Storm Mountain Double Knit Hat

Dear Knitters,

New Developments in 2013
Storm Mountain Hat Our first pattern of the New Year is ready to roll. This winter has been cold and windy and my new Storm Mountain Hat is the perfect antidote! It's fun to knit and comes with its own optional Tutorial, consisting of eight topics, all aimed at enriching your knitting experience. This is our third Tutorial of four and I plan to make them a regular feature of my new knitting patterns. The Tutorials work like the video-download versions of my DVDs: once purchased, they are archived in your Notebook and may be streamed or downloaded from any of your devices. We have priced them competitively at $5.00 and I encourage you to try them. You do not have to buy the pattern in order to purchase a Tutorial. Think of them as mini-DVDs!

Lucy's Craftsy class When making the statement about Storm Mountain being my first pattern of 2013, my thoughts ran along the lines of, "What have I been doing? it's already March!" Then I remembered my busy February, spent teaching on the road and, of course, preparing, knitting for and filming my upcoming Craftsy class! I will be presenting three new patterns, which were designed specifically to accompany the course material. These were extensively tested, worked and written behind the scenes. We are eagerly awaiting the launch of the Craftsy class and anxious to announce it very soon!

Spindrift Necklet I have also been putting a lot of my time and energy into finishing the last details of my upcoming Little Book of BIG Holes for Hand-Knitters. I seem to always find one more detail to work out, or have another last-minute idea which NEEDS to be included, so this final flurry does feel quite relentless at times! This is another project I'm hoping to release shortly.

Andean Vest KnitCompanion's Sally Holt has asked me to be a part of another exciting venture!
kClub is a unique annual club running from April to March that brings together leading designers, fibre artists and crafters using technology to provide a live and interactive experience. The membership includes four Designer Spotlights (including one with me) which feature unique projects for the club to explore through the year. My focus will be on the Andean Vest Recipe which I'm digitizing just for kClub. I will also be providing some smaller project ideas using the recipe's principles and techniques. Sally is planning a KAL for each Spotlight, and kClub also provides additional Special Events and deep-dive knitCompanion sessions.

On a More Personal Note
Tancook Window Quilt Hexagons Quilt I've finished two more quilt tops this week. As I've mentioned before, I have my Tancook quilts separate from the at-home ones and now have a finished project in each place. I was relieved to get the Dartmouth Hexagons Quilt ready for an upcoming family event this spring. My Tancook Window Quilt is a riot of colour and has been so much fun to create. Onwards to free-motion quilting them both!

Heathrow 1992 John, our three small children and I embarked on an adventure on March 7 twenty-one years ago when we emigrated from Wales in England to Canada. This is where I began my career as a designer and professional knitter and was able to embrace my love of colour! My kids grew up here and we all still live in and love our adopted home that is Canada.

Upcoming Travels
Knitting Essentials I am off on another teaching trip next month: the flights have been booked and plans made for mid-April to early May. I will start this journey in New Hampshire, visiting the Elegant Ewe in Concord, then off to Yorkshire Yarns in Lakewood, Washington and finally Nine Rubies in San Mateo, California. My last stop is Cotton-By-Post in London, Ontario and I will be taking the opportunity to visit my girls, who are both currently residing in Ontario. It will be lovely to visit their new homes and I do miss them, not having seen them since the holidays.

Our September 2013 Adventure Knitting Trip with Judy Fawcett filled up in record time! I'm looking forward to knitting with old friends and meeting new ones, and am excited to meet the non-knitting companions joining us this year. I'm even planning a few classes for them and am hoping for a few converts by the end of our journey! Judy has created a waiting list and will happily place you on it if you send her an email.

With Gratitude
A heartfelt thank you to everyone who made our Blizzard Sale a big success. We had a record number of knitters stop by my Ravelry store over the past month and I'm looking forward to seeing the resultant projects!

Happy Stitches,


Product News

Storm Mountain DK Hat

#1124 Storm Mountain DK Hat by Lucy Neatby

And now for a different double-layer hat,this time with built-in insulating air spaces between the layers. This warm hat uses two yarns; the inner yarn is the only one that touches the head and it occasionally appears on the public side of the hat. The exterior colour only ever appears on the outside of the hat. This arrangement allows for fun colour play and the possibility of using the softest yarns next to the skin. The air spaces are creating by working more rounds on the exterior fabric than on the interior layer. I've filmed an eight topic Tutorial specific to this pattern(see below).

