Igloo DK Scarves

Dear Knitters,

Winter 2014
I hope none of you are being fried, frozen or flooded. Depending on where you live, select your current weather challenge! Climate change appears to be a fact. Thank goodness for knitting to keep us grounded.
Nova Scotians have been hunkering down to enjoy the most dramatic winter we have experienced in years: we have had our fair share of snowstorms, ice and, alas, rain as well.

We've taken advantage of the lovely snow... ...and I've taken advantage of the long car drives to work on my Zinnia blanket! John and I both ski and we love the cold and snow, trying to make the most of the white stuff by hitting the slopes between storms. As an added bonus for me, the drives to and from the ski hill give me 3 lovely hours of knitting time. I have carted many a Zinnia project along on our ski excursions this winter!

Lucy Teaching Trips In the New Year
I completed my classes at Vogue Knitting Live in New York City last month.
The event was very well run, with an all-star cast of teachers, an exciting and colourful market and some off-the-wall 'knit art' exhibits, too. Teaching and knitting in Times Square was a most enjoyable experience for this country mouse.
With the ongoing weather we've been experiencing on the East Coast, I have to admit that I heaved a sigh of relief when I made it both in and out of Newark airport without being storm-stayed like so many other travellers this year.

I am looking forward to the teaching opportunities I have lined up from April 26th to the 1st of June this spring. My first trip will take me to Minneapolis and Michigan and, after a two-week rest-stop at home, it's off to Ontario and Saskatchewan. I have taught in some of these venues before, and have enjoyed myself thoroughly every time!

Poseidon Neatby Time At Home
The fact that I will be home until late April brings with it such a feeling of liberation: I can't remember when I last had two consecutive months without travel and workshop commitments (the crazy vortex of at-home-time over Christmas doesn't really count). I'm finally giving some of the domestic projects my undivided attention. Things at home are a little calmer, too, without any more trips to the emergency room for the past month! Thank you so much for all of the good thoughts and messages of support which you have sent.
Our current cat-in-residence has adjusted nicely to our home, spending his days alternately keeping the samples warm and trying to explore the great (white) outdoors. He provides us with quite a lot of entertainment!

Zinnia chairpad Projects On the Go...
I'm closer and closer to completing my Zinnia Blanket: only 10 more rounds to go. Since I can't just knit one thing, I have produced several Zinnia Minis (with integral cords) to be chair-pads on the side. These are good fun and close to instant gratification.
It's not too late to join the Zinnia PIP Club, by the way. For the price of the future pattern you will receive both the Zinnia Chairpad and the final blanket pattern PLUS the 14-part Video Tutorial, which will be sold separately when the pattern is officially released. Check the DK Techniques Group on Ravelry for PIP Club members' Zinnia inspiration!

Igloo DK Scarves ...And One for You to Try!
My newest addition to the Igloo Family is finally available! I designed the Igloo DK Scarves to accompany the Igloo Hats and Headbands earlier this winter, but found myself "distracted" by a certain blanket project before having finished all of the edits. These have finally been done, and Hillary, as always, took some lovely photographs of the various scarf possibilities. This Scarf can be knit lengthwise or widthwise, with dissimilar sides or beautifully textured on both public sides. It's a versatile pattern which is adaptable to many yarn weights and I'm looking forward to seeing your own versions of it!
This is my first pattern into which I've incorporated clickable links--these will take you directly to the Youtube videos or other information I refer to in the pattern. I'm very excited about this development: read my blog for more details later this week!
I've also filmed an accompanying 7-part Igloo Scarf Tutorial, which we are offering at the special Introductory price of $5.00 until March 16, 2014!

DK Technique Club Our DK Technique Club membership continues to grow steadily. I've been filming several new videos this week which we will be adding to the Archive. Please visit the Knitting Tip Section of this newsletter for a full list of the Videos currently in the Club.

Happy Stitches,


Product News

Igloo DK Scarves

Igloo DK Scarves (#4131) by Lucy Neatby

Meet the newest members of the Igloo DK Family! My Igloo Scarves can be worked lengthwise or widthwise, and you can choose similar or dissimilar public sides! A seven-part Video Tutorial is also available for this fun new pattern.

Yarn: worsted weight yarns such as Drops Big Delight, also suitable to handspun samples
Size: variable
Skill Level: Intermediate
Techniques: textural double-knitting, dissimilar-sided double knitting
Price: $7.00

Igloo DK Scarf Tutorial

The Igloo DK Scarf Video Tutorial by Lucy Neatby

All the techniques used in making the Igloo DK Scarves are carefully demonstrated in these seven videos.

  1. Two Colour Cast-On
  2. Yarn Consumption
  3. Igloo Scarf, Rows 1 to 3
  4. Scarf 1, Rows 4 and 5
  5. Scarf 1, Rows 6 to 8
  6. Scarf 2, Rows 5 to 8
  7. Bind-Off

Regular Price: $9.99
Special Introductory Price (until March 16 only): $5.00

Knitting Tip

Double Knitting Technique Club


Our DK Technique Club membership continues to grow steadily. I've been filming several new videos which we will be adding to the Archive soon.
The following topics are currently available to Club members:

0 - Advanced Double Knitting Introduction
1 - Differing Stitch Numbers in DK Layers
2 - Tubular Cast-On for Middle-Out DK with One Yarn
3 - Tubular Cast-On for Middle-Out DK with Two Yarns
4 - Tubular Cast-On for Middle-Out DK with Two Yarns into Pattern
5 - Flat, Exterior-Opening, DK Pocket Worked from the Opening Edge
6 - Pocket Top Finishes
7 - Moving Wrongly Positioned K1-O-k1 Increases on Two Sides
8 - Three Methods for Bi-Coloured Bind-Off
9 - Alternative-Rotation Purling in a Flat Fabric
10 - Alternative-Rotation Purling in the Round
11 - Right-hand Side Opening Pocket with a Vertical Garter Stitch Border
12 - Right-hand Side Opening Pocket with a Sloped Garter Stitch Border
13 - Left-hand Side Opening Pocket with a Vertical Garter Stitch Border
14 - Left-hand Side Opening Pocket with a Sloped Garter Stitch Border
15 - Long-Tail Cast-On in Two Colours
16.1 - Top-Down Pocket in the Round (Part A)
16.2 - Top-Down Pocket in the Round (Part B)
17 - Alternative Cast-On for Middle-Out DK

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