Southeast Cove, Big Tancook Island

Dear Knitters,

welcoming spring on Big Tancook Island! Welcoming the Warmer Months
At last the thaw has arrived and the leaves have burst from their buds. Spring has been such an age getting here this year. From snowstorms in April, to rain, rain, rain in May and a final culmination of frost in early June, we are relieved to finally enjoy some warm spring sunshine. Now the flowers are in bloom and the winter coats can be stowed away at last. Maybe it really was worth the wait!
To celebrate the warmer weather and change of season, we have planned an Online Sale from June 29 to July 6!

Downtown Tancook Planning For Camp
On Tancook Island, our plans are set and we are eager to greet this year's group for my Knitting on the Wild Side Camp in September. It will be run in a similar style to the 2012 Camp, with a few slight modifications. We are renting one or two additional houses this year, Susan and Stephanie will be swapping roles (with Susan on the Island and Stephanie in town) and we are renting bicycles for the week! Two of our intrepid knitters had a blast exploring Tancook on the bikes they had brought along last time. Now that we have a bicycle rental shop on Big Tancook, this option will add a whole new element of fun to the trip! We also have one non-knitting companion along for the week. He will likely be asked to join us for a bit of knitting, at least!
Lastly, we will be hosting Paula of Yarnsmith Fibreworks, Nova Scotia's newest yarn mill located in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. She will stop by for a visit, with some of her beautiful samples in hand!

my back door More Tancook News
Speaking of camp, I realize that I have been amiss in reporting the progress of my Tancook home's renovations and colour embellishments! Over the winter and through most of Nova Scotia's dreary spring, I allowed myself to lapse into playing with fabric rather than grabbing a paintbrush. But now that the better weather is here, open windows and doors have led me back to painting.
It all began about a month ago, when I found myself seeing the back door with new eyes. To my horror, it was beige. I could scarcely believe that this obvious target had escaped my attention. I got straight to work and I am happy to report that all is now well and much more cheerful.
(I'm not sure that I'm entirely done just yet and welcome your suggestions.)

Carolina Parakeet My knitting/quilting daughter Holly found a few spare hours to play on Tancook and, as children will, found an unopened can of paint. She decided that, for a little post-thesis recreation, she would paint the dingy beige panelled upstairs hallway and stairwell! "What colour was the paint", you may ask? This was replacement can chosen on a whim a couple of years ago named 'Carolina Parakeet'. It turns out to be an extraordinary shade of almost neon green. I think it looks great (once you've recovered from the initial shock of looking up the stairs) and am loving it more and more. We've teamed it with a blue ceiling and the narrow little hall has come to life.

Bird Quilt Detail Now we are in the process of rehanging the pictures in the hall and it seems custom-made for a couple of small brightly coloured quilts which will tie the whole together. In my sewing room, I happened upon some beautiful little mola style appliqué parrots that I had found in a second hand store some years ago. They are so perfectly suited to this jungle-like green that they have become the focus of a simple little quilt which will shortly grace the walls.

Secret project soon to be revealed One Last Work Trip
And now I must dash out of town for a few days to accomplish a secret work mission, which has kept me from much writing about knitting for the time being!
These little samples are accompanying me on my journey, you will just have to wait and see what I have planned for them!

Wishing you all clement weather and Happy Stitches,


Product News



We've introduced Bundles to our website this month! This whole new section features collections of pdf Patterns, Patterns plus Tutorials or eBooks and related Patterns which we will be offering at a reduced price. Some will be permanent, but watch for our Limited Time Offers, such as the Cool Socks Bundle, which has been available this month only. This section will be growing, so please check back often!

Canada/Independence Day Sale!

Mark your calendar for June 29 to July 6, 2014, we have announced our online Canada/Independence Day Sale! This week-long event will feature our downloadable products: you will find discounts on selected Patterns, e-Books, Tutorials, Video Downloads and more! We may even add a few special Sale Bundles to our new Bundles Section! Please do check in, you're sure to find some fantastic deals in almost every section of the website.

We are also planning a second sale for later in the summer: this one will include shippable products such as yarns, paper patterns and some kits. We will keep you posted with those dates once they are finalized.

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