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Dear Knitters,

Have we already passed from May into June? I could be forgiven for not realizing this as the weather here continues cool, damp and, frankly, soggy. I think all of Nova Scotia came out to enjoy the few days of sun and warmth we were treated to last week, after what seemed like months of bad weather. Many a sunburnt face was forced back indoors when the rain and storms made an unwelcome reappearance this past weekend!

Another Tancook Adventure
After four years of tolerating my nearly 10 foot tall hedge on the island, I decided it must go. It was starting to steal the view and was just too dense, even as a bird habitat.
As I did not relish tackling this task alone, I enlisted the help of my quicksilver son and his chainsaw. By some miracle, not only did we catch the one beautiful weekend in April, but the offending hedge was also dry. We set right to work disconnecting the branches from the trunk of the first tree.
Upon realizing that the limbs were irrevocably intertwined and did not wish to part, we could appreciate the magnitude of the task. We would need someone even mightier to get this job done.

Fiona Enter our secret weapon: Fiona the Tractor! With her horsepower and a grappling hook, we developed a system of threading a rope through the tangled brush and hauling until it pulled away (a technique perhaps not sanctioned by the folks at Health and Safety).
As always, I loved working with my tractor and now have a desire to try ploughing. Maybe I'll even plant some potatoes next year! I wonder if deer eat potato plants...
Sadly, I'm going to have to cool my heels for this season, as poor Fiona has gone back to the mainland for some major engine work. At the end of our weekend I booked her on a high tide sailing and now can't wait to have her back.

birdhouse My plan for the remaining hedge stumps is to use them as a faux fence and adorn them with bird feeders, bird houses and a few colourful wooden birds. Planting wild roses at the base will create the final touch!

view from the Narrowboat Spring Travels
I've been east and west this spring: teaching classes, visiting my daughters in Ontario and finally making a family trip to the UK. Yorkshire in May was rather damp but heartmeltingly beautiful. We arrived in time to join in celebrating a family wedding in a castle and then tried something new... Narrowboating: I fell in love with it!

Back Home, Back to Work
Spindrift Capelet Now that I'm home, it's all systems go to finish the editing on the Little Book of BIG Holes for Hand-Knitters, but I can't help but find myself being distracted by...

Double Knitting: More Fun is in the Works!
Bubbles Scarf I am starting an online knitters' club: Lucy's DK Techniques. You will be able to join the club from my website with a one-time membership fee. Access to the club materials will be through a "Clubs" button in your Notebook. Our proposed launch date is September 1st, 2013 -- a back-to-school treat for double-knitters.
This club is a direct result of so many of you asking for more double knitting techniques, of seduced knitters giving reams of positive feedback to my Double Knitting Class on Craftsy, and the fact that my Double Knitting Delight DVD has become one of our most popular "Learn with Lucy" titles. Obviously, knitters are discovering the creative gold-mine that is double-layer knitting, and I am so pleased! Both my Craftsy class and Double Knitting Delight 1 DVD only scratch the surface of the entertaining things that can be done with double knitting.

Storm Mountain Hat I had considered making a more advanced double knitting DVD, but my web guru suggested that I forgo the DVD route entirely and go with online videos. Since the DVD series was originally produced, there has been a huge increase in networking speed, download speed, and memory size in our computers and digital devices (and tablets and many laptops no longer even have a DVD drive): it makes sense to provide you with a format that is easily streamed from the website or downloaded to any device you wish. The 16 DVDs that have been converted to downloadable and online viewable videos are very user-friendly in this format.

The structure of the DK club will be informal and interactive: A collection of DK technique videos and supporting text and diagrams will be available in your Notebook. We will begin with a small collection of videos; new videos and notes will be added regularly. An accompanying Forum Group for Lucy's DK Techniques Club will be launched on Ravelry to share joys, accomplishments, chatter and questions.
Eventually, this will give you an encyclopedic collection of intermediate to advanced DK resources! Your input on what techniques you think I should include are welcome at any time.
Double Knitters, does this idea appeal to you? I'd love a quick note from you with your opinions or suggestions.

Happy Stitches,


Our New and Improved Subscription Service

digital DVDs We have been offering a monthly subscription service to the Learn with Lucy DVD Series for several years now and have decided to offer the downloadable videos as well! Just let us know which of the 16 titles you wish to collect and how many you would like per month. We will bill you at the start of every month and add each new title to your Notebook for viewing or download. We accept payment through Paypal, or can charge your MasterCard or Visa credit card.

Craftsy Class Update

name of image After all the preparation, pattern writing, test knitting and filming, my Craftsy class was very well launched. We now have more than 1600 happy knitters learning about the world of double-layer knitting. The class has received great reviews, such as this one.
I love the conversations that we engage in. I try my best to answer the questions my students pose in as timely a manner possible (barring Narrowboating trips with less-than-optimal Internet Connectivity!) I love it when new photos of the double-knit projects are added to the gallery.

The three class projects (which are only available with this class) are listed below:
Phone Cozy
Techniques used: Single yarn double knitting in Stocking and Garter stitch, separating the layers, I-cords.
Gadget Bag
Techniques used: One-colour tubular cast on, Single yarn double knitting Stocking stitch tube, separating layers, Slip raised increase, double-knit pocket in the round, pocket finishing techniques, large Hole technique.
Gemini Double-soled Socks
Techniques used: Decorative Holey edging, Garter stitch short-row heel, knit&purl increase, double-knit pocket in the round, decreasing to a single fabric.

Use this link to buy the class for half price!

Upcoming Sale!

name of image Mark your calendars for our big Canada Day/4th of July Sale
Some of you missed our launch sale of the video download versions of my 16 Learn with Lucy titles last December, so we've decided to make them available for a celebratory 40% off during the first week in July! What a great opportunity to complete your collection!

Android Users

name of image Hundreds of knitters have now installed my Patterns Plus interactive app. If you have it and find it useful, how about going to GooglePlay right now and posting a short review? The poor thing has none yet!

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