YouTube:Two supporting videos for this pattern are also available:
Simulated In-The-Round DK Swatching Technique and
Long-Tail Cast-On:Hints and Tips to help get you started.

Yarn: 50-75g each of two yarns, Fingering to Worsted Weight.
Size: Child to Adult
Skill Level: Intermediate
Techniques: Double-layer knitting, DK decreases
Price: $7.00

Storm Mountain DK Hat Tutorial

Storm Mountain DK Hat Techniques Tutorial (38 mins)

Eight videos describing all the techniques for making my Storm Mountain Hat.

1 - Tail Yarn Butterfly: 1min 30sec
2 - Optional Bi-coloured Cast-on: 5min 56sec
3 - Rounds 1 - 3: 5min 15sec
4 - Rounds 4 and 5: 3min 59sec
5 - Rounds 6 and 7: 6min 14sec
6 - Counting Rounds: 3min 41sec
7 - Double-layer Decreases: 7min 48sec
8 - Hat Top Finishing: 5min 12sec
Price: $5.00
Little Joey Bag Tutorial

Little Joey Bag Techniques Tutorial (39 mins)

A tutorial of eight technique videos for knitting the Little Joey Bag.

1 - Tubular Cast-on onto Two Needles: 4min 39sec
2 - Working in the round from the Cast-on Edge: 7min 52sec
3 - Pocket Set-up Round: 3min 20sec
4 - Pocket Round 1: 4min 49sec
5 - Pocket Round 2: 2min 46sec
6 - Opening the Pocket: 4min 02sec
7 - Binding Off the Top: 6min 23sec
8 - Hand-felting the Joey Bag: 6min 03sec
Price: $5.00
Sea Lettuce Scarf Tutorial

Sea Lettuce Scarf Techniques Tutorial(38 mins)

Knit the Sea Lettuce Scarf like an expert! These 8 videos will show you how.

1 - Provisional Crochet Cast-on: 3min 27sec
2 - The First Wedge: 10min 14sec
3 - Removing the Provisional Edge: 5min 30sec
4 - The 7-Row Repeat: 4min 48sec
5 - Triple-strand Chain Knitting: 3min 26sec
6 - Working From the Right Needle to the Left: 3min 18sec
7 - Easy Garter Stitch Grafting: 8min 34sec
Price: $5.00
DK Hats Tutorial

DK Hat Techniques Tutorial (32 mins)

Six videos describing all the techniques for making several of my DK hats (except the Snowflake Baby Bonnet and Storm Mountain DK Hat)

1 - Casting-on for a DK Hat: 3 min 23sec
2 - Creating pattern in DK and Holding the Yarns: 6min 17sec
3 - Alternative Rotation Purls: 4min 58sec
4 - Hand and Yarn consistency: 3min 03sec
5 - Decreases in DK and Ribbing: 7min 00sec
6 - Finishing the Hat Top: 6min 41sec
Price: $5.00

When Silence is not Golden...

During the past year we have received emails from customers asking: "Why don't I ever get the Spun Yarn release announcements? I subscribed to your newsletter months ago!" It is a problem we have been trying to find an answer to. From our research, we know that all these knitters have something in common (besides a stash): their email is an @mac or @me address.

In the latest Macworld there appears to be a clue to this puzzling problem, quoted directly from Apple. Do read the article for more information if you are an Apple user.

You acknowledge that Apple is not responsible or liable in any way for any Content provided by others and has no duty to pre-screen such Content. However, Apple reserves the right at all times to determine whether Content is appropriate and in compliance with this Agreement, and may pre-screen, move, refuse, modify and/or remove Content at any time, without prior notice and in its sole discretion, if such Content is found to be in violation of this Agreement or is otherwise objectionable. (Emphasis added)

As we can not figure out what it is in our email's subject line or content that Apple objects to, there is no way to get the emails through Apple's filtering system and to your inbox. The workaround for @mac, @me and users who really would like to get the Spun Yarn announcement:

  1. Get a Gmail account and check for messages by logging in to
  2. From your Gmail account, write to with Subscribe in the subject line.
  3. Virtually Yours,

March Pattern Offer

Annapurna and Sky Diamond DK Hats

I was inspired to design double-layered hats this winter, and am enjoying seeing other people's versions of them. Test-knitter extraordinaire, Diane, made a grand total of FOURTEEN hats based on my Sky Diamond and Annapurna patterns in time for Christmas! In honour of this, we are offering both of these patterns at half-price ($3.50 each) from today until Tuesday, March 26 only.
At such a great price, you will surely want to order the accompanying Techniques Tutorial!

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