Announcing Our Canada/Independence Day Online Sale!

Dear Knitters,

Top Secret Filming at Craftsy I'm back from last week's whirlwind trip to Denver. The filming sessions at Craftsy Headquarters went well, I had some lovely evenings visiting with friends, and then I headed right back home again. What fun! I will share the details of my top-secret new class once the release date is confirmed.

The Narrowboats await! I'll be home long enough to catch up on some of the office work and prepare for our trip to England. John and I are looking forward to visiting friends and family, and we are keen for our upcoming Narrowboating Adventure! Holly will be joining us, too, and I suspect that she will love this type of travel as much as I do.

Online Sale Announcement! In the meantime, we felt that a week and a half home is just long enough to squeeze in the Canada/Independence Day Online Sale I'd promised in the last Newsletter. So please, read on below for the details. We have lots of digital products on offer, I hope you'll find something that catches your fancy!

Happy Stitches,


Canada/Independence Day Sale

As promised in my June Newsletter, we are celebrating both Canada Day and U.S. Independence Day with our Online Sale this week!

Learn With Lucy Titles
All of the Learn With Lucy Video Downloads are 40% off: $11.99 instead of their usual price of $19.99 each!

eBooks on Sale
Cool Knitters Finish in Style
Hillary Dionne's Gallery Mouse

Special Sale Bundles
The Little Book of BIG Holes Special Sale Bundle includes my new Little Book of BIG Holes for Hand-Knitters eBook PLUS 2 Bonus Holes patterns
The Venus Rising Bundle includes 2 patterns plus 2 of the Learn With Lucy Video Downloads
The Domino Bundle includes 2 lovely patterns for the newest addition to your family!

And last, but certainly not least, the following Patterns are on sale:
Snowflake Baby Bonnet
Carousel Cap
Scrunchie Hat
Sky Diamond Hat
Igloo Hat

Pinstripe Mittens
Paradoxical Mittens
Happy Stitch Mittens

Shawls and Scarves
Moonstone Scarf
Infinite Entrelac Scarf
Cloud Scarf
Doubly Delicious Scarves
Faroese Flower Shawl
Chain d'Amour Scarf

Cables After Whiskey
Ophelia Tunic
Celestial Baby Sweater

Fiesta Vest
Kasbah Vest
Equilateral Vest

Pinstripe Socks
ZigZag Socks
Godiva Socks
Bicycle Socks
Hot Tamale Toes

Little Joey Bag
Udderly Divine Bag
Whirlygig Bag
Lighthouse Bag

Other Patterns
Cape Spear Blanket
Diamond Beaded Bracelet
Copper Wire Earrings
Magic Buttonhole Instructions
Sock Toe Chimney

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