I enjoyed a busy, family-filled holiday season this year. What fun!

Dear Knitting Friends,

Happy New Year!
Welcome to a Brave New Year of stitches waiting to be knit! I so often feel that we who create with our hands are the most fortunate of souls. We have something constructive and satisfying with which to entertain ourselves under a wide range of circumstances. A good yarn stash and some needles represent unlimited promise.

I've loved (and periodically felt overwhelmed by) my large family Christmas, this year with the added bonus of a visiting Grandma from the UK, knitting friends and all of my children home and about. Add in two late December birthdays and you'll agree that we've had a wild round of celebration, with many special food requests! I've been regularly grounding myself through the season's modest dramas with another round or two on the Zinnia DK Blanket, which is now up to 1200 sts per round. I really don't want any of the fun to end!

The Zinnia Blanket is growing like a weed! Our Latest Experiment--The Zinnia PIP!
We have launched the Zinnia project as a Pattern-in-Progress (PIP) Club on the website and quite a gang of sporting knitters have already joined; they are working alongside me as it grows. I'm not sure we'll be able to do this with every new design, but it's a fun experiment! I'm receiving lots of interesting feedback from my PIP knitters and am looking forward to seeing even more progress pictures on the Ravelry thread dedicated to this mini-club.

A view of downtown Tancook Adventure Knitting
As the New Year is now here I'll be getting together with Hillary to plan this September's Knitting on the Wild Side trip to Big Tancook Island. My island friends are already asking when the knitters are coming! You guys made a great contribution to their lives and they can't wait to host more of you.
Judy Fawcett has recently published a fuller description of our 2013 Adventure Knitting trip to the Magdalen Islands in Quebec for your entertainment. For a full account of the 2013 trip, please see her blog post

Wishing You Many Happy Stitches in 2014,


Product News

Sunburst DK Blanket

Sunburst DK Blanket (#7126) by Lucy Neatby

The Sunburst Pattern is finally available from our website!
This is a spectacularly warm, double-layer blanket.
Cast on, then keep knitting forever! It's very soothing, with none of the normal hurry-up-to-finish pressure. Just something lovely to knit on, whenever you need it. Allow a full pregnancy if it's for a baby.
May be worked fullsize for blanket or partway only for a chairpad or placemat.

An eight-part Tutorial is available for this pattern.

Yarn: Kauni Effektgarn
Size: Variable
Skill Level: Advanced
Techniques: dk cast-on in the round, dk in the round, applied i-cord
Price: $7.00

Zinnia DK Blanket PIP

Zinnia Blanket PIP (#7130) by Lucy Neatby

Although the Zinnia Blanket is not due to be released as a complete pattern before the spring, this is your chance to join me as the design develops! We are calling it a Pattern-In-Progress, or PIP, and it is being supported in our Club format.
At the end of this adventure, PIP members will have the complete pattern for the Zinnia Blanket plus a copy of the Zinnia Tutorial free of cost (also in progress)!
For extra background material, you may wish to buy the Sunburst Blanket Tutorial. It contains many of the techniques you are likely to need while knitting your Zinnia.
For additional chat and support, join our lively Ravelry discussion thread.
You are very welcome to join us at any time while this PIP group exists. Come and grow a Zinnia with me!

Yarn: Kauni Effektgarn
Size: Variable
Skill Level: Advanced
Techniques: dk cast-on in the round, dk in the round, threading stitches in dk, applied i-cord
Price: $9.00

Lucy's Tutorials

My Tutorials help you along while knitting many of my designs.

My Tutorials are collections of Technique Videos specially conceived to help you step-by-step when knitting many of my patterns. With them, you can see the garment being knit in real-time, with a special emphasis on the more challenging elements of the design. They are approximately 30-40 minutes each and have immense value, even beyond the specific pattern they support. As of January 20, 2014, the Tutorial prices will rise to $9.95 each. This is your last opportunity to buy my Tutorials for half-price.

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