This autumn has seen me teaching in many different venues: from aboard a ferry in Quebec to yarn shops, Guilds and Community spaces. Here is one such space, just waiting to be filled with enthusiastic knitters!

Dear Knitters,

My sister joined us on our Adventure Knitting Trip this past September Travels with Lucy
Fall is fully upon us once more. It's been a superb autumn, with many clear days and the foliage truly in its glory.
This season's teaching trips have taken me far and wide: from Quebec's beautiful Magdalen Islands on Canada's East Coast all the way across the country to British Columbia. This past weekend found me in New York State, and I'll be in Vermont and Pennsylvania later this month.

Natural Bridge, Yoho National Park October in British Columbia
I enjoyed both fabulous weather and generous hosts during my October trip out west. My first stop was in Vancouver, British Columbia and, believe it or not, there really are snow-covered mountains visible from downtown. I had previously thought it only a myth, they are breathtaking!
Onwards I flew, to Calgary, where I was greeted by a delightful gang of knitters and spinners. They took me to Golden, B.C., a town on the other side of the Rockies from Vancouver, closer to the border with Alberta. We drove there via Yoho National Park, with stops at the Takakkaw Falls and Natural Bridge, a spectacular scenic route.
After several enjoyable teaching days, I travelled onwards to venues in Kamloops, then Vernon and finally, Salmon Arm, B.C. I had originally planned on spending one last night and flying out in the morning, but rearranged my itinerary at the last minute in order to make it home to Dartmouth at the soonest.

I'm looking forward to skiing with my recuperating patient in the New Year. Meanwhile, Back at Home
I returned home to an adjusted domestic landscape and have been trying to balance care but not hovering, work but not appearing to do so, and the usual domestic chores plus any lifting of items over 10 pounds! I'm happy to report that the patient is slowly but steadily improving and should be almost fit by ski season. I've written more extensively about these goings-on on my blog.

Two More Trips to Go!
I'm on my last two teaching trips of the fall: this past weekend saw me at the Cornwall Yarn Shop in New York state, which will be followed by visits to White River Yarns in Vermont and Mountain Knits and Pearls in Pennsylvania later this month. I hope to see you there, meeting knitters is always a joy!

Sunburst DK Blanket The Sunburst Blanket Pattern will soon be Released
I didn't manage much constructive knitting or thinking whilst on the road in BC, but have finally gotten back to writing the Sunburst Blanket pattern now. I'd been mulling over how best to do this for months. I didn't feel the need to to describe every single round because of the blanket's logical progression and I think I've finally hit upon how best to present it. The pattern will be labelled Advanced, not so much because of its level of difficulty, but rather due to my not having written out every one of the 172 or more possible rounds!

Igloo DK Hats Igloo Hats, Cowls and Headbands
The Igloo Series has proven a big hit, with many of them flying off the needles! These are fun and quick double-knitting projects that a knitter can really sink his/her teeth into. After some thought, I even adjusted the Igloo Cowl/Headband pattern to provide a second Hat option: a bottom-up version rather than the top-down of the original.
I've been so enamored with the Igloo patterning that I've incorporated it into an as-yet "top secret" pattern I'm working on for a certain publication. I'll let you know about that cat once it's ready to be released from the bag!

Susan's lovely Fiesta Stocking Our Annual Holiday Sale
In lieu of our annual Open House, we have decided to hold two very special alternate seasonal sales at the end of this month:
Our website sale will run from November 25th to December 1st, and the in-person sale for local knitters will be held during the afternoons of November 28th to 30th from 1300 to 1600 daily. We'll be sure to keep you posted of the details.

Meet the Crew!
We're going to be experimenting with my blog over the next few months. In an effort to boost our Social presence on the web, I've been trying to add blogposts more regularly. With this in mind, I decided to enlist the help of my staff. So, interspersed with my ongoing posts, my friends/colleagues will be chiming in to introduce themselves and share some of the work they do to help me keep our business running. Some of them are dear friends whom I've known for years, not to mention accomplished knitters in their own rights!
Susan will be the first to guest-blog: as you know, she recently moved across the country to British Columbia and we miss her dearly. Luckily for me, though, she does still work with us in a more virtual capacity. We love to catch up via Skype and I was so pleased to visit with her during my trip out west.
I do hope you'll come by and have a read.

Happy Stitches,


DK Hats: Try Your Hand at DK Knitting in the Round

a collection of DK Hats

Don't forget that you still have plenty of time to knit many DK hats before the snow flies: they are not only warm but will convince doubters that knitters are both cool and clever! Susan is also running a Sky Diamond Hat Knit-Along on our Ravelry DK Technique Club Group through the month of November, which anyone can join!

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