Zinnia Chairpads enjoying the Tancook sunshine

Dear Knitters,

memories of ski season Bidding a Fond Farewell to A Most Enjoyable Winter Season
The bulk of this Newsletter was written while flying over New England somewhere en route to Minnesota, marking the first of my series of spring travels. My heart leapt as we flew over the many ski hills that stand out like white snail trails on the hills below. I'm sad the season is over, having been delighted by the skiing in Quebec and New England which John and I were able to fit in. I wonder if I am the only passenger who would love to be able to accurately identify the landmarks while flying over them?

Downtown Tancook ...and Hello to the Warmer Weather!
Although even I am more than ready for a little warmth, as I know most people are after this grueling winter, I expect that the remainder of the spring and summer will be gone in the blink of an eye! A quick glance at my calendar alarmingly reveals that the next thing I know it will be September and the advent of Knitting on the Wild Side on Tancook Island!

UK Narrowboats "But how is that possible?" one might ask.
You see, my spring and summer schedule of 2014 consists of a series of 2 week teaching tours with only two weeks between each. I like to take a few months off from teaching during the warmer months, and this summer we are expecting several visitors from North America and England. The exciting season will culminate with a family boating trip to answer the siren call of the UK canals! (The canal boats have been luring me back for the past year) This will certainly be one of the highlights of my summer.
And there you have it: September will be upon us, bringing with it my highly anticipated Camp on Tancook Island!

Zinnia Blanket My Satisfyingly Productive Time Spent at Home
I was home for an entire 2 months this spring and loved every moment! This time really helped my creativity, my production of new designs (the Zinnia Blanket received a lot of my attention and knitting time) and completion of older projects and ideas (I am thrilled with the new e-book). I've even bitten the bullet and am trying to be more serious about regular exercise. It remains to be seen how I will get on during the upcoming busy travel times!

Sam's quilt I finished two large quilts, as well! The first is for Susan, who now lives all the way across the country, in British Columbia. Although distant in miles, Susan is still an integral part of the team, keeping us on the financial straight and narrow via the cloud. I miss my dear friend (she was one of my first close knitting companions in Canada) and am hopeful that she'll join us on Tancook in September.
The other is for my son. This quilt, not unlike Sam's tractor collection, grew a lot larger than expected! It was a challenge to free-motion quilt on a domestic machine, but, as usual, I got a bit carried away. I can't seem to 'all over quilt', preferring to think of something unique to fill in the different shapes or coordinate with the fabrics. This time, I found myself imagining how to easily sew a tractor tire tread pattern into a long straight section!
I try to incorporate an area of quilted knit stitches into every quilt I make. I think of it as my signature!

Blossom Chairpad

Blossom Chairpad Zinnia And Her Inspirations
The Zinnia Blanket PIP Knit-Along is resulting in some beautiful creations and leaving in its wake some very accomplished double-knitters. The pattern is now available for purchase through our website, Ravelry, Craftsy and Patternfish and the Tutorial is available through our website. I'm tempted to get into a big Blossom design, but have had very stern words with myself as there are several important (but, alas, less interesting to me) pieces of top-secret knitting that need to be completed first! (more on those in time...)

Little Book of BIG Holes for Hand-Knitters My new e-Book
We're so grateful for the great response we've gotten to A Little Book of BIG Holes for Hand-Knitters and would like to thank you all for your support.
I had a quick printed copy made to carry along on this trip. It's very pretty and looks and feels so much more like a book to me. I have to admit to feeling a bit bereft not taking receipt of a pallet full of books - that was always a big moment (in more ways than one). Without a tangible copy it can also be very hard to show around.
I've had a few casual requests for a paper edition and am making enquiries. However, this does pose some other issues. For example, the use of colour throughout will make the book expensive to reproduce, and the links to the online technique videos would probably require an accompanying DVD, which would add to the cost. The patterns within the e-book are easy to print out individually, and that may satisfy the knitters who prefer to work from paper.
Your thoughts are welcome: would you like to see it sold in a book format, or is the e-book enough in your opinion?

Fingerless Air-Conditioned Gloves Some of the knitters in the new Ravelry Group are starting an impromptu Knit-Along based on the patterns in the new book, and I'm planning another later this year, featuring my Air-Conditioned Gloves and the original Abstract Fiber yarns I used when designing that pattern. We've ordered the yarns, and will keep you posted once we are ready to be sell a limited amount of the Air-Conditioned Gloves Kits.

Wishing you a lovely month of May,
Happy Stitches,


Product News

Zinnia DK Blanket

Zinnia DK Blanket (#7130) by Lucy Neatby

A spectacularly beautiful and warm double-layer blanket.
The Zinnia is something lovely to knit on, whenever you need it. May be worked full size for blanket or part way only for a chair pad or place mat. If you would like to add extra texture to the outlines of the petals, consider the quilting/threading options for making colour changes.
This pattern features detailed written descriptions, as well as diagrams, graphs and Stitch-maps!

Yarn: This centre-out dk project is adaptable to various yarn weights and gauges. Kauni Effektgarn was used for the featured blanket.
Size: variable: from Coaster to Blanket!
Skill Level: Advanced
Techniques:dk cast-on in the round, dk in the round, applied Icord
Price: $9.00

Zinnia Tutorial

The Zinnia Blanket Tutorial by Lucy Neatby

All the techniques used in making the Zinnia Blanket are carefully demonstrated in these sixteen videos.

  1. Simulated In-the-Round Swatch
  2. Alternative Cast-On for Middle-Out DK
  3. Tubular Cast-On and Rounds 1-3
  4. Alternative Purling
  5. Counting Rounds and Round 10
  6. Colour Changes by threading or quilting
  7. Applying an I-Cord
  8. Making an Invisible Join in I-Cord
  9. Rounds 17 and 18
  10. Threading stitches into reverse stocking stitch
  11. Making and bridging the I-cord ties
  12. Fixing Common DK Errors
  13. Moving a k1-0-k1 increase
  14. Reading the charts and tables
  15. Border
  16. Round 13, cautionary check
Price: $9.99
A Little Book of BIG Holes for Hand-Knitters

A Little Book Of BIG Holes For Hand-Knitters by Lucy Neatby

Holes have always been popular in lace knitting. I was interested in significantly larger holes and experimenting with them has been an ongoing obsession for several years now. I love them! This book recounts some of my journey and explores these sorts of holes extensively.
There is so much more to them than fresh air!

I have included 10 separate patterns and 24 linked technique videos, as well as extensive diagrams and written descriptions.

The patterns included are:

  1. Chinese Lanterns
  2. Spindrift Scarves
  3. Perforated Hot Water Bottle Cover
  4. Kangaroo Bag
  5. Banksia Bag
  6. Mille Feuille Shawl and Scarf
  7. Tancook Hat
  8. Air-Conditioned Gloves
  9. Almost Saintly Socks
  10. Spindrift Capelet

Price: $19.95

Double Knitting Technique Club

Igloo DK Hat Our DK Technique Club continues to grow in both membership and content. I've been averaging a new addition each month, which I plan on continuing for the foreseeable future. We have added a Contents Page to the Club's description with the list of the currently available videos. New members gain immediate access to all of the videos and notes and will receive notification of additions as they continue to arrive.
We've also added a Page to our DK Technique Group on Ravelry, where members can request topics they would like to see filmed. If the request is feasible in a dk fabric, I hope to show you how to make it!

If you wish to receive email notification when a new Spun Yarn is published, please write a note to webmaster@lucyneatby.com and put "Subscribe" in the Subject line. If you wish to unsubscribe, please put "Unsubscribe" in the Subject line.

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