit of "personal" insurance in case of a prolonged airport stay. I bought some beautiful yarn from Abstract Fiber and a suitable needle. I even packed undies and a toothbrush. I made sure I had contact info for friends handy to Newark (be warned, never let me know if you live near a major airport unless you appreciate surprise visits!).

Chipping at the ice Much to my amazement and delight, my flights were on time and connected. My long-time taxi driver was even waiting for me upon my arrival, having braved the enormous snow drifts and sheets of ice blanketing the highways and roads. I must say, I have never crawled home from the airport so slowly before!
Once home, John and I took it in turns to clear the driveway of the inches-thick ice which had developed during the storm. Chipping away at the ice became a strangely compelling project and certainly gave my shoulders a good workout!

A lovely day on the slopes... A Bit of A Holiday
Friends and family have been the theme starting off this year. I arrived in Canada almost 23 years ago, not knowing a soul in North America. I feel incredibly lucky to have met so many wonderful knitters, many of whom have become life-long friends.
John, Holly and I, along with a couple of those friends, embarked on a road trip to Quebec last month for a spot of skiing. I love to visit Quebec City, not only for the skiing nearby, but also for the excellent food and beer in the supermarkets, where a far more cosmopolitan selection of goodies is found than here.
..followed by a wonderful soak in the tub! In total, nine of us gathered in a rental property on the shores of the St. Lawrence River. It gave me much pleasure to muse that, apart from my immediate family, everyone there was connected by yarn. Friends made through knitting from both near and far.
The two non-knitting guys were horribly outnumbered, but we were more than happy to allow them to express themselves through cookery!

One of many Snowblowing Sessions One of many Snowblowing Sessions Double-Knitting
Knitting-wise I've been continuing work on my Blossom Blanket. It's a long, steady knit for now but I am just about to move into the more exciting colours that I have planned for the last 6 inches.
I made a fun little discovery the other day, when casting on a Zinnia for a friend on Tancook to give her a helping hand. I decided to use the Kauni triple-ply, Navaho style. This was so much fun and it resulted in such a cushiony chair pad that I accidentally finished it! I can already imagine more triple-strand Kauni circular projects in my future.
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Better than Getty A Happy Update
After the horrible trauma of the photo copyright fiasco earlier this month, an extraordinary thing happened. One of our customers took it upon herself to perform an act of karmic balancing. I am still at a loss for words at her kindness. Suffice to say that her gift to us has lifted all of our spirits and another new friendship has been forged.
(I actually feel sorry for the staff at Getty Images, imagine spending your every day spreading bad news and gloom? That's not a healthy job to have.)

Craftsy Craftsy Reviews
I've been watching a number of Craftsy classes during my free time (often spent on the treadmill downstairs) and have compiled a list of reviews for crafters. Watching these courses has been both entertaining and educational: I've developed a real admiration for the Craftsy platform, both as an instructor and a student. With such a huge variety of courses and teachers, Craftsy abounds with classes to appeal to every crafter!
If you're interested in signing up for one of these courses, just click on the Class Picture on the Reviews Page for a direct link. I anticipate adding more reviews regularly.
To sign up for my Craftsy courses, click on these links to purchase them at half-price: Foundations of Double Knitting and My First Socks.

Adventure Knitting 2015
We have space for one more knitter on this year's Adventure Knitting Trip with Judy Fawcett!
We will be heading north: first to Winnipeg, then onward to Churchill, Manitoba. Churchill is a small town best known for its Polar Bears and Beluga Whales. Judy has made her reconnaissance trip and is planning a wide variety of experiences for us. I'll be teaching some northern inspired knitting techniques and plan to have at least one class on a tundra buggy!

Wishing you Many Warm and Happy Stitches,


Winter's End Video Download Special

one of the 16 Learn With Lucy titles How do you prefer to watch the "Learn with Lucy" series? Do you still see the value of owning the physical copy, or have you been converted to the ease of digital viewing? From now until March 7, 2015, you can give my Learn with Lucy Video Downloads a try at the specially discounted rate of $12.99! If you sign up for a subscription this week, we'll continue to honour that price for the duration of your subscription.
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VATMOSS and What it means for Us

After a lovely family Christmas with everyone home or at least nearby, we had a bit of rocky start to the New Year. was going to be impacted by European legislation dictating that we would have to charge and remit EU taxes on virtual products or cease to sell them by automated means. Please read this Blog Entry at for a more thorough description.
Once again friends/colleagues came to the rescue. Corrie, our website administrator, determined that she could, by dint of hard work (and doubling the size of our database), prevent our EU customers from making Automated on-line purchases, thus hopefully keeping us legal.
We debated long and hard about this. It goes totally against the grain to devote time and energy to preventing sales, but this tax is just too expensive to account for and remit quarterly. The spectre of being possibly subject to fines from HM Customs also really scared us.
In our website's changes, we have tried to let our much appreciated EU customers know at the earliest point that they can't complete an Automated on-line purchase *. There is little so frustrating as choosing, considering and filling in all the forms only to realize that you will not be allowed to complete your order.
Yarn and other tangible goods are not affected by this legislation.
Our EU customers and visitors will see a message on logging in, but will still be able to access their Notebooks.
*On a positive note, however: if you would like to email us with your wishes we can send you a Paypal invoice and complete your virtual order by hand. As long as it is not automated, it's still possible!
If you prefer a more automated service, LoveKnitting has teamed up with Ravelry to allow instant online purchases of our patterns for our EU customers. My patterns can also be found at Patternfish .

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