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September 18, 2011 

Cool Socks Warm Feet now available in an electronic edition!
Dear Friends,

This news just could not keep until the next full newsletter!

I am immensely pleased to tell you that my "Cool Socks Warm Feet" book is now available as a digital download. It was first released in 2003, long before the digital book age. Transforming it into a useful digital format has required the tender ministrations of the original book designer, Lynda Gemmell (of Cabin Fever), and she did a great job.

One of the amusing challenges that needed to be dealt with was that the paper book (still available, by the way) was arranged so that the text sections were in landscape format and the patterns were in portrait format, allowing the book to be used steno-pad style. The first digital proof was truly entertaining, as no matter how one held the I-pad, the text would insist on running vertically (sideways-on) up the page! It left me feeling quite dizzy.
This issue has now been overcome and we are delighted to offer you this new light-weight version of our sock book. Suitable for knitters at any level, really good entertainment for sock geeks. Full details of the book are listed below.

Happy stitches,

Cool Socks Warm Feet Cool Socks Warm Feet

This enduring classic, all-purpose sock book, first published in 2003 and still in print, is now available in a convenient, light-weight, digital format.

The book offers six different sock patterns (both toe-up and top down) in a wide range of sizes (allowing you to use the finest yarn and needles) with a variety of different toes and heels that may be subsequently used in your regular sock patterns. In addition, all the patterns also come in a 24 stitch version for practice or workshop use (not to mention their total cuteness factor - use them as ornaments anywhere!).

The real meat (real beans, for the vegetarians) of the book, however, is in the additional text, which covers aspects of needle use, sock yarn choices, fit adjustment and special techniques. This book makes an ideal companion to Lucy's Sock Techniques 1 and Sock Techniques 2 DVDs.

Retail Price: $24.95 Cdn (paper edition)
Softcover, wire spiral bound: 128 pages
Pictures: (21 colour, 7 black and white, 30 line drawings)
Publisher: Tradewind Knitwear Designs Inc.
Language: English ISBN: 0-9733940-0-5
Dimensions: 8.5 x 6.5 x 0.5 inches
Shipping weight: 285g

Retail Price: $16.00 Cdn (electronic digital edition)
Pictures: (21 colour, 7 black and white, 30 line drawings)
Publisher: Tradewind Knitwear Designs Inc.
Language: English
File size: 2.5 MB

A special offer to our subscribers and supporters (Offer expires Sept 30, 2011):

For owners of the (non-digital) book

As a special THANK-YOU to the 20,000+ owners of the paper edition of "Cool Socks Warm Feet", we would like to offer you a limited-time special deal prior to putting this digital book up on the website. If you don't already own the book, well, there is a combo offer for you, too (see below)!

Send us an email with the answer to our skill-testing question below, to verify proof of ownership, and we'll send you a digital copy of the book for just $7.00 Cdn, a $9.00 saving! Telephone orders will also be accepted.

Skill Testing Question: What is the fifth word on p.111 of Cool Socks Warm Feet?

We will respond with a Paypal invoice to you as soon as possible and send the digital book on receipt of your payment.

For knitters new to the book: A limited-time all-inclusive Combo Offer

If you do not already own the paper edition of Cool Socks Warm Feet, have heard all the good comments about it, and would take to take advantage of this offer, please send $36.00 Cdn via PayPal to
This amount covers both a digital and a paper copy of Cool Socks Warm Feet and includes discounted shipping. (Regularly priced at $50.95!)

Get it added to your 'My Notebook': For those of you who are registered members of our website (registration is easy and free): the book will be added to your Notebook for you. During this special promotion, the 'adding to your Notebook' process will be a manual operation, so please bear with us if there are slight delays (the office is not staffed full-time every day, and Lucy is up to her armpits in hammers, nails, and other implements of destruction during her kitchen renovations).

Once you have this book in your My Notebook folder, you will have it available to you wherever you have an internet connection, anywhere in the world!

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