Foundations in Double Knitting

Dear Knitters,

Stop the presses, we are officially launching my Craftsy knitting class tomorrow, Wednesday, March 27th!
I am thrilled to share with you what the wonderful crew at Craftsy and I were filming last month in their studios in Denver, Colorado. The class is called Foundations of Double Knitting and, with its help, I hope to lure you into the wonderful world of Double-Layer Knitting!

the Phone Cozy I was given a sneak peek at the material last week and am so pleased with it. There is more camera time on the hands and stitches, which is very important to me as a knitting instructor. I always love for my students to get a bird's eye view of what I am teaching. I seem to have remembered everything I wanted to say, as well, which is a relief!

Foundations of Double Knitting consists of over 4 hours of instruction, giving the student a visual demonstration of every step. This is by far more than I can cover in a 2-day workshop! As a Craftsy Instructor, I will be available to my students with questions and feedback relating to the course. Students can post their projects on the Craftsy site and be inspired by other students' projects, too.

the Gadget Bag In this class, I introduce my students to the wonders of Double Knitting and cover a multitude of topics such as:

-How to knit two layers of fabric simultaneously on the same needles
-Traditional and tubular cast-ons and bind-offs
-Double knitting in stockinette and reverse stockinette
-How to spot and fix mistakes
-How to shape fabric through increases, decreases, quilting and stuffing
-Double-knitting in the round
-How to go from single-knit to double-knit fabric and back again
-How to add pockets and knit a handle
-Tips for knitting sock heels
-Techniques for yarn management in two-color double knitting
-Tried and true double-knitting techniques as well as my personal favourite work-arounds

Gemini Socks I have included three brand new patterns with the course materials which students will feel capable of tackling after having participated in the class! They are: the Phone Cozy, the Gadget Bag and the Gemini Double-Soled Socks.
I loved knitting my samples with Blue Moon Fiber Arts yarn and Tina is offering kits for all three projects, using those same yarns.

I'm a Craftsy Instructor I'm very excited about this method of teaching and the people at Craftsy have been great to work with. The format of the classes at Craftsy is ideal for online teaching for several important reasons:

-I can cover far more material than in a regular one day workshop.
-The students can watch as many times as they wish, rewatch segments again and again while working at their own pace.
-Students are given a bird's eye view of the techniques I am teaching.
-It's a far greener way of reaching a wider student base, who will all hopefully become ardent knitters as a result.
-Much as I try, it's hard to be in two places at once, and this is easier than cloning!

Did you know that this young business has grown by leaps and bounds since its inception under 2 years ago? Craftsy only works with top instructors across all craft fields, including quilting, knitting, sewing, crochet, felt, costumes, furniture refinishing, jewelry making, clothing up-cycling, wine and cooking. New knitting courses are filmed an average of twice per month.
I think you agree that Craftsy is becoming a wonderful online resource for the crafting community.

We are delighted to give you and your friends an introductory half price offer to the class! Just make sure to use this link when purchasing.

sample knitting

Happy Stitches,


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Kauni EKS-Spring Violets

Kauni Effektgarn EKS-Spring Violets

Sea Lettuce Scarf We were excited to receive the newest Kauni colourway in our collection. This colour is perfect for spring and made me think of the violets I am anxious to see in my yard soon! I couldn't resist this new yarn, and immediately cast on for a triple-stranded Sea Lettuce Scarf. I used one 150 gram ball to knit the scarf for my Sea Lettuce Tutorial last month!

Price: $24.95 per ball

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