les Iles de la Madeleine

Greetings Knitting Friends,

lovely Quebec scenery Adventure Knitting 2013
This is a very quick update to let you know that we will shortly be opening bookings for my Adventure Knitting trip to Quebec in September of this year.
This voyage, masterfully coordinated and researched by Judy Fawcett, begins and ends in the fascinating city of Montreal. After the initial 2 days, we will board the St. Lawrence ferry, the MS C.T.M.A Vacancier, and cruise downriver, knitting, dining and making various stops en route to Les Iles-de-la-Madeleine. It promises to be a unique Acadian experience, with local music, storytellers and more!
My knitting agenda will focus on Double-layer Knitting.
But wait! Before you shy away, let me promise you that there is a type of double knitting for everyone, from easy single yarn double knitting, through the fun negative/positive, to the far more exotic with two very different sides. We will look at all of these types of double-layer knitting in a formal class setting and establish the project of your choice. It can be as simple or complex as you wish! My knitting guidance will be on hand as you learn to master this captivating form of knitting.
There are a limited number of spaces available, please e-mail Judy Fawcett at LLoyds Travel for full details of the trip.

Craftsy In other news, I'm just back from my Craftsy filming experience in Colorado. It was great fun and reminiscent of my DVD production days which, I hope, stood me in good stead. With fellow knitting teacher Stefanie Japel as my producer, I was assured that the best camera angles for this type of filming were being used.
The Craftsy crew takes great care of its instructors: I'd never had a dressing room, my clothes hung and steamed for me, or changed as many times in a day before. They made me feel very comfortable both on camera and off.
This locally-owned year-old company is already experiencing great success and has grown by leaps and bounds. Knitting classes are popular at Craftsy, with an average of two new courses being filmed every month.
A unique aspect of the Craftsy course is the ongoing interaction viewers can have with the instructors. We are available to clarify details and answer any number of questions on the topic covered. I'm looking forward to communicating with more knitters through this new and exciting venue!
My class's footage has been turned over to the editing department, which should have it ready for public viewing in the next three weeks or so. We will let you know as soon as it is available.

travel story

Coming Home
Heading homewards from Denver, via Montreal to Halifax, I decided to go for bust by using all of the upgrade certificates I've ever earned in order to claim a better seat on the first long flight. I completed the whole process on-line and was put on a waiting list. When checking in the next day, the chap said that I stood a good chance of making the upgrade.
I boarded the plane, settled in, then was asked if I'd like to move up! I did.
I happily sat down in my upgraded seat, pulled out my knitting and enjoyed a preflight glass of water. We sat a little longer. Finally, the pilot's voice came on over the PA to welcome us all aboard, then followed this with that doomed word, "However". It seems they had lost a nut from the cargo door, but were confident that they would shortly locate one.
Two hours and another glass of water later, we were finally released from the plane. The nut was being flown in from Toronto. (Don't they have hardware stores in Denver?)
So there went my upgrade experience. Eventually they determined that the crew would be out of hours when the nut arrived and they'd repair the door in the morning!
I took my chances, rebooked and squeaked through Toronto at a run to catch the last flight home, just hours before the snowstorm intensified.
It was 0330 in the morning and -24C when I made it home to enjoy a storm-stayed weekend at home with my husband. I'm glad to be back!

Happy Stitches,


February Promotion

Neatby Knitters Group on Ravelry

We are experimenting with our first Ravelry promotion this month. Buy any two of my patterns on Ravelry and receive the third one free! This special offer requires a coupon code, NEMO2013, in commemoration of last weekend's snowstorm. Tell your friends and take advantage of this sale, which ends on March 10, 2013.


Bubbles Scarf Detail

I've been trying something new with my blog lately; it's turning into my sandbox for teaching knitterly techniques and highlighting details of some of my patterns. I've been getting a lot of great response from my readers, which encourages me to post more!

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