Tancook goodbye

Dear Knitters,

tiles are in place tiles are in place Hooray!
The kitchen is finished. It's "only" been 15 months or so since we started, but the Lucky Rabbit tiles are now up and grouted, and they were well worth the wait. Okay, okay, I do still need to properly fill the cupboards!

downloadable videos are now available! An Exciting Announcement!
Lately we have been receiving requests such as this one from our customers: "I'd love to have your discs available on my laptop/ipad/phone, I'm sure you could do it." Your faith has been touching, and I finally have some wonderful news! My DVD series is becoming available as both streamed video and downloadable files. The first four 'virtual' DVDs - Knitting Essentials 1 and 2, and Sock Techniques 1 and 2 - are already for sale through the website. The other titles will become available over the coming months. You can now buy a video version of one my DVDs for just $19.99 (plus applicable taxes in Canada). See Corrie's article below for more details on how to purchase and play the newly formatted videos.
(This new format doesn't replace the regular DVD disc, it just adds to your options: you may even want both versions!)

Shuttling Knitters to the Gallery on Fiona September Memories
My Knitting on the Wild Side camp on Tancook Island has come and gone. It was a HUGE success, best described as a week-long kitchen party with levels of freedom, friendship and spontaneity not seen since childhood!
We had mostly beautiful sunny weather with just a bit of rain thrown in to keep us from feeling too spoiled. The local hosts were second to none, serving delicious meals, arranging taxi services from one end of the island to the other and providing us with every evening's entertainment. Besides meeting for class in the mornings, I made sure to leave lots of time for exploring the island, visiting the Gallery and, of course, knitting! Here is just a taste of some of the fun that was had.

tiles are in place On the Road Again
With those happy memories behind me, as well as a lovely, wi-fi-free long weekend spent with my husband, I feel rejuvenated and ready for the Autumn season of teaching trips. I'm on my first leg now, teaching in Ontario and Minnesota. After touching down back in Nova Scotia for just over a week, I will be off again; this time to enjoy some time with the knitters of Kentucky, Massachusetts and Florida. I love meeting people from so many different places, whose passion for knitting matches and even sometimes even surpasses my own! Please see my Workshops page for more details

Happy Stitches,


Product News

Happy Stitch Mittens

Happy Stitch Mittens (#2104) by Lucy Neatby

Beautiful warm, long-cuff, double layer mittens featuring my signature Happy Stitch motif, this pattern offers a fun double-knitting challenge for the Advanced Knitter.

This pattern features informative written instructions and detailed charts.

YouTube: Three supporting videos for this pattern are available:
Simulated Knit-In-The-Round Swatching Technique
Threading Stitches in Double-Knitting and
Setting in a Thumb in Double Knitting

Yarn: Main: Cat's Pajamas with Contrast: Schoppelwolle Zauberball 4-ply yarn
Size: Adult, adjustable by Needle Size
Skill Level: Advanced
Techniques: Two colour negative/positive double-layer knitting, threading, DK decreases, grafting.
Price: $9.00

Knit With Lucy App

The Knit Companion Knit With Lucy App

Here is a great Christmas present for the iPad/iPhone knitter in your life. I can't recommend the Knit with Lucy App enough! Featuring a multimedia approach to seven of my knitting patterns, this dynamic product combines the patterns with the patent pending KnitCompanion interactive platform. We have been getting lots of positive feedback, including a review in the online magazine, Knitty. All of us at the office are loving this app; Susan is already preparing a "Knit with Lucy" Knit-Along for the New Year. Join us at Neatby Knitters on Ravelry for great conversation and the chance to vote for your favourite "Knit With Lucy" pattern that should be considered!

Price: $19.99

Website News from Corrie Watt (erstwhile webmistress, now code monkey)

Lucy YouTube videos - Now just one click away in your Notebook,
'Learn With Lucy' DVDs - Now as Video Downloads

Registered Lucy Neatby website users will be familiar with MY NOTEBOOK and its features. We are thrilled to announce two brand new features for your Notebook: MY DVDs and YOUTUBE!

The smaller feature, YOUTUBE, will give you direct access to Lucy's YouTube videos - a service some of you have requested. (We too, think it is a great convenience.)

DOwnloadable Video is Now Available! The big feature: MY DVDs
As a result of the proliferation of tablet computers and smartphones, which do not play DVDs, more and more of you have been asking for downloadable versions of the 'Learn With Lucy' DVDs. After months of experimenting with video formats and display options, we can now begin to make downloadable DVD-videos available to you. Each of our DVDs is being converted to a video format playable on tablets, smartphones, laptops and desktop computers and can now be purchased as a video download (as well as in the original DVD format). Your personal MY DVDs section of your Notebook acts as a library in which the downloadable versions of the Learn with Lucy series you purchase will be stored for you: always accessible, always on tap.

In order to buy and access these DVD-videos, you need to have an account at lucyneatby.com (registration is free). When you buy the DVD-video, it will be put directly into your MY DVDs in MY NOTEBOOK. The video files for each "DVD" are downloadable as either whole Chapters or as separate Topics - this will enable you to download as much or as little as you like, in whatever combination you wish.

In MY DVDs, the contents for each DVD-video will be listed just as it is in the original DVD Menu. Since it is not possible to use the DVD navigation system in a video format, the videos will be displayed in a way that lets you find the chapter or topic easily. Each chapter is listed as a 'total chapter' and as partitioned into individual topics. Any patterns or text included on the original DVD will be listed at the bottom of the page, available to read or print.

You can play a video directly from MY DVDs or download the video and save it on your computer. The file size is included with each 'total chapter' video to make your download decisions easier (in case you are downloading on an expensive dataplan).
As with the PDFs, these videos will be stored in your NOTEBOOK permanently, so there is no need to download any unless you wish them to be available for off-line viewing.

You can play the videos directly from MY DVDs.
To add the videos to your iDevice for later viewing, please download them to the computer that you sync your iDevices from. After your next sync, you will find them on your iDevice.

Keep yourself in stitches,

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