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Dear Knitters,

My First Socks Class on Craftsy Craftsy Sock Class Announcement!
I have had a great time with my Foundations of Double-Knitting Class at Craftsy since its release last spring. We recently reached 5000 students, which is nothing short of extraordinary! I just love this platform, and the professional support has been phenomenal, from the first day of filming onwards. Interacting with the students is great, and I truly enjoy seeing the progress and projects that are posted.
I didn't hesitate when I was asked to film a second Craftsy class this year.
My First Socks is geared towards newer knitters, who may have not yet tackled sock-knitting,or who perhaps want a little more direction when interpreting and implementing a knitted sock project. Please don't hesitate to share my announcement with your newest knitting friends!

True North DK Socks From Beginner Sock Construction to my Sockupied Design
Socks are the perfect portable project and lend themselves well to small amounts of luxurious yarns. I was happy to tackle a challenging sock design for the Autumn 2014 Issue of Sockupied, which was also revealed this month. You might recall my mentioning this top-secret project several times over the winter and, while it did cause me some strain, I am very satisfied with the end result!
The True North DK Socks are geared towards the expert sock-knitter who would like to add some new techniques to their next project. They are double-knit, incorporating elements of my Igloo designs. These socks were inspired by the iconic imagery of the Northern Canadian Igloo, the Aurora Borealis and the Inuit Inukshuk, reflecting the love I have for my adopted home.

my sister Pauline's beautiful Sunburst DK Blanket Back to my Current Love of Middle-Out Circular Double-Knitting
Whilst in Somerset earlier this summer, I was delighted to see how gorgeous my sister's Sunburst Blanket has become! She was a brand new double-knitter on my Adventure Knitting Trip to les Îles de la Madeleine last fall and headed back to the UK with only the first 20 or so rounds on her needles. Now she had almost finished the blanket and was ready for my help with the I-cord edging. It's interesting, she has aced the double-knitting (with alternative rotation purls), yet has little or no knitting basics. Thus, some of the assumptions (such as references to i-cord) I made in writing what I consider to be an advanced level pattern, were not clear to her! I have since added a few more sentences to the Sunburst pattern to cover this eventuality.

working on the Icord edging Late summer is an ideal time to cast on a DK blanket such as Sunburst or Zinnia. It starts out small and portable but, by the time the days cool off, you'll have a warm winter of knitting ahead. Call us for a custom kit for either of these blankets and we'll give you a 20% discount on the yarn until September 1st.

getting ready for camp! Tancook Camp
Speaking of September, I'm looking forward to meeting up with my knitters on Big Tancook Island for my second Knitting On the Wild Side Camp next month. The locals and I have readied the accommodations and we are all excited to welcome new friends to our Island home. I have some interesting classes planned, and plenty of fun activities for the "after-school" hours. I anticipate having as much wonderful a time as we did two years ago!

Happy Stitches,


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August 23-26, 2014

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