My Zinnia Blanket is finally complete!

Dear Knitters,

The skiing has been spectacular this year! A Most Productive Winter
I've been making the most of Nova Scotia's cold and snowy winter by seizing every spare moment to ski. In fact, I'm writing this from the front seat of my Mini on the way to the hill with a pair of skis tucked under my left arm (don't worry,I'm not driving)! I've been revelling in a couple of months off from teaching and getting all kinds of round-to-its completed at home.

Zinnia One of my constant companions on the long drives to and from the ski hill, the Zinnia Blanket, is finished, washed and blocked! As I neared the end of the 200 pattern rounds, I decided that, instead of rushing to the finish-line, a 12-round bold border was required to frame the whole. I am quite satisfied with the result! It was worked mainly in double reverse stocking stitch, which zipped along very speedily. This border, along with other finishing options, are detailed in the pattern description.
I'll be taking Zinnia to be photographed on Tancook this week. Once the pictures are added to the pattern, we will end the Zinnia PIP Club and all Club Members will receive the Pattern and Tutorial in their Notebook.
For now, it's not too late for new knitters to join the Club. Membership, including the 14 part Tutorial, costs the same as the future pattern price alone.

view from Big Tancook Island Upcoming Teaching Trips
I'm excited to announce that the time to open bookings for Knitting On the Wild Side 2014 is nearly upon us! I am working on my class notes, Hillary has organized accommodations, meals and fun activities and the other Tancook Islanders are anxious to share their wonderful hospitality with a new group of friends. They will be sure to spoil us all with every effort they make to welcome us to their fantastic island home. For full information about this eagerly awaited camp on Big Tancook Island in Nova Scotia, please see my Adventure Knitting Page. Bookings will open on Thursday, March 20th 2014 at 1pm Atlantic Daylight Time.

For those of you who fancy the intimate knitting class and island experience in a more luxurious setting, consider joining me at the Spring Arts Seminar held at The Grand Hotel from May 2nd to the 7th on Mackinac Island in Michigan. I will be offering a 1 day class on double knitting as well as a 3-day class on the Venus Rising Cardigan, which includes all kinds of delicious techniques. This promises to be a very exciting textile event with some world renowned quilting teachers in attendance as well.

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I do so enjoy seeing how my designs are interpreted by other knitters and am always appreciative of my customers. In gratitude for your ongoing support, we at Tradewinds would like to offer you and your friends a free digital pattern each. See my Knitting Tip Section for details.

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Share The Knitting Fun!

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For the next 14 days, invite up to 5 friends to register for a Notebook on our website (make sure you have one yourself). They can then e-mail us at, Subject "Patterns for Buddies", to let us know of their new registration and the name/email of the friend who introduced them. We will then add a .pdf copy of the SAME pattern into your Notebooks. Please let us know if you have a pattern preference.
With so many friends sharing the same pattern, you can even start a mini Knit-Along!
Please note that we must limit the free patterns to one per customer. This offer is valid from March 12-26, 2014 only.

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