Exciting DK Club News!

Dear Knitters,

Big Tancook, Nova Scotia Summer is just flying by here, intermittently roasting and then chilling us with wet Atlantic fog, but I'm loving every minute of it (and trying to utilize every second). I have so many plans and never enough time!

Diane's beautiful Sunburst blanket The Sunburst Blanket is still on the needles, currently with about 1300 sts per round - yes, that is the correct number of zeroes! The weather is now frequently too warm to work on this giant piece of art, but it is an excellent fall-back project for those foggy drizzly days.

my newest DK Hat design--the Igloo Hat my newest DK Hat design--the Igloo Hat I have tried valiantly to resist starting any more new projects until the Little Book of BIG Holes for Hand-Knitters! is done. I really didn't want to be distracted, but lately the book has been with Lynda Gemmell for more layout and tech work.
I found myself needing a small project for our camping trip to Kejimkujik and wouldn't you know it, a fun new DK hat was born! Now I'm turning out Igloo Hats like a knitter just slightly beyond the fringe. I'm quite powerless to resist this amount of fun.

filming technique I'm knitting a lot of samples and swatches to use in filming these days. Not only am I continually adding to my free Youtube videos, but I also have a new Tutorial series to accompany the Igloo Hat in the works, as well as my forthcoming Double Knitting Technique Club (more about this exciting project below!). I spend every evening preparing the next day's swatches and, in the case of the soon-to-be-released Igloo Hat Pattern and Tutorial, knitting it to the next filming point. Then I have to stop and wait until each lesson has been properly filmed and edited. In the morning, I continue where I'd left off the night before.

Hugs and Kisses Double-Knit Scarf Big News for Lucy's Double Knitting Technique Club
We have set the launch date for the new DK Club! We go live on September 2nd, 2013.
We have had a number of enthusiastic inquiries and have decided to open pre-registrations on August 1st: as the club will not be available for purchase on the website before the official launch date, pre-registration will be by phone or email. Please see below for full details about the club and how to take advantage of our August special offer. I will be (wo)manning the phone in person on August 1st and 2nd. Call me, I'd love to hear from you!

Happy Stitches,


Coming in September 2013:Lucy Neatby's Double Knitting Technique Club

my DK Technique Club is ready to be launched!

This is the club for all who have discovered the magic of double knitting and are now lusting after more advanced forms of DK sorcery! My Double Knitting Technique Club will provide you with an ongoing supply of new techniques, in video format supplemented by workshop-style notes. Members will pay a one-time fee, with no annual renewals. Your growing library of videos and notes will be stored in your Notebook under Knitting Clubs at lucyneatby.com. You may download the videos anytime you wish, but will not need to archive them as they will always remain in your Notebook . I will be adding new videos periodically and the written notes will continue to evolve. (Please note: This club will not offer yarn packs or full patterns.)

As a young knitter working at sea, I often had spare time with nowhere to go; this is when I began to experiment with the mechanics of knitting. The joy of knitting engineering has never left me. As you may know, I have been hook-line-and-sinker possessed by double knitting for many years now. My obsess preoccupation has led me to explore ways to make my double knitting produce all kinds of weird and wonderful effects. These somewhat-less-than-mainstream DK ideas are the ones I will be sharing in the DK Technique Club collection. Most will be techniques I have not yet incorporated into patterns, but will come in handy for the intrepid double knitter!

side-opening DK pocket For instance, you may have the perfect cardigan, but find that it needs a perfectly finished, side-opening DK pocket: I will show you how to make one in this club, both left- and right-opening.

I will be using the contents of my Double Knitting Delight DVD and Craftsy class as reference material, so you will need access to both in order to cover the basics of DK.

We will be setting up a Ravelry forum for this club, separate from the general Neatby Knitters group. This is where you will be able to ask questions, revel in all things DK, comment on the videos, or pose a DK challenge - it may even lead to a new video! All Ravelry members will, of course, be welcome.
Knitters who preregister to the DK Technique Club in August will receive a free Double-Knitting pattern of their choice! Telephone us at 1-866-272-7796 or email us at info@lucyneatby.com starting on August 1st at 12:00 noon Atlantic Daylight Time for the early bird sign-up price of $39.95. The first 25 Club Members to sign up will also receive a free video download copy of my Double Knitting Delight DVD!
The club will be priced at $45.00 CAD and go live on September 2, 2013, at which point it can be purchased directly from the website.

Watch the whimsical introductory video filmed on location by Hillary on Tancook Island, please excuse the noisy waves!

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