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September 10 2009

A qiet morning on the river in Keji
Dear friends,

The DVDs: the saga continues ...

Just a little note to let you know that we shipped the pre-orders for The Brand New Knitter and Venus 1 at the end of last week. Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!
Please watch your mail boxes next week.
a stack of DVDs ready to ship
Venus 2 is still in the works, but inching ever closer: the test disc should arrive any day (unfortunately, we have been told that for at least two weeks now). For those that have also ordered Venus 2, this will follow asap under separate cover, and there should be a note in your package to assure you of that.
Please keep an eye on the home page of our web site for the most up-to-date information.

For those of you with orders for the KuKu Doll DVD: if they have not arrived here by Friday (they were apparently on their way to us 10 days ago), we will ship the remainder of your order this Friday and the KuKu discs asap.

As you can see, the added complexity of split shipments has made our lives here a little more piquant (OK, chaotic and frustrating) than we would ideally have chosen, but we are trying very hard to stay on top of things. Once again we thank you for your support in placing orders, and your huge patience in waiting (and waiting) for said orders. I am feeling very much of two minds as to whether to film any more discs next January: I just can't quite face all this again so soon. (It's the whole business of not having any control over the production process that makes it a stressful exercise.)
Georgina and dad packing the van

The last shreds of summer ...

I've been savoring the last shreds of summer here (these came hard on the heels of the first signs of summer, if we are strictly honest). Both of my daughters have been here briefly and are now either departed for, or soon bound back to Ontario to their respective universities.
Photo: "The U-Haul may be full, but surely we can stuff this giant bag into the van ..."

A final summer camping trip ...

After shipping all the DVDs we possibly could, I have just managed to squeeze in one last mini-family (it's almost impossible to get them all rounded up simultaneously these days) camping trip this week. We were extraordinarily lucky with the weather: September can be incredibly sunny and wonderful here. In the sun it was warm, but in the shade we did need sweaters, and I could scarcely believe how nippy the nights have become. Keji lake was both at a springtime high water level and very cool. Usually, at this time of year, canoeing the rivers in our national park is an exercise in rock-hopping and the water is luke-warm and great for swimming. The monster quantities of rain delivered by two successive hurricane tails have certainly altered things.
Yet one more gorgeous sunset in Keji Park

Well, I had better dash. I'm busy working on the Baby Venus Rising pattern for our forthcoming Adventure Knitting Camp, and the finishing book is clamoring for my attention.

Happy stitches and stay warm,


PS: NOTE - The new DVDs have been played on a number of different laptops and desktops here with no issues whatsoever; in the event that you have trouble playing any of them, the likely cause of your hitch is that your DVD player software may not be fully up-to-date. Please check to see if there are any firmware/DVD player updates available for your computer.


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