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Dear Knitters,

wrist Now that we are all back at the office, everything is back to normal for the next few weeks. I was delighted to have my arm out of its plaster earlier than the doctors had predicted; I am doing my exercises but trying not to overuse it!
It was very educational to have temporarily lost my independence and I hope to absorb the lessons learned, but for now I am just happy to have it back in service and am itching to get out on my bike! Thank you all for your well wishes, warm thoughts and various offers of assistance.

A Special Birthday Surprise
my secret quilt project I can finally reveal my latest quilt - it was made for my mother-in law and I had to keep it under wraps until after our family gathering in Salcombe, Devon. This project presented quite a challenge for me as I was working in a rather non-Lucy palette! The final quilt blocks began with a squarish shape (adhering to Gwen Marston's delightfully fluid principles) and then grew by my adding triangles on each corner. I made as many of these until I was sated and then composed the blocks. When the quilt was done, I brought it with me to England and asked all the birthday attendees to sign the back, like a giant birthday card. Here is the full story of the secret event.

The final pieces are falling into place...
wrist My kitchen is looking glorious! The Lucky Rabbit tiles have arrived and John and I have installed most of them. The rest are awaiting grout and the last few pebbles now.

Our Knit Companion App--A Must-See!
Knit Companion logo Knit with Lucy app photo I was delighted to team up with Sally Holt of Knit Companion to create the Knit with Lucy app. Sally has truly outdone herself! Her groundbreaking software for Apple products allows you to use any knitting pattern and virtually cut and paste multiple charts together, use markers and make personal annotations, all on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.
Using the Knit Companion Platform, Sally and I have put together a Designer Collection featuring seven of my patterns ( Bicycle Socks, Faroese Flower Shawl, Christabel Cloche, Disappearing Dots Scarf, Cloud Scarf and Stole, Paradoxical Mittens and Kasbah Vest). Also included are several audio commentaries from me and relevant technique clips from my videos. I think it is very cool and the price, at $19.99, is a total bargain.

The Little Book of BIG Holes for Hand-knitters
Millefeuille Shawl My e-book is coming along nicely. It's still too soon to say when it will be released, but I'm hoping for this fall. This one will be digital only with many embedded film tutorials and lots of lovely pictures.
Lynda Gemmell of Cabin Fever is once again helping with the layout of the book. It's a lot easier to send the pictures to Lynda using my digital drawings rather than the hand-drawn pictures used in Cool Knitters Finish in Style. For Cool Knitters I had to Expresspost a huge pile of dog-eared sheets of paper for poor Lynda to untangle. I do think this will be easier! A bonus for me was how wild I could go with colour for a digital-only product!

Teaching Plans for the Fall
Tancook We are busily organizing our inaugural Knitting on the Wild Side Camp on Big Tancook Island: working out meal schedules, transportation, groceries, and, most importantly, keenly anticipating a lovely week chock full of knitting and fun! We've received some fantastic goodies from many of our knitting business friends including Blue Moon Fiber Arts, Curious Creek Fibers, Briggs & Little, Fleece Artist, Belfast Mini Mills, MacAusland's Woolen Mills, Ilga Leja, Lismore Sheep Farm and River John Needles, and Ross Farm. I think our participants will be delighted with what they will find in their Lucy bags! Our theme is Knitting from the Middle and will take us in many directions. I can hardly wait to meet the campers in Chester later this month. Watch my blog from September 15 to the 21st as we attempt to give you a day by day flavour of camp.

After our time on Tancook, I have one more local teaching date, on October 9 at the Nova Scotia Fibre Arts Festival in Amherst, hosted by the inimitable rug hooker Deanne Fitzpatrick. After that, I will be heading out on a much larger trip that will take me all the way from Ontario to Minnesota and Kentucky to Massachusetts and Florida! I will be home again by mid-November, just in time for Christmas preparations! See my Where's Lucy page for more details.

Happiest of stitches to you all,


Product News


Knit with Lucy by Lucy Neatby and Sally Holt

We feel privileged to join the remarkable Sally Holt in creating a Designer Collection of my patterns using her Knit Companion program. This collection features seven of my designs and is virtually an e-book rather than an app! Also included are audio commentary and relevant video technique clips embedded in the patterns.

We are already receiving lots of positive feedback about the app both via email to Tradewinds and on the Knit Companion user group on Ravelry. If you have already purchased the app, please be advised that Sally has added a minor update since its introduction.

Price: $19.99

Knitting Tip

Provisional Crochet Cast-On

The most incredibly useful technique for the blossoming knitter is the Provisional Crochet Cast On. This method gives a temporary cast-on edge which may be easily removed later to leave live loops which can then be used as stitches.

With a Temporary yarn (brightly contrasting to the Main colour), make a slip knot near the end. Place the crochet hook through the slipknot. Position the knitting needle to the left of the hook and on top of the provisional yarn leading to the ball.

*Reach across the needle with the crochet hook and catch the yarn with the hook, bringing a loop of yarn through the slip knot to create both a new crochet chain loop and forming a 'stitch' on the needle. Flip the yarn leading to the ball back behind the needle and repeat from *. When you have the required number of stitches on the needle, make a couple of extra chain loops (not around the needle) before cutting off the yarn and pulling the tail through the loop to secure it. This is the end from which the cast-on edge will be unravelled.

ALWAYS work one plain row or round in your main yarn. Remember that, when you remove the edge, your new stitches will be half a stitch out of alignment with the originals and when dealing with FLAT knitting there will be one stitch less that you originally had. Round knitting will maintain the same number of stitches.

See my recently uploaded Youtube videos Provisional Crochet Cast-On Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 and let me walk you through the process step by step and "in person"!

Susan and I have been busy uploading more video tutorials to my Youtube Channel. My most recent additions include Provisional Crochet Cast-On Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 ; Threading Stitches in Double-Knitting and the Simulated Knit-in-the-Round Swatch Technique. When you subscribe to my Youtube Channel, you will be informed every time I upload a new tutorial. "Liking" and "Commenting" on the videos will keep them coming!

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