Mille Feuille Scarf knit in Kauni yarns

Dear Knitters,

I'm back on the road again with a momentous personal week behind me. Not only did John and I celebrate our 30th Wedding Anniversary (we resolved not to let it be another 30 years before we go out for another dinner date!), but my youngest daughter finished her University education and I celebrated a birthday!

You heard it here first!
Spindrift detail While home, I was very absorbed with writing my upcoming e-book. All the diagrams have been drawn and the technical text has been written. It will be called A Little Book of Big Holes for Hand-knitters. As well as some tried-and-true favourites, the book will include several new designs with which I'm rather pleased: Air-Conditioned Gloves (full of holes and no fingers), the Perforated Hot Water Bottle Cover, and Chinese Lanterns are just a few. More keep popping of the needles faster than I can write them down! I'm anxious to finish this project so I can share it with you.

Kauni yarns Have you met this yarn?
Our Kauni yarns seem to be spreading their wings these days. Our shelves were suddenly rather bare, so we put in another huge order from Estonia. Susan is carefully tracking the shipments, in case our local post office decides they are too heavy to deliver (as has happened in the past). I love designing with this unique yarn; we have a collection of my Kauni knits on Flickr - it's fun and versatile to work with, so adaptable to a wide range of needle sizes and designs.

Tickled by the Attention...
We were delighted with Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's tale of the shark-finned Baby Venus Cardigan - if you haven't yet read her blog, check out her April 3rd entry. Her little knitting adventure coincided with my birthday when a few friends and I took time off work to enjoy some treats at Dartmouth's wonderful Two if By Sea cafe. Inspired by Stephanie's saga, we soon found ourselves debating the challenge of reading a knitting pattern and how hard it is not skip a little bit here or there! We have all been guilty of this. When helping customers(or ourselves!) experiencing difficulties with a pattern, we will often ask them to read the offending row out loud. It's amazing how that can solve the problem. Halfway through, the reader suddenly lets out an "Oh!" as s/he voices the tiny bit of text that the brain has been previously hop-skipping over and, almost magically, the problem is solved!

Blue Moose tile Blue Moose tile Take a look at these!
Five of my kitchen tiles from Lucky Rabbit Pottery are now complete. I was hoping that they would all be ready after my current teaching trip, but no such luck. It looks like I will have to wait until the end of June when I'm back from a family holiday in the UK. I'm anxious to see the rest of them! Please see my blog for progress pictures of the tiles.

Tancook daffodils Just before I left I managed to persuade a few of my Tancook-grown daffodils to bloom indoors.I didn't want to miss them all and they are running early. I also gave my sprouting tulips a stern talking to, requesting that they should hold off from blooming until I return. I wonder if they'll listen?

May Teaching Plans
I always enjoy visiting a new state and I only have a few more left to see. How exciting that my next trip will take me to Idaho for the first time! I'll be at the Fiber Train Festival, hosted by Puffy Mondaes in Nampa, after which I will be heading to Blazing Needles in Salt Lake City, Utah. We've opened up a few extra places in these classes, so if you are interested and are in the neighbourhood, please enquire of the hosts to see if there is room for you.

Nova Scotia Knitting Camp Update
downtown Tancook Knitting on the Wild Side, my first Tancook Island knitting camp this September is taking shape very nicely - we have a group of intrepid campers lined up. The menu and morning classes are all planned. Afternoons will technically be free time to enjoy the peace and solitude of the island but we have numerous other possibilities planned for those who wish to join in. I can hardly wait for the camp to start!

I'll draw this to a close and thank you all for the many and various birthday greetings.

Happy Spring Stitches to you,


Product News

Jazzknitting book

Jazzknitting by Ilisha Helfman

One of the many delightful tutors that I met at Madrona this year was Ilisha Helfman. I fell for her wonderful Jazz knitting technique and loved her execution of this free-spirited knitting. She has a slender, action-packed and inspiringly colourful book out which we have in stock for you now.

Price: $20.00
Knitter's Life List book

The Knitter's Life List by Gwen W. Steege

We are excited to carry this new title which serves as a wonderful resource for knitters of all abilities. It includes various sections, from hats, socks and scarves to finding your own community of knitters. This book also features interviews and mini-bios of influential knitwear designers. As per its name, every section includes a veritable bucket list of relevant patterns, techniques and trivia. It's a great and inspiring read, perfect for those new to the craft or those just stuck for fresh ideas.

Price: $29.95
Liberated Quiltmaking II book

Liberated Quiltmaking II

Mr. Cuddles loves my new quilt! This is the only quilting book you'll ever need and we have just replenished our stocks! This amazing book does not feature patterns but wonderful freeing ideas. It has transformed my approach to fabric piecing into something joyous and fun. Mr. Cuddles is pleased with my efforts, too!

Price: $39.95

A Birthday Gift!

knitted QR code One my most unique birthday gifts was from my friend and web-designer Corrie; she knit me the website's QR code, and it works! Try scanning it for yourself!

May Spun Yarn Offer

Falling Leaves Scarf

Falling Leaves Scarf The Falling Leaves Scarf is one of our favourite go-to patterns. It's as beautiful knit in Kauni Effektgarn as it is in our Celestial Merino or Cat's Pajamas Solids. The beauty of this pattern is that it can be knit with almost any quantity of yarn! For this week only, we are offering the Falling Leaves Scarf pattern for $4.50 instead of the usual $9.00 price. This fun spring knit will be lovely to warm you on cool summer evenings. This offer ends on May 8, 2012.

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