Our special Holiday Sale starts tomorrow, November 26!

Dear Knitters,

This going to be brief: our ten-day Online Sale begins tomorrow, November 26! Stephanie and I are scurrying around, getting the word out and finalizing the details. Please have a look below for specific offers - there will be great bargains to be found in the following departments:

The special price on my DVDs is a first: we have never before reduced their price out of respect to the stores that sell them. I hope you will take this opportunity to complete your DVD collections, as there are still times when virtual just isn't enough!

As of January 2014, my Tutorials prices will be increasing. This is your last chance to download them for $5 each: at over 20 minutes each in video instruction, they are amazing accompaniments to some of my most popular patterns!

My Sunburst Blanket: available exclusively at Patternfish until January 2014 My Newest Pattern
The Sunburst Blanket pattern and Tutorial have now been released, and will be available exclusively at Patternfish until the New Year. They are dear friends of ours and this is a token of our appreciation to them.
Now that the weather is cooling down, I see this as a perfect time to cast on for a double-knit blanket. You can even get a great deal on the Kauni Yarn during the sale!

I have to admit that I have missed knitting the Sunburst Blanket, it having been a constant companion since March. I held out for a full 6 weeks before giving in and casting on another one. I finished my wrangling with a deadline project and needed something on the needles to help me through the last few travel trips of the year. You guessed it, I cast on another blanket! I started on a new variation and it's turning out gloriously. This one will be the Zinnia Blanket. It's growing at quite a pace considering its already significant number of stitches and I've been immensely grateful for it during the many visits to the hospital (we are not out of the woods yet). Progress pictures of the new blanket will appear on Facebook and my blog as it grows.

Our in-person Sale shopping days are November 28, 29 and 30, from 1pm-4pm daily. As I will be largely manning this myself, please check the Newsbox on the website's Home Page prior to attending in case of any last minute emergencies here.

Wishing you Happy Holiday Shopping and, as always,
Happy Stitches,


Product News

Sunburst Blanket

Sunburst DK Blanket Pattern by Lucy Neatby

Cast on, then keep knitting forever! It's very soothing, with none of the normal hurry-up-to-finish pressure. Just something lovely to knit on, whenever you need it. Begin with a tubular circular cast on, then continue working in circular double layer knitting. Easily finished whenever you wish with an I-cord bind off. May be worked as a place mat, seat pad or blanket. A supporting Tutorial for this pattern is available - The following topics are covered:

1 - Simulated in the round swatch
2 - Alternative Cast-on for Middle-out DK
3 - Tubular CO and Rnds 1 - 3
4 - Alternative purling
5 - Regular wedge sequence
6 - Variations
7 - Applying the I-cord
8 - Making an invisible join in I-cord

This pattern and Tutorial are available exclusively from Patternfish as their official 15000th pattern until January 2014.

Yarn: Kauni Effektgarn in two colourways
Size: variable
Skill Level:Advanced
Techniques: Double-Knitting in the Round, making increases in Double-Knitting, applied I-Cord
Price: $7.00

Early Bird Holiday Sale

name of image

We are hosting two concurrent sales this Holiday Season! The Pre-Inventory Holiday Sale will run Online at LucyNeatby.com for a full ten days, and an accompanying In-House Holiday Sale for local knitters will be held during the afternoons of November 28th, 29th and 30th from 1 pm to 4 pm.

My ten-day Online Pre-Inventory Holiday Sale at LucyNeatby.com starts Tuesday November 26, and will end on Friday December 6

Reduced Yarn Prices!

Learn With Lucy Titles!

Learn With Lucy books will be 50% off, that is:

See our Clearance Section for further sale prices

Please note that sale prices have already been applied to the products in question. Shipping/handling fees and any applicable taxes are not included in the sale prices, and we are only able to provide you with the sale items while supplies last.

My three-day In-House Holiday Sale will be held from 1:00-4:00 pm local time during the afternoons of November 28, 29 and 30!
Local knitters will be offered the same deals as above, as well as some additional in-person specials on items (such as Addi Turbo Needles!) we'd like to clear from our shelves--you'll just have to come by and have a look for yourselves!

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