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Spun Yarn 44

March 14, 2012 

Tancook Island
Dear Knitters,

Bad Kitty! The Terrible Tale of a Monster Kitten named Poseidon
One of my favourite Christmas gifts this year was a pair of earrings made for me by my daughter. They were micro fine, double-knit 'Happy Stitch' earrings worked on 0000 needles in a beautiful laceweight wool/silk yarn. I was thrilled, not just by the gift but also by the proof that my daughter is a crazy knitter like me! The fact that they had yet to be attached to the findings didn't dampen my delight. The earrings returned to Ontario with my daughter for completion.

Sadly, I received this text one recent morning:
H: "The cat got into my knitting bag last night. Any guesses what he decided to destroy?"
L: "Not the earrings?!"
H: "How ever did you guess?"
L: "How bad is it?"
H: "Didn't touch the half dozen swatches. The earring on the needles is unsaveable"
L: "Is he still alive?"
H: "Oh, he's alive but Poseidon is a very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, BAD cat."
Later that same day...
H: "Revenge is sweet, we are going to the vet!" (The cat was fine, just due for his routine shots.)
I am very tempted to un-friend Poseidon Neatby on Facebook!

Tancook house Knitting on the Wild Side
After much serious debate, I've decided to host a small knitting camp from September 15th to the 21st of this year. It will take place on Big Tancook Island, where I love to spend my few free hours, off the coast of Nova Scotia. Our Adventure Knitting page will provide you with all the details of Knitting on the Wild Side. The opening date for bookings will be March 16, 2012 at 1pm Atlantic Standard Time. This will allow would-be attendees the time to fully read the small print, consider the implications of staying on a small isolated island and study their travel logistics. There will only be 12 places available, but we are anticipating a successful event that we can expand upon in years to come.
For those who would prefer to just look at the scenery, I have created a Tancook Scenes album on Flickr, open to all--no ferry ride required!

In Knitting News...
I'm excited to be working on a new e-book that will be out later this year. It will feature a collection of patterns, some of which we already sell individually through the website, and a handful of new ones which I am enjoying creating and working on now. I came up with my first design for the book while staying with Cat Bordhi last month and am currently testing another pattern in a variety of sizes. I will keep you posted on the book's progress and am looking forward to sharing the new patterns with you very soon!

I also have a new Double-Knit Scarf design; look closely at The Plaid Scarf and you will see how a seemingly simple design can be infinitely modified to alleviate boredom. I knit the prototype with our Kauni yarns and we are making kits available for purchase. Here is a collection of photos of the scarf, taken on Tancook Island.

Travel Plans...
April will be a busy month for me! My next teaching trip will be taking me to Neenah, WI for Mid-West Masters from the 13th to the 15th; this is an intimate event hosted by Yarns By Design. Beth Brown Reinsel, Gwen Bortner and Ragga Eiriksdottir will be teaching there, too. A few spots are still available.
On April 17th, I will be at A Knitted Peace, a beautiful store in Denver.
Continuing my westward journey, I will be at the Socks That Rock camp, from the 19th to the 24th. Stephanie Pearl McPhee and Carson Demers will also be teaching.
And finally, from the 27th to the 29th, I will be in Kamloops, BC for a Venus Rising workshop and homewards shortly thereafter!

Website updates ...
The Kits Section of the website is now open. As it grows, we will be creating more affordable packages that don't always involve full skeins of yarn, such as the Snowflake Baby Bonnet kit. We are busily winding for you!

Check out the new hot pink buttons on my website - there's even one that lets you switch between mobile and desktop display. The mobile option on your desktop computer works beautifully for vision-reduced knitters.

Our Clearance Section is up and running again, too. As a matter of fact, I think we are nearly fully open now. This has been quite the journey, thank you all for your support and encouragement along the way!

Pretty Kitty Happy and unchewed stitches to you,


Product News

Plaid Scarf

Plaid(DK) Scarf (#4105) by Lucy Neatby

This logical, double-layer scarf with two strikingly different sides is reminiscent of woven designs. It may be worked in any yarn weight in a variety of widths. Minimal finishing is required. This pattern is designed as an introduction to double-layer knitting with a sophisticated textured option also included. A kit featuring our own Kauni yarns is also available.

Yarn: fingering-weight or heavier
Size: Multi-sizes
Skill Level: Intermediate
Techniques: Double-knitting, Condensed bind off
Pattern Price: $7.00; Kit Price: $55.00

The Final Renovations Update (I hope...)

For those of you wondering, last month's flooring saga has reached an encouraging conclusion: the formerly offensive floor has been expertly re-laid! It's not quite finished, nor are the negotiations with the company, but it's much more attractive than before. I'm also hoping to see the hand-made tiles from Lucky Rabbit Pottery before the end of the month and then I'll be laying them myself. I just know the end is in sight now!

March Spun Yarn Special

Lollipop Scarf

The Lollipop Scarf

Here is your chance to buy one of our classics for half-price! For the next seven days, the Lollipop Scarf Pattern will cost $3.50 instead of its usual $7.00. Be sure to log in when you purchase and your digital pattern will be archived in your Notebook (postage charges still apply if ordering a paper pattern). You can find it, and many more patterns on the website. Hurry, this offer ends on March 21, 2012!

